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Interview: The Potter kids talk about Azkaban

INTERVIEWER: In the movie, you encounter a Boggart who transforms itself into your worst fear. If you individually encountered Boggarts, what do you think theyíd be?

RUPERT GRINT: Iím actually really scared of spiders. I hate spiders. Just like Ron, really.

INTERVIEWER: What do you think the other two would morph into?


RUPERT GRINT: You always said that I was like a frog.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I didnít say you were like a frog.

RUPERT GRINT: You did in one of the pictures.



DANIEL RADCLIFFE: That was during my horrible phase. I donít know Rupert. What would you like to be? You like camels.

RUPERT GRINT: Camels are quite cool.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: So he can be a camel.

INTERVIEWER: Itís a handy thing to be, you know. You can go a long time without water.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I have absolutely no idea about what Emma would be.

INTERVIEWER: Throw one in.

EMMA WATSON: Yes, come on, Dan. No pressure or anything.

SHRUNKEN HEAD: Hey. How about a potato head? A platypus.





INTERVIEWER: What do you think heíd be?

EMMA WATSON: I know he has a real thing for werewolves.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: No, just wolves.


DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I convinced you that I was a werewolf.

RUPERT GRINT: He did, yes.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I told him I was a werewolf.

RUPERT GRINT: And I believed you as well.

INTERVIEWER: You couldnít have done really.

RUPERT GRINT: Oh, I did, yes.

INTERVIEWER: Boys, you are probably the most famous under 16-year-olds on this Earth. All those girls, it must be a glorious time.

EMMA WATSON: Plenty of towel girls.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Yes. Many, many towel girls. Itís great. Itís very cool. Yes.

INTERVIEWER: What are the things youíd like to be able to do that you can do in Harry Potter that you canít do in the real world?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I think Iíd like the invisibility cloak because then I could just sneak into so many rock concerts. Itíd be great.

SHRUNKEN HEAD: You donít need a cloak to sneak into concerts. Just roll in under the turnstile like I do.


SHRUNKEN HEAD: But I do have a favourite band.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Whatís your favourite band?

SHRUNKEN HEAD: Isnít it obvious? Talking Heads. You walked into that one.

INTERVIEWER: When a new Harry Potter book comes out, having started out as Harry Potter book fans, it must have really changed the way you read these books now.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: You do kind of start to look at it as in, oh, my God; Iíll be doing this soon.

INTERVIEWER: So for you itís not a book, itís a list of things to do.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Yes. I read the fourth book as we started the first film. At the Yule Ball I remember Rupert and me were like oh, my God weíre wearing dresses.

INTERVIEWER: Did you have a similar moment when you read that?

RUPERT GRINT: Definitely. I was scared.

INTERVIEWER: But when you were looking at it thinking thatís another two weeks in blue skirts, did it sort of ruin or heighten your enjoyment of the book?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I think for me it heightens it because Iím actually going to get to do this. There are kids all over the world dreaming of this stuff.

INTERVIEWER: Youíre living a dream?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: And Iím actually going to be able to do it. Itís fantastic.

INTERVIEWER: What about you?

SHRUNKEN HEAD: Donít you think Iíd be a great Harry Potter?

INTERVIEWER: Especially when it comes to waving a wand.

SHRUNKEN HEAD: I hadnít thought of that.

EMMA WATSON: Now that Iíve done the film, when Iím reading the book, I can see Dan, Rupert and I actually doing it. Itís really funny. I have this little picture in my head.

INTERVIEWER: Thatís me, done. So now itís time to turn to the Head and ask him to ask you his one question.

SHRUNKEN HEAD: Daniel, isnít our scene together the highlight of the film? Donít you think itís head and shoulders above the rest?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Itís the Knight Bus scene, isnít it? I just remember you got on set and you were making all the demands actually.

EMMA WATSON: He wouldnít come out of his trailer for hours.

SHRUNKEN HEAD: I donít remember that.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It was a great scene. A very good scene.

SHRUNKEN HEAD: Come on, Daniel. Iím the most talented shrunken head in the Screen Actorís Guild. In fact, Iím the only talking shrunken head in the Guild.

Published November 17, 2004

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