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Terminus 2008 sets $2,500 goal for fan works and literacy

CHICAGO, IL -- January 16, 2008 -- The planning team for Terminus, a five-day Harry Potter conference to be held August 7-11, 2008, has announced a new fundraising campaign to support the fan community and literacy. Terminus proposes that Artists and Authors Night, the fan showcase event of the conference featuring fanfiction, podcasts, fanart, crafts and other fan works, be sponsored not by a corporation, individual, or single group, but by fans for fans!

Fandom Sponsors Fandom

A sponsorship goal of $2,500 has been announced with various giving levels and donor benefits. Terminus will provide any group that raises $250 or more with a table during Artists and Authors Night and include that group in the interactive Fandom Trail game for all attendees. In addition, Terminus will recognize all donors on their website, in the program book and at the event itself.

...and More: Book Aid Sponsorship

If the fan community raises $2,500 before May 1, 2008, Terminus will donate $500 of the $2,500 raised to Book Aid International—and will donate one-half of any funds contributed above and beyond the goal to Book Aid as well.

From Book Aid's website: 80 million of the world's children do not go to school, and one fifth of the world's adults, the majority of them women, are illiterate. All these individuals live in absolute poverty, and are effectively excluded from taking control of their lives. Additionally, J. K. Rowling's support of Book Aid, as well as fandom's past support, is well documented.

The group donation to Book Aid could be used toward a case of books for a school, library, university, or hospital in a developing country. And, as Narrate Conferences, Inc., Terminus's presenting organization, is itself a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations may be eligible for tax deduction.

"Fandom Sponsors Fandom is a great way for Harry Potter fans to be involved in Terminus," said Amy Tenbrink, lead event organizer of the conference. "Donations allow us to expand our conference and recognize people for their work in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible. It's incredible that the fan community has been so willing to support our conferences in the past, and we hope that they'll be as excited about supporting our night dedicated to the fan community and Book Aid."

Terminus is presented by Narrate Conferences, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating dynamic, innovative educational events for adult scholars, students, educators, librarians, professionals, and fans. Narrate Conferences recently presented Phoenix Rising, a five-day Harry Potter conference in New Orleans.

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Published January 16, 2008

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