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Why did Dumbledore have James' cloak?

by David Haber

On a new post on her official web site, J.K. Rowling admitted she made a mistake in New York when she was asked, what question have you never been asked that you ought to have been asked? She now says the question should have been, Why did Dumbledore have James' invisibility cloak at the time of James' death, given that Dumbledore could make himself invisible without a cloak?

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Reader Comments: (Page 52)

Gordon: Voldemort can see through the cloak, you're right: in Harry's dream, Voldemort was inside Nagini, and Nagini saw through Arthur Weasley through the cloak.

Mrs Norris didn't see Harry through the cloak, so I don't think animals can see through cloaks.

But Dumbledore can see Harry, and Voldemort is likely to see through invisibility cloaks.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on March 12, 2007 12:23 AM

What if, and I'm just throwing this out there shot in the dark-like, we're reading too much in to (paraphrasing here) "I don't need a cloak to become invisible." Maybe that was just a throw away line, that could be replaced with "I always know what's going on in my school" or something to that effect.

Posted by Trev from Abilene, TX on March 13, 2007 1:46 PM

i dont think anyone of those people made a horcrux, only you know who, because everyone knows to MAKE a horcrux you need to people.

Posted by nick from council bluffs, iowa on March 14, 2007 11:37 PM

Trev, I don't think the info about not needing a cloak to become invisible is a throw away line by Dumbledore. I would think Dumbledore knew alot of what was going on in all parts of the school by communicating with the house elves, among other things.

Herve, I think the Nagini/Voldemort connection is amplified when you take into account that Nagini may be a horcrux for Voldemort It seems odd that a snake would be able to make it all the way to the heart of London to the Ministry without being detected. If Voldemort was in Nagini as a possession/visiting a horcrux, could he make her apparate to the Ministry?

Posted by Dave Porter from New Mexico, USA on March 15, 2007 12:33 AM

Dave Porter: I think Nagini is a Horcrux, but not a snake, only an object/Horcrux transfigured as a snake (like the gerbil Fudge made). Having created Nagini, Voldemort has total control on her, just like Hermione or Harry, when they gave legs to their cups.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on March 15, 2007 1:38 PM

events that happened from my opinion
1.james ed wormtail
2.lily put a bonding spell on harry.
3.lily saw voldemort come up the drive way
4.james placed a horcrux on something special
5.he went to dumbeldore.left it with him for harry
6.everything we've been told
THE CATCH? Wormtail was turned was a horcrux but as a rat that belonged to PERCY WEASLEY!

Posted by student of a harry potter fan from sydney,NSW on March 15, 2007 5:57 PM

My thought on the theory that Petunia was under the cloak at Godric's Hollow.
In H.B.P. [chapter 3] Dumbledore introduces himself to both Vernon and Petunia. So it appears they never met before.
Then later in the chapter Dumbledore says to Petunia, "...I left him upon your doorstep fifteen years ago, with a letter explaining about his parents' ..."
So to Dumbledore's knowledge, Petunia knew nothing of the events that halloween night.
We know the cloak was left in Dumbledore's possession and that he never met Petunia.

I think the answer to why Dumbledore had James' cloak lies in the phrase "just in case". Did James say to Dumbledore "Here, take my cloak. Just in case..."?

Posted by mikey from New Jersey on March 15, 2007 7:33 PM

The cloak may/may not be of much importance. After Dumbledore's in HPB there is a particular line which suggestd that Harry had left the cloak on the Tower. It says it didn't matter now. Was that an answer to a question we might ask (where is Harry's cloak?) or is there more to it? Will Harry repent leaving the cloak on the tower in Book 7? And Petunia cannot have been under the cloak because in Book 6 in many parts it is mentioned that Harry has become too small for the cloak. The how can Petunia be completely covered beneath it?

Posted by smk on March 15, 2007 10:51 PM

SMK: I don't think the book says that Harry had outgrown the cloak. Remember, in the first book, when all the kids were smaller, it covered Harry, Ron and Hermione all at the same time. As they grew up, the cloak could no longer cover ALL THREE OF THEM. It can still, however, cover one adult sufficiently.

Posted by Dave in Los Angeles from Los Angeles, CA on March 16, 2007 07:17 AM

I thank Dave for pointing that out to me. Yes, you are right. But i also have one doubt. What is the proof that Voldemort came to harry to make a Horcrux...and if yes, why the last one? We still don't know who he ed for making the cup of Hufflepuff a horcrux (unless you count Hepzibah). He must just have come to Harry to finish off his destined er as in the prophecy and can anyone please tell me when Lily and James have defied Voldemort thrice? Moreover the cloak cannot be an object worth to make a horcrux on as the only known relic of Gryffindor is the sword as said by Dumbledore...

Posted by smk on March 16, 2007 09:00 AM

Do you think James survived but he's in hiding and is helping Dumbledore destroy the Horcruxes?

Posted by Jordan from Kitchener on March 16, 2007 4:43 PM

there is no way it could be a horcrux for any good wizard as even making a horcrux is an extremely dark and evil magic, as stated in book 6. however i don't doubt the fact that there is something to it... it may play a significant role in harry's battle or challenges in book 7 but i doubt it is a horcrux for a good guy...

Posted by Kyle James from Houston Tx on March 17, 2007 01:17 AM

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