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Emma kisses Viktor but would rather be kissing Brad

[from Dutch teen magazine "Joepie", translation thanks to Emma Watson .net]

Q.: With who you like to play a kissing-scene?

Emma: With Brad Pitt! I love him! To bad he's to old to play a wizard student. (sigh)

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I have to kiss Viktor Krum. That part would be perfect for Brad Pitt if you ask me but... I've met the person who's gonna be Viktor and he seems okay. There isn't gonna be sparkle like with Brad! (laugh) He is really a sweetheart! And I know now cause I've met him.

It seems that they shot troy not far from the studio [where we were filming Goblet of Fire], and as a surprise somebody from the crew took me along to meet my big idol. I was so nerous, but that wasn't necessary. Brad Pitt is a very sweet, normal guy. We talked and made an agreement to meet up again sometime in the future.

Published January 16, 2005

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