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Who is R.A.B. and where is Slytherin's Locket?

by David Haber

In the dramatic climax of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore and Harry recover a locket from Voldemort's secret cave. Only after Dumbledore "dies" does Harry open the locket and find the note from R.A.B. But who is R.A.B., and where is the locket now?

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Reader Comments: (Page 35)


I think you are right on target. I am really hoping Regulus has done some of the footwork for Harry and found the other Horcrux, or at least left some clues for Harry to follow.

Posted by Raow from Petaluma, CA, USA on March 9, 2007 6:56 PM

Harry need a lot of the footwork done, it seems to me, since he is still inexperienced in the wizarding world at large. He has good instincts, good friends, and a good heart. But there is a lot he does not know. Dumbledore trusted him to get info from Slughorn who did not want to give it up. This is the direction I see Harry following, gathering clues from others in the know.
There are two weddings coming up where Harry be able to interact with many wizards, possible from Durmstrang and other countries. He also take advantage of the Order members, and whatever he might find at Grimmault Place. The greatest challenge I see is removing the horcruxes and dealing with the enchantments on each one. But as in PS, when the trio had passed through the trapdoor under Fluffy, Harry rely on his supporters to get through it all so he can face down Voldemort at the end.

Posted by Patty from Quincy,Massachusetts on March 12, 2007 05:07 AM

Patty, I agree with you, and something that we must take into consideration is the fact that by not having lived among wizards, Harry is not prejudiced against any race or type of magical being, thus being able to gain their trust and aid in the fight with Lord Voldemort.

I believe we be seeing more of Dobby and Grawp and their kind, as well as many other magical creatures, but most important of all, of the members of the Order.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on March 12, 2007 09:36 AM

Yes, Harry sees everyone as individuals worthy of respect because of who they are and what they do, not because of what they could do for him. I believe he be the one to unite the magical community against Voldemort -- elves, giants, centaurs, merpeople, as well as the four Houses of Hogwarts.
Voldemort sought solitary power, even when invited to Hogwarts he wanted to make his own way. But Harry's strength is to unite, not divide. He is not power-hungry or self-serving.

Posted by Patty from Quincy MA on March 12, 2007 2:51 PM

ok i know alot of people who supposedly believe that it is regulas black. the theories put across by many people are actually convincing but if you noticed, regulas is sirius' brother and sirius probably knew him inside-out and while talking to harry (while looking at the tapestry) he claims that his brother was a complete coward, and someone has to be really brave and intelligent to be able to reach there and get the locket, secondly even if regulas did take the locket, it was written in the note that it would be destroyed so how can kreacher have it?

Posted by sammy girl from new delhi, india on March 13, 2007 12:38 AM

In HP 5, when Sirius talks about Regulus, Harry noticed that Regulus d about fifteen years ago. And in book five, Harry IS FIFTEEN! I am not sure what this means, or what does it have to do with the plot, but I'm sure that it's important (or maybe not). Anyway, I can't say exactly what it said, because I don't have the books in english.

Posted by Marica on March 13, 2007 08:48 AM

sammy girl from new delhi,

I believe that the two Black brothers (Sirius and Regulus) where not very close, they where nothing alike, not even in the same House, Sirius was in Gryfindor (the first in his family) and Regulus in Slitherin (like the rest of the family), so they didn�t share the same values nor saw life in the same way. Someone like Sirius might have thought that Regulus was a coward just because he joined the Eaters, but once inside it appears as if Regulus was trying to get out, which would take a lot of courage because we know that Lord Voldemort didn�t let anybody leave his group unless he/she was .

Don�t discard him so easily, we might still see him on the seventh book.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on March 13, 2007 6:23 PM

Hi Everyone,

Here are my two cents. First I would like to say I am positive RAB is Regulus, and if RAB isn't I'll eat my own socks.

For those who still waver on this issue remember the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author of the Sherlock Holmes Novels)

"There is nothing as deceptive as an obvious fact"

JKR has provided many facts in the novels and clues through her interviews to reach a definite conclusion.

In this form almost all the necessary evidence and motives that RAB = Regulus has been presented; I would only like to add the following.

Consider the Mudungus storyline in combination with Book 7 being the last book along with the assumption that RAB = Regulus. It knits together quite nicely.

Also slightly off topic but, Mudungus is a character who is by all accounts a talented crook with sticky fingers. I not list my reasons because my post is already too long but feel he redeem himself in the last book and ultimately sacrifice his life to help Harry and the others.

Lastly and most importantly RAB = Regulus doubters are forgetting that to Harry Potter and his friends RAB = Regulus is not obvious in the slightest. If I were a character in the books I would completely be stumped as to RAB's identity, luckily I am not.

Posted by delance from Washington DC on March 14, 2007 6:06 PM

As far as regulus being a coward goes there is one other character who is a so called coward and it is snape and look what he did

Posted by glorfindel from aberdeen uk on March 15, 2007 12:12 AM

Ok, I reckon this theory is QUITE unlikely. However. I read somewere that JKR stated that some of the wizards in the Hogwarts staff are indeed married, only their spouses do not appear in the books. Now, when a witch marries, she may either just take her husband's surname, or add it to hers. So we COULD have a Mr McGonagall, for example. Now, what if R.A.B. were just a witch wo just happened to keep her own surname on marriage? Now, do we now any witch whose name begins with R and who might be a (former) DE? Rosmerta did indeed put Katie Bell under Imperius (even if she was acting after Draco), and this shows two things: first, she is quite a powerful witch, because Imperius is indeed a difficult spell. And second, she did know how to cast it, so this MIGHT be a hint of her being a former DE.

This said, I still think that RAB turn out to be Regulus.

Posted by obluraschi from pisa, italy on March 16, 2007 06:13 AM

obluraschi -

An interesting theory the spirit of which may have some clout. But I do believe that it would not be Rosmerta. Firstly, I think Rosmerta is her surname, not her first. "Madam" is "Misses". i.e. Madam Maxime, who's first name we know to be Olympe. Second, if Draco was performing the Imperious Curse on her, then he could have "instructed" her to do the same to Katie, whether she actually knew it or not. i.e. two "Moody" examples: in the class where he is putting everyone under Imperius "Neville performed a series of quite astonishing gymnastics he certianly would not have been capable of in his normal state." suggests that Imperius can cause people to do things they normally would not be able to do; and during the maze task, when he puts Viktor under Imperius to attack Cedric shows that it can be done to make others perform magic on the original caster's behalf. (Certianly, Viktor did not want to hurt Cedric, which it has been said is needed to pull that one off.) Furthermore, there is no other evidence that Madam Rosmerta has been involved in any Eater related activity. She was simply doing what Draco had enchanted her to do.

Posted by monkeeshrines from Orlando ,fl on March 16, 2007 10:46 AM

We know for sure, because of the translations, that RAB is a member of the Black family. The way it is written, it seems logical it is only one person. And to my knowledge, Jo said RAB is in fact Regulus, but I'm not totally sure of that.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on March 16, 2007 1:11 PM

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