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The troubling timing of Book 7

by David Haber

The official release date of the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was announced yesterday. This date is troubling to me for several reasons. We were hoping that Book 7 could be released on July 7, which would have been 7/7/07. But the disappointment that we have apparently missed getting Book 7 on 7/7/07 is not the main reason I am troubled by the announcement of the book's release date.

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Reader Comments: (Page 13)

I also be very disappointed if Harry s. I have read all of the Harry Potter books over 10 times, and if Harry s, that completely ruin it for me. It's hard enough rereading the part when Dumbledore d, but if Harry does, I'm never touching a Harry Potter book as long as I live. That also be horrible watching that in the movies. I am absolutely obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe and I would be horrified if I watched him get "ed"!

Posted by Kaylie from Sandy, Utah on May 31, 2007 6:00 PM

Damien Darkness from Gateshead--
I don't know where on Earth you got THAT philosophy, but I still erupt into a waterfall of tears every time I read HBP. Dumbledore was my fictional hero and even though I've developed about a million theories to save Dumbledore his still shakes me.

Posted by Ashley R. from Missouri on May 31, 2007 7:12 PM

It is strange isn't it, that a seven book series can be so important to people, I think Harry might , even though I hope he doesn't. But after Dumbledore's , people have continued to watch the movie, haven't they? And Dumbledore was such an important character, but still, after the grief and all, people continued to want to watch the movie. I understand that Harry is a much more important character, and there be a lot more grief if he does (which I hope doesnt happen) but I believe that people continue to watch the movie. I know I would.

Posted by Elizabeth from Conneticut on June 1, 2007 12:31 AM

Harry's in book 7 bring alot of criticism for Jo. Sherlock holmes brought similar criticism and forced its author to bring him back from ... though i think if harry s Jo lose alot of readers and fans, even if she does bring Harry back from the (that is if he s)

the 7th book has been more mysterious than any other book in the it can go any time...but there is point that you have got...the book 7 release NOT on 07/07/07 which as you say is once in a life time opportunity...and i agree 2 weeks not make much difference...

Posted by max the alien from india on June 2, 2007 03:38 AM

Happy ending or not, I'm sure no one is going to boycott the film. In addition to that I highly doubt if the producers know the ending of book 7. That information is probably only known to the Editors and the cover art designers and maybe the chap who records the audio books. I don't think even the translators know the ending yet.

Posted by Abhay Doshi from India Mumbai on June 3, 2007 10:24 PM

Even if the 7th book ends unhappily, like Harry or whatnot, I still definitely continue to see the Harry Potter movies, if they continue to make them. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want the movies to continue...everything doesn't always end happily, that's life. I, for one, despite the fact that I would be incredibly sad if Harry s, would like that Jo doesn't follow the usual standard of books. Most people think that books have to have a happy ending, but they really don't, and the fact that they don't makes it more lifelike (as lifelike as you can get from a book about wizards and magic and whatnot).

Also, I don't think the fact that the 7th book might end unhappily has anything to do with the movie producers releasing the OotP movie before the ly Hallows book comes out. I see no reason whatsoever why Jo would reveal that vital information to the movie producers. I am sure there is a different reason(s) to the movie coming out first.

Posted by Valerie V. from Phoenix, Arizona on June 4, 2007 6:13 PM

i don't want harry to ...but if he does i'll definitely still go see all the harry potter movies!

Posted by Andie Bushman on June 5, 2007 10:06 AM

I do not believe that my opinion of the series would change if Harry d. The truth is, I'm a girl with Bad Boy Syndrome. I like Snape, Draco, and Tom Riddle. That's right. I like the bad guy.

If the series did not end the way that I want it to, I would, I think, simply ignore the last book/movie. See/read it once and then ignore it. That way, I get my happily ever after whether Harry does or not.

Posted by Jenn from Oshawa, Ontario on June 7, 2007 6:30 PM

My wife is a senior editor for a publishing house, so I am familiar with how things work in book publishing.

Book publication dates are set months and months in advance. However, Jo is a famous author. Unlike many lesser-known authors, she likely didn't have a line for her manuscript for book 7. So, the person one can blame for missing the supposed 7/7/07 date is Jo, herself (assuming that was ever a real release date to begin with and not just fan rumor).

Scholastic publishes the American edition of the Potter books. Warner Bros. (parent company Time Warner) produces the Potter films. Separate companies. Warner Bros. would not be dictating Scholastic's book release dates. That's absurd.

So to conclude, the release dates of the OotP movie and the final book have nothing, repeat, NOTHING to do with each other. BTW, the movie's release date has been moved up to July 11th.

Posted by Matt from NYC on June 11, 2007 12:11 PM

well, in a recent interview Mr Heyman has confirmed that he doesn't know how the series ends, and can't wait for the last book. So I hope this means that the timing was not adjusted in this fashion because the film makers knew of a sad ending.

Personally I beleive the 7/7/07 release date was not used because the work on producing the last book had to be perfect. The editing, illustrating, printing all had to be planned down to the last detail. If people worked over time just to get a 7/7 release, the quality might have suffered. I'm sure Jo wanted to ensure that the manuscript was properly edited. It is the last book after all and I'm sure she would want it to be perfect.

Posted by Abhay Doshi from India Mumbai on June 12, 2007 04:12 AM

If Harry s, I would just go and see the movies. In fact I was (this may not sound that nice) actually hoping that Harry would . If Harry would live happily ever after, this would be a very predictable ending! But the story isn't that predictable at all, so i'm sure the ending isn't predictable too, whether Harry survives or not.

Posted by Jiska from The Netherlands on June 14, 2007 12:43 PM

No one wants Harry or anyone close to him to , unless of course it is for a very good reason. what i think is that since this is the last book, JKR set things right. ing the hero is not an option. Harry live, but if i'm right, danger won't leave with the dark lord's . Successors come to take his place. After all JKR has been rather playful with her readers.

As for the prior release of the movie, my only logical explanation is this: if the 7th book is released 1st and has a rather tearful ending, then the interest on the movie won't be that big. WB producers don't have any idea of how the 7th book ends. Releasing the movie 1st though is another thing. After all the movie may turn out to be great but its only for the money for them.

Posted by kok from salonika greece on June 15, 2007 12:24 PM

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