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Deathly Hallows sneak peek Sunday on MTV Movie Awards36/9/10 08:24 AM
Robert Pattinson admires Dan Radcliffe's Broadway career26/2/10 3:20 PMSiena
Hermione and Percy Jackson to star together in new movie36/1/10 07:33 AMroseanne prior
Emma Watson says she's not a great actress25/13/10 09:52 AMSiena
Michael Gambon admits Dumbledore is really just him35/8/10 06:13 AMElizabeth
Video:: Chris Rankin and Matthew Lewis talk about Deathly Hallows14/20/10 08:08 AMSiena
Alan Rickman completes Deathly Hallows filming34/16/10 04:12 AMSiena
Twilight series not making the millions it could be14/9/10 04:57 AMAnthony
Fan Fantasy:: Harry Potter board games14/9/10 01:34 AMPeterMeyers
Harry Potter stars join Leeds fans at movie marathon14/8/10 02:11 AMSiena
J.K. Rowling to read at the White House24/5/10 09:54 AMTrina Witch
J.K. Rowling sued for major Harry Potter copyright breach44/2/10 8:33 PMElizabeth
Daniel Radcliffe to get naked in final Harry Potter movie33/18/10 8:01 PMCheryl
Dan Radcliffe wants James McAvoy as Bilbo Baggins12/10/10 9:41 PMJiji McGee
Alexandre Desplat to compose Deathly Hallows Part I52/9/10 6:36 PMMahin
Harry Potter star Emma Watson is Hollywood's highest-paid actress12/8/10 12:02 PMnoe holguin
Wizarding World of Harry Potter already disappointing12/3/10 4:35 PMRohey
Universal hiring for Wizarding World11/19/10 09:02 AMFred
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