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Harry Potter Fans for Helping Tom

by Scott, Webmaster of Godric's Hollow

Jim Tavare the actor who plays Tom the Leaky Cauldron Inkeeper in the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is going to be running in the London Marathon this April. He is raising money for Dylexia or as his shirt says "Im running for Lysdexics". I would like to ask our users to help out in this by donating to his fund raiser.

I have been a Dylectic all my life as it runs in my family. Most kids with dyslexia are never noticed in school and end up in life with remedial reading skills do to the lack of attention their problem recieves. I know I have recieved more than a handful of comments about my horrid spelling at times But I work very hard to develop my reading and writing skills thanks to my problem being noticed early in life. Reading or writing with dyslexia isnt like reading or writing normally and someone who has it will never be able to read ro write as easily as someone without it, but if they work hard it can get easier and spelling basic words don't come out all scrambled.

So come help with this cause. You might be helping someone become a Harry Potter fan by allowing them help in reading by donating to this cause.

Click Here to visit his fundraising service.

It doesnt matter how much you give. Please give whatever you can.

Thank You

Published March 13, 2004

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