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Perhaps the most scientific sorting hat personality test ever

Harry Potter fans, have you ever wondered where the sorting hat would place you? Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin: You can complete The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Personality Test and find out!

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley are offering The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Personality Test as an opportunity for Harry Potter fans to "find their Hogwarts house." There are now many Harry Potter quizzes available on the web, but there are several reasons why the UC Berkeley test is different and interesting.

First, their test is uniquely scientific. Rather than writing questions for the test themselves, they started with an existing questionnaire (the California Child Q-set) that was developed by UC Berkeley professors Jack and Jeanne Block and is widely used by personality and developmental psychologists. Based on their understanding of the Harry Potter books, expert judges selected items from this questionnaire to measure compatibility with the Hogwarts houses, using criteria similar to those that the Hogwarts founders taught the sorting hat to use.

Also, their test is part of a research project being conducted at UC Berkeley to investigate how personality changes from childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood. By participating in the test, you will be helping them to learn more about the development of personality in children and young adults, a subject they say is in dire need of closer examination.

Like all studies conducted by Berkeley faculty and students, this project complies with the University's strict guidelines on human subjects research. They do not require any identifying information, and the questionnaire is anonymous.

Go here if you'd like to be sorted!

Published April 28, 2004

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