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Who is R.A.B. and where is Slytherin's Locket?

by David Haber

In the dramatic climax of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore and Harry recover a locket from Voldemort's secret cave. Only after Dumbledore "dies" does Harry open the locket and find the note from R.A.B. But who is R.A.B., and where is the locket now?

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Reader Comments: (Page 33)

If Mundungus has stolen the locket or rather whatever was inside the locket be it another Sorcerer's Stone or a Horcrux or whatever, Mung might have sold it. He might have passed it to Aberforth for cash or not. He might still have it and Harry might have to journey to Azkaban to ask ol' Mung where it is right now.

Azkaban IS in the British Isles and Harry and Hagrid might have to return there on the Horcrux Quest. It does set up Stan Shunpike thinking that Harry is really Neville Longbottom as a plot point. Wait a minute, the prison must be Anti-Disapparation Jinxed just like Hogwarts is, so having Hagrid remember the place might not help.

Azkaban might be the safest place in Britian for a non- Eater, Non-Ordered magicial types during book Seven what with the Dementors being gone and all the bad sort being escaped and all. Stan and Mung might just might want to stay for their personal safety during the unpleasantness.

Posted by ken from la ca usa ea(rth) on February 22, 2007 11:23 AM

I'm totally convinced that R.A.B. is Regulus (bet JKR has some twist in mind to laugh at us all!) I can see that Kreacher and Mundungus are both logical choices for who might have the locket now, if the one in 12 Grimmauld Place is the right one. But I was rereading OotP the other day and I realised who else may have picked it up - Fred and George were picking up various items to test for their joke shop products when they were helping to clear out.
Just been wondering also - if Regulus went into hiding and ordered Kreacher to behave as though he was , would that mean that when Sirius d, Kreacher would have to obey Harry like he has been doing? Just a thought!

Posted by Helen from Newcastle, UK on February 25, 2007 8:57 PM

If Aberforth really has it because he bought it from Mudmungus, then maybe he was going to give it to Dumbledore or back to Sirius before they d (if they did).

So maybe he try to hunt down Harry and give it to him. as long as harry doesnt get hurt at Godrics Hollow

Posted by Megan on February 26, 2007 08:49 AM

first ever comment here goes 2 questions Why did Dumbledore
take Harry with him the the cave? How do we know that the locket Harry took from Dumbledore's pocket was the one from the Cave? ok 3 questions Are the locket and it's message a red herring laid in our path to turn our eyes from what is really happening? i.e Dumbledore has planned this all out, the Cave,
His , Snapes apparent defection

Posted by Tim from St louis, Missouri on February 26, 2007 5:20 PM

1. Dumbledore probably took Harry to the cave with him because he had a shrewd idea that it was going to be a two man job, (and Dumbledore's shrewd ideas normally turn out to be pretty accurate) and he had also promised Harry that he would take him along.
2. Excellent point. how DO we know that it was the right locket? The one in his pocket couldve been a deploy; the real one couldve been hidden elsewhere. If Dumbledore knew that he was going to , maybe he didnt want someone to steal the real Horcrux, so he hid it somewhere that no one would think to look.
3. I agree with the obvious whats written in the book: RAB stole the locket and put a fake one in its place with the note to the Dark Lord. Im simply providing evidence to support Tim's theory

Posted by Ashley from Missouri on February 26, 2007 6:17 PM

Dumbledore told Harry that it was time to take him along, as he had promised. I believe that Dumbledore thinks that it is time for Harry to get more involved in the search of Voldemort�s horcruxes now that they are sure that they exist, as it is supposed to be he, Harry, the one that is going to finish Voldy up, and it is also a good way to show him what kind of magic it is that he is going to face before the final encounter.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on February 27, 2007 09:26 AM

If Regulus A... Black is still alive (I doubt it) and active, I would bet my two cents on he being Rufus Scrimgeour. Jo insists very strong on the fact Rufus looks like a lion, and Regulus is the brightest star of Lion constellation. And they both look ambitious, eager to fight Voldemort on their own purpose.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on February 28, 2007 06:46 AM

Hmm, just a thought here, but, does what the note say to give us any clues? "by the time you read this i already be "? does this narrow down the list of people who could have taken it? And how do we know WHEN it was taken? What if it was someone way back then...they could be in the "shadows" of the stories now if you know whay i mean?

Posted by Dvin from Glendale, CA on March 1, 2007 9:58 PM

I don't think there still is a reason to doubt that RAB is Regulus Black, because in every translation the name Black is translated into that language's equivalent of the color. And if you check the initials found in the locket they match the name Regulus should have in that language, RA and whatever letter the word black begins with in that language. I've checked it in Dutch, French, Swedish, German and English.

Posted by Joren Vanmullem from Bruges, Belgium on March 2, 2007 10:25 AM

Herve IS brilliant! Of course Regulus could be (as he might well have expected would happen from his note) AND still be around as a living- vampire! Nice plot twist! Well done! Well thought, my man!

Harry went along with Dumbledore to the cave because it had become time for the Hogwarts Headmaster to prepare his eventual successor on how to follow the trail to the Voldemort's Horcruxes: both destroyed (ring, journal) and extant.

The cup we seek could be the Holy Grail. The sword might be St. George's and was used to slay the last dragon in England. The staff might have belonged to Saint Patrick and was used, in part, to free Ireland from the curse of snakes.

The remaining Horcrux was the item once hidden in the RAB locket Dumbledore retreived from the cave with Harry. I think it to be none other than a second Sorcer's Stone! What better place to hide a piece of one's immortal self than in an item that is both likely to be frequently used and never destroyed since it leads to both eternal life AND enomous wealth.

Posted by ken from la ca usa ea(rth) on March 3, 2007 9:00 PM

After having a look at the Black Family Tree that JKR donated to charity, and discovering that there was another Regulus Black, a great uncle to Sirius and Regulus, I have decided that maybe it is the Uncle Regulus that is R.A.B. and not the 17 year old one.

He d in 1959. Had no children of his own. Had a nephew, Orion (Father of Sirius and Regulus) that would have been in Hogwarts a year or two behind Voldemort.

I can see a concerned uncle from an prestigious family checking into the background of someone like Tom Riddle, someone who comes out of now where, who instantly has a lot of influence, winning all of the awards, etc.
All it would have taken to find out about the cave is for someone to have gone to the orphanage, and talked to Mrs. Cole. But the time frame made me wonder with the 17 year old Regulus.

This would be a good twist for JKR, and the rest of the stuff would still fit, Kreacher on the boat, the locket being in Grimmauld place, being stolen by Mundungas etc.

Posted by karen from texas on March 3, 2007 9:26 PM

This might have already been asked / answered somethere in this mighty e-tome but...What is Borgin's first name? Although I am convinced that it is RAB, I have a nagging feeling that the fact that we know Burke's first name, but not Borgin's is relevant in some way - unless it is just so that we keep asking ourselves who RAB is.

Posted by shakespearean from bradford on March 4, 2007 09:39 AM

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