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An open letter to Mike Newell from a fan

[by Becky F, Wizard News reader]

Dear Mike Newell,

I fear for the next movie, Goblet of Fire.

After seeing Alfonso Cuaron butcher Prisoner of Azkaban, I can only hope that as new director for Goblet of Fire, you will read the many thousands of emails that are furious with the way he sucked the soul right out of the movie! Might as well have had a dementor direct. Did he read the book?

Mr. Newell, you have a GIANT chance to make an epic movie of Goblet of Fire because the story is so rich and wonderful. Chris Columbus put powerful actors in place to represent the first two stories. I can only hope that you will not be afraid to put Hogwarts back the way it should be and give the actors some room to provide the richiness to the characters that J.K. Rowling created.

None of those books needed emblishments, the people in the pictures don't need to be cartoon characters. The Stag really needs to attack the dementors, etc.

I guess I am still steaming about Azkaban...

Mr. Newell, Peter Jackson did a wonderful job on Lord of the Rings, why don't you take some lessons from him, not Alfonso? Although Peter Jackson did not necessarily follow the books, he made sure that the important core and heart of the stories were portrayed in some way. Alfonso just plain left them out.

As an avid fan of the Harry Potter books, I beg that Goblet of Fire be as good as the first two. Some depth, and no shortcuts and better cinematography.

Thank you.

Becky F

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Published June 30, 2004

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