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Why did Dumbledore have James' cloak?

by David Haber

On a new post on her official web site, J.K. Rowling admitted she made a mistake in New York when she was asked, what question have you never been asked that you ought to have been asked? She now says the question should have been, Why did Dumbledore have James' invisibility cloak at the time of James' death, given that Dumbledore could make himself invisible without a cloak?

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Reader Comments: (Page 7)

I think, as has been mentioned, that the Potter's 'thrice defied' Volemort has a lot of bearing on the issue. How where they defying him? Did they use the cloak then?

The Cloak has a lot more to tell us - and it is nothing to do with Horcruxes. The way JKR describes Horcruxes they are shrouded in horror and , the epitome of evil - no one except those ing to would be able to access the magic involved. Hermione can find no helpful mention to describe them in her beloved library.

The fact that Ravenclaw has been mentioned and has yet to have an item linked to it, such as the Hufflepuff cup etc., (in HBP) did prompt me to think that the cloak could have some link to her either by some magical means or as an artefact and that it might well mean tht Harry comes full circle from seeing getting it for Christmas all those years ago as a young wizard and using it to defeat Voldemort who ed his parents.

Re; Being at the mercy of she who has the answers - not so. JKR was surprised that no-one had asked her about the cloak. So, there are some questions out there she expects us to ask. Let's hope someone hits the right one!

Posted by Marjorie from Wellington, NZ on September 18, 2006 1:15 PM

OK, I'm curious if this theory is purveyed out there at all -- what if the last Horcrux isn't a relic, or an animal, but an actual person: Harry himself.

I think this is a very viable possibility -- a lot of the signs are there. Voldemort had just ed Harry's parents, making the timing right for creating a Horcrux. Like Voldemort's snake horcrux, Harry seems to have a strange connection with Voldemort: sharing experiences, thoughts and generally being connected in strange ways (like his scar hurting). And last of all, there seems to be some mystique in the prophecy that could be applied to this theory: "Neither can live while the other survives..."

Anyone have thoughts on this subject?

Posted by Tim from Glen Spey, New York on September 18, 2006 7:12 PM

I strongly deny "Harry is a horocrux" theory.I know its likely to deduce such thing from all the strange connections between harry and vol but its just not possible....!
Let me give some proofs...we all remember the fight between LV and DD in ministry.That time...for a moment or so LV possess harry's body and lures DD to him...but suddenly LV is all full of pain and agony and rushes out of harry's body..He is not able to possess him for long time..later DD expalins the phenomenon to harry -why LV was not able to possess his body? He says that as harry is full of love and emotions..and that is the greatest power..which vol does not have...! Thats why he was not able to stay in harry's body for long time even when he had re-incarnated using harry's blood only.

So how come a part of vol's soul can reside in harry's body when LV himself can not?

Secondly why vol try to his own horocrux?We all know vol has attempted to harry 3-4 times.

Moreover jk herself had denied that harry is a horocrux.

Now Coming back to post's topic ->
Every body has gone too far discussing all possible cloak/horocrux theories..but i still stick to the fact that heroes in rowling world not do horocrux thing...

There is a lot of moral thing behind this..dont u remember how slughorn tampered his memory coz he was ashamed of wat he did..he did not make any horocrux,he only let out few secerts..but still he was full of remorse and guilt...
So i dont think either james or DD made their horocrux in the cloak.

Somebody above has mentioned it and I agree to the fact that probably cloak is not siginificant that much but the process of "james giving his cloak to DD" is more significant..

Posted by Anonymous on September 18, 2006 11:22 PM

Tim from New York was saying that Harry could be a horcrux. This is an interesting idea. Can a human be given a part of another human's soul in Rowling's world? Wouldn't Dumbledore have known about it?

Posted by Susan from Sydney, NSW, Australia on September 18, 2006 11:52 PM

A thought just crossed my mind: What if the cloak's background has something to do with all this stuff? I mean, we don't no where it is from from the beginning, do we?

And yes, Tim, the thought that Harry might be a horcrux is not so bad. (I've read theories about it in a swedish forum when HBP was just released...) But I don't know if I agree or disagree.

I always get a lot to think about when I've been reading all the posts here. Keep up the good work, everybody!

Posted by Malin from Karlskrona, Sweden on September 19, 2006 05:06 AM

Hi Tim: I too think Harry - perhaps more accurately his scar - are a horcrux. See my earlier posts.

Posted by AJ SENAPE from BUCKS COUNTY, PA on September 19, 2006 05:47 AM

I don't believe Harry or his scar can be a horcrux. Logically, LV was balsted to neveralmost land when he did the AVADA K on Harry. Why on earth would he make a horcrux of something he intended to ?

I am also thinking Hagrid was the one who pulled Harry from the house.

I think there is some confusion as to who knew the whereabouts of James and Lily... Keep in mind ONLY THE SECRET KEEPER CAN REVEAL THE LOCATION but other people can find it - like OOP HQ if the secret keeper reveals it to them.

In reflecting over the posts so far, I am wondering if we are over looking the obvious. One of the prior posts point out that the cloak would allow an easily ID'd person (harry) to go unseen. Since he got the cloak, he has done that and perhaps this is the simple straightforward reason DD returned it to him.

My last post I pointed out that the cloak has been used by others with no special results and it is not resistant to magic (DD;s full body bind HBP)

I am thinking the cloak is itself trival, and only the question as to why DD had it is critical.

This points us back to How did James and Lily defy LV? In OOP I am thinking Nevilles Gran said something about knowing the potters well.

What if they were unspeakables? I go here because of the OLD MAGIC Lily used and so little is known about them. Maybe I should reread the books again.

Posted by JOHN from RIVERSIDE, CA on September 19, 2006 08:51 AM

Harry's Scar as a Horcrux?:
As I mentioned, I don't believe LV intentionally did this.
Dubmledore tells us that LV has gone farther than anyone else in creating Horcruxes. Therefore, the first rule of history applies - "Unintended Consequences" - & provides a good explanation. The old magic "love" used to protect Harry created a violent reaction when LV tried to him & could have also caused the incidental "marking" of Harry with a Horcrux. This may also serve to explain why no one suspects the scar as a Horcrux - because splitting a soul numerous times & using a human vessel had never been done so there would be no precedent.

IF Harry's scar is a Horcrux why would LV be determined to Harry (thereby destroying one of his own Horcruxes)? We know that LV has gone farther than anyone else creating Horcruxes -splitting his soul numerous times rather than just once. In turn, he may have accepted a "partial" life (he's so un-human now) - with having a physcial body being the most important aspect to him (which he got back in GOF). Now that he has that, he may accept the fact that he has to one of his own Horcruxes because this particular Horcrux could backfire on him & destroy him once and for all (should Harry be able to find & destroy the other missing Horcruxes). In this way, it's better for him to remain eternally partial and safe rather than risk having the Horcrux destroy him in the end. In addition, Harry/Dumbledore would never suspect Harry's scar as a Horcrux as LV wants to destroy Harry. Harry, however, in the end figure this out & sacrifice himself to destroy LV. Also, this would fit with the last word of the 7th book being "scar" - which was reported somewhere.

Posted by SENAPE from BUCKS COUNTY, PA on September 19, 2006 10:10 AM

Alright so I have been reading though some of these ideas but has anyone though that perhaps the cloak belonged to Serius? I wouldnt put it past him to make that old cloak into a horcrux. I mean just think about it for a second. Serius has never actually been the stand up guy from him and James' old group of friends.
I mean J.K. Rowling did anounce that there be a character that get's an repreive. And the first person that came to my mind was Serius. He has always had a bad boy immage, and he loves Harry as a combination of a son and a best friend. So if anyone is going to come back and help Harry fight "He must not be named." I think it be Serius.
Remember the mirrior...who knows. If it's not the cloak perhaps it's his mirrior. But then that would still leave the mistery of the cloak. I guess I'm just thowing thing's out here to think about perhaps none of us guess the whole truth. Perhaps only J.K. Rowling know's what's going to happen. Her plots are alway's very involved. I'm sure that someone has some part of the truth already worked out but I'm almost positave that no one guess the whole truth to the final book.
So these are just my thought's on this matter. I hope I am in some part correct with my thinking. but if not I wont be to disapointd. Only then I be disapointed if she 's off Harry...Oh please do him!

Posted by Brittany from Gaylord, Michigan. on September 19, 2006 10:35 AM

Okay. Here's a theory my sister came up with that gave me chills.

As others out there have already said. Yes, someone was there that night in GH. It was Petunia. Perhaps in the earlier days, the cloak was used to protect Harry while his parents were out fighting in the Order. That would explain why DD/JKRowlring used the words "returned to you" in the letter Harry read when opening the cloak. (sorry to who originally posted this - I can't remember, but I agree with you)

Now - here it goes.

Perhaps that dark night, James and Lily knew they had only a short time before LV came to them. Lilly wouldn't dare to part with Harry, she had to be with him and tried her best to protect him. However, pehaps James covered Petunia with the cloak - and she saw the whole thing.

Obviously, we all know that DD and Petunia have a past. They have talked - they have been together at some point. What other time is better than that night? Maybe James told Petunia to go to DD and give him the cloak for safe keeping. It come out, I'm sure, in what way DD and Petunia are connected and why it was so secret.

It should be noted that in the first HP, Petunia says something very interesting when telling Harry about his parents. She says "...and then went and got themselves blown up". No one knows what really happened that night except those that were there. Why did she say "blown up" unless perhaps she wintessed the whole thing. JK has always been VERY keen on her word usage. She knows what she's saying and there's always a very precise reason for the wording.

That could also be why the dursleys were told to keep Harry. DD said "remember by last". He didn't say remember my last.. note. Perhaps he told her that night something along the lines of "they protected you, they saved your life, you owe them".

JKRowling has told us there is significance to Aunt Petunia. There is more to her than meets the eye. Perhaps she lead us to something. Maybe she saw something that help Harry defeat LV.

LAST THEORY (and I can't let go of this - no matter what you say!) I anticipate that she have seen how HARRY'S GLASSES ARE A HORCRUX! DD said in HBP that LV would have felt that night was VERY important and could/would be ing to make a horcrux that night since, as LV saw it, he was ending the prophecy. So - he s James and takes his glasses, an inanimate object to signify the ending of the prophecy. Yes? anyone?!:)

So - ANYWAY - Having seen the whole scene that night - Aunt Petunia saw LV James and make a Horcrux of his glasses.

I believe Harry's glasses are his dad's glasses. Everything Harry owned was a hand-me-down so why not? Perhaps Petunia just gave Harry his dads glasses instead of spening money on harry. (since LV ed Harry last, that's when he lost grip of the glasses)

No big deal to her after all these, but perhaps it come out what she knows, and she ends up telling harry what she saw and Harry, now knowing that he knows, figures it out!

I just think the glasses have always had this ever present feeling in every book and movie. Harry can't be without them. He protects them and Hermione has replaced them each time they were about to break!

Ok. I'm done. Crazy huh? But I love IT!

Posted by Adriana from Dallas, Texas on September 19, 2006 12:25 PM

Interesting thoughts Adriana. Bearing in mind how some things have turned out some thoughts and theories are not as batty as their proponents think.

I believe there is a lot more to Petunia than meets the eye. She knew the full implications of Voldemort's return to power, and Harry suddenly realises at that moment that there is more to his fearsome (and now fearful) Aunt that he imagined. I am only surprised that he doesn't think this through further - except that in OotP he becomes the arcetypal moody teen - more prey to bad temper than rational thought. (No, OotP is not my favourite!).

I am enjoying the Horcurux theories proposed, and alsoin particular the theory of Petunia being in Godric's Hollow on 'the night in question'. I'm not sure of the scenario proposed, but it worth further thought.

Posted by Marjorie from Wellington, NZ on September 19, 2006 2:28 PM

Nice idea with the glasses being a horcrux, so much is mentioned with the eyes & his glasses, its a bit more believable then Harry being a horcrux. And no I don�t believe Harry . The prophecy in my opinion don�t say that both , to me it says either one (harry or vol) can not have a full & evil or good life while the other one exists on earth. So one has to , the other live(Harry).
But on to the invisibility cloak, wouldn�t it be a cool idea if the cloak had a special power, where the wearer could see a color or a shadowy hue around horcrux objects just might make his quest a bit easier. (I know I know a bit far fetched, but it�d be cool special effect when the movie comes around). I also think that the cloak may have been a gift given around birth and the Potters thought that it wasn�t age appropriate and knew they were marked for , and gave to Dumbledore for save keeping, knowing that he wasn�t going to anytime soon, and Harry would need it to protect himself.

Posted by Amie from Denver, Colorado on September 19, 2006 3:55 PM

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