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Lord of the Rings exhibit is spectacular

by Wizard News reader Laura Lefebvre in Worthington, MA

I recently atended the museum exhibit of the Lord of the Rings currently going on in Boston MA, and it was a spectacular. This was not a "kiddy" exhibit, the majority of people there were adult. I wish I had pictures to share, but they were forbidden within the exhibit. The security was very tight with cameras monitoring each portion of the exhibit.

I was so impressed with the displays. Each major character's costumes and artifacts were present, weapons, jewels, riding equipment, props, I was amazed. The workmanship that you see in the extended versions of the DVDs can't be compared to seeing it up close and personal.

Did you know that Viggo took home his costume, washed it, mended it himself so as the movie progressed it appeared more worn? These costumes were not made for a day or weeks shooting, they were tailored for 3-5 years of shooting.

The sketches and paintings by John Howe and Alan Lee were breathtaking. It is hard to wrap your mind around a huge sketch of Moria that only took Alan Lee a "few hours" to produce. The watercolors feel like you could step right into them, you can feel the sunlight in the shire emminating from the painting.

Boromir in his funeral boat looked far too real, I can see where Sean Bean would have been a little freaked out.

The opportunity to see some of the filming techniques interactively was fun, especially for the children that were there. The full size cave troll produced by Weta for the exhibit was fun as well. The detail on the miniatures was incredible, how you make something that small and not go blind in the process is unknown.

And finally to look into the amber eyes of treebeard, you could see its ent soul.

The only disappointment was the gift shop, plastic hobbit feet and plastic swords, blank journals and editions of the books, movies and tapes. A black hooded sweat shirt for $50.00 and some resin movie scene discs. There was no quality, collectable things. I would have loved to purchase a limited edition Alan Lee or John Howe print as seen inside. Any quality jewelry reproductions from the movie, good collectable merchandise, but they fell short on merchandising.

It's very worth the trip however, and if you are lucky you may get to touch the saddle that Aragorn rode on up to the gates of Mordor. There is still time to visit the exhibit, it runs through October 24. You should call ahead and reserve tickets, they stagger the entry inside every 15 minutes or more to prevent a back up inside, it truly is someplace you would want to linger and appreciate. Admission is 3 dollars for members of the Boston Museum of Science (great price) and $19.00 for non-member adults.

For more information, the website for the Boston Museum of Science is

If you are a fan of the movies, not just a passing fan, but a passionate one, take the time and go to the exhibit if you can.

Published October 7, 2004

This article is Copyright © 2004, The Author, and may not be reproduced on other web sites or in print, in whole or in part, without expressed permission

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