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The power The Dark Lord knows not

by David Haber

It all comes down to this. The big difference between Voldemort and Harry. The only difference that's really important. It couldn't be more important to the climax of the Harry Potter Septology Mystery. And the reason we know it's important is because J.K. Rowling went out of her way to tell us about it, right out, in plain language, not couched in a riddle, in the very first Harry Potter book.

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Reader Comments: (Page 9)

I really think that Aberforth (even if Dumbledore says he can't read or anything) may be the one who would help Harry with something or the other to finish off Lord Voldemort.

Another thing, notice that in HBP Harry realizes that Ginny would be in great danger if she continues to be his girlfriend, so he breaks up with her in fear that Voldemort may use her to attract Harry, but Ginny says "What if I don't care" so maybe she be the one who jumps in front of Harry when Voldemort tries to him and cause a terrible Love rage that may cause Harry's blood in Voldemort to stir and then maybe Voldemort try to Harry but it won't work because of the Love in Harry's blood that's in Voldemort.

Posted by Abby from Aruba on March 25, 2007 07:11 AM

This is a very interesting idea though i doubt the bear hug. It is more likely that he simply empathize with Voldemort. I also think that he start calling voldemort "Tom" instead. Someone mentioned that Voldemort is loved by his Eaters, but i believe this is a different kind of love. Not a love for a misunderstood orphan, but a love for a great and terrible wizard, unafraid to inflict pain on others.

Posted by Bob from Seattle, WA on March 25, 2007 1:16 PM

Your post spurred an interesting thought for me Bob -

In english, there is really one word for Love and it is used to express differing degrees of love. Someone can say 'oh man, i love cookies' and also say 'I love you sweetheart' and they obviously mean totally different feelings. I'd be interested to read Harry Potter in another language (german would be possible for me, being the only other language I have a working knowledge of) and see which type of love words are used...could this perhaps give us an insight as to what degrees of love JK refers to? In the context of Harry Potter, I think we can all agree that it is sacrificial love -- the kind you would have for a lover, family or close friend, but would different kinds of love have different magical potencies? As for the eaters loving voldemort, I know of one that I would agree loves him - Bellatrix, but I can't think of another that would qualify under the 'love' umbrella (at least, to my way of looking at love). Plus, her love for him, in my opinion, comes from a common bond -- a desire to dominate...I see it as love, but not anywhere near the kind of love that Harry and those in his circle demonstrate.

Posted by Tim from Flagstaff, AZ on March 25, 2007 8:03 PM

I believe Snape's going to have a huge role in the defeat of Vol. I forgot who said it but someone said that Harry may sacrifice himself for Snape and then Snape finish him off. I don't see this happening for obvious reasons: 1. Dumbledore told Harry he's going to have to Vol.
2. JK states in almost every book that Dumbledore trusts Snape, wouldn't it make the most sense to have him be a sacrifice of some sort that causes Harry rage. Or even teach Harry how to truly destory Vol. I like Snape, i believe he is still true and he's a powerful wizard. Even if hes not good he still fooled Dumbledore, and if he's good he still fooled Vol - which as we heard is impossible to do. Overall I believe Snape play a big part in how to destroy Harry but Ron be the one to cause the 'love rage' to happen. He seems like the one to sacrifice himself and it would make the most sense.

Posted by Stroh from Bismarck on March 25, 2007 11:24 PM

Very thought-provoking article Dave! I think you are on the right track. The Harry Potter saga probably not end with Harry hugging Voldy but I too believe that love play an important role. After all Dumbledore has said about the power of love it would seem that it is Harry's most powerful weapon. But how he wield it?

Perhaps the downfall of Voldy comes when Harry begins to feel love or, the term I prefer, compassion, for him. Voldemort is, after all a sociopath, and as is often the case, his consciousness was shaped by early unfortunate circumstances.

It is hard to feel compassion for someone when we are afraid of them or angry at them. So for Harry to get to this point must mean that he's gotten enough beyond his fear and anger toward Voldemort, at least so it doesn't control him. How this happens and why I don't know. From then on, it would seem that this feeling of compassion would be more than Voldemort could tolerate. He won't be able to deny this feeling of compassion toward him because the little bit of Harry's blood in him confirm its existence. This truth cause Voldemort to self-destruct in an existential way. His end be like his mother's but with much greater anquish and suffering.

Posted by Ellen from Pasadena CA on March 26, 2007 02:28 AM

Dave has, of course, come up with another topic to provoke heated discussion and I have enjoyed reading all the theories. Everyone here makes solid points that give me pause for thought.

The leaning seems to be towards something that makes sense in the context of Harry and Voldemort's relationship - compassion. I can go along with that, not hugs though (a tad creepy methinks). Harry feel compassion towards Voldemort, how this means either/both/neither of them finish each other off be interesting to see.

Snape. Well, I confess it took me a long time to come around to the idea that Snape might have loved Lily Evans. Partly because I had found the idea daft for years, but, having asked myself what on earth would turn a man from a wholly committed action of evil (being a Eater/supporter of Voldemort) to being an highly sed double agent for Dumbledore I concluded - to my surprise - that it must be love and after further thought, that that someone must be Lily Evans. Even now I cannot defend the conclusion entirely, it just seems a logical outcome of one man's actions - why they happened and what triggered them off.

I am more than prepared to believe I might be wrong but I cannot otherwise make sense of why Snape turned against the leader he worshipped - as all Eaters must do, and indulge on what is actually a huge, very long, and very complicated game involving pitting his own highly developed ss of occlumency and legillimency, against those of Voldemort. I also cannot reconcile his loathing for Harry with his love for Lily. A failing on my part.

Compassion and love are closely linked. Who loves who, why and to what end remains to be seen.

Posted by MarjorIE from NEW ZEALAND on March 26, 2007 02:43 AM

I think that the love that Snape has for Lilly is an important element in the final book. He was still working for Voldemort when he overheard the prophecy (or part of it) but as Dumbledore consistantly states Snape turned spy on the Eaters before Voldemorts downfall.

I think that when he realised that it was the Potters that Voldemort were going for and not the Longbottoms Snape followed his heart and love for Lilly. He betrayed the eaters and turned spy to try and protect her by going to Dumbledore. We know that he also owed his life to James and would have to repay that . It was this love that turned him back to Dumbledore and ask for forgiveness.

I think that Harry try to duel with Voldemort (after destoying all of the Horcruxes) but it be Snape that either finishes Voldemort off or s trying. This allow Harry's soul to remain one, pure and innocent whilst also teaching him the forgiveness and understanding that he is currently lacking. Dumbledore often tries to educate Harry about trust and understanding in others but Harrys world is black and white - this teach him the grey in the middle - and even those that have made mistakes in the past can redeem themselves.

Posted by Edie on March 26, 2007 04:59 AM

hey..well i tend to agree with e...maybe it was snape's love for lily..thats turned him against voldemort...and that could also explain why dumbledore never shared with anyone the reason snape turned against voldemort and as dumbledore truly believes in the power of love he never doubted snape's remorse.
i also have a theory (like everyone here does i guess!) that when voldemort regenerated (for the want of a better word) he had the same blood in his veins as short he has the same power as that which runs in harry's blood...but now we see from dave's article that dumbledore's love for harry is no less...and now that dumbledore has d to save harry, dumbledore used his last few moments before he lost his wand to cast the body binder spell on save him...and then he d...i guess that amounts to for him....and now perhaps he has the same power he had when his mom d for him...

but no matter what...for all our theories and prophecies...the truth shall just a few months more!

Posted by Krisha from DELHI on March 26, 2007 09:22 AM

many people are saying that fawkes somehow be involved in DH. i would have thought this blatantly obvious, but not for the reason that he has healing powers. i believe that harry and voldemort have a duel at the end, however, many people say this is unlikely because of priori incantatem. this would definitely play a part in the duel but, this is where fawkes comes in. each wand, (harry's and voldemort's) is made from with a feather from fawkes. i think that he could some power and control over the effects of priori incantatem and help harry's wand overpower voldemort's to make harry win the duel. another power that fawkes has become very important to harry. his ability to to carry heavy loads and apparate could become important as harry cannot yet legally apparate, unlike voldemort who can follow harry where ever he goes easier than harry can follow him.

i also think that fawkes could carry some of dumbledores love for harry as an extra protection. how this could happen i can only guess, however it could be possible that he is a horcrux for dumbledore, however i think this is highly unlikely.

Posted by carl from birmingham, england on March 26, 2007 1:45 PM

Carl; I agree with you about Fawkes helping Harry with having more power in his wand than Voldermort. In Goblet of Fire we see Harry and Voldermort attack each other with different kinds of spells, Voldermort's obviously more complicated than Harry's but nonetheless they were locked together and neither of them could force the spell close to the other.

Maybe now that Harry understands love correctly he can over come Voldermort in another situation that like the one in Goblet of Fire.

I also think that one of the things Harry learns to do first in DH is how to apparate. Cus that obviously play a major role in getting to all the Horcruxes in time.

Posted by Kyle from Kearney, Ne on March 26, 2007 3:09 PM

Carl - you are brilliant! I can't believe I didn't think of that. I know that Voldemort is very powerful and all that, but I wonder if he even knows what happened at the graveyard in GoF. Is priory incantatum something that just any wizard would be able to tell you about? I know that priory incantatum is the spell they cast on Harry's wand in GoF to see what spell was last cast from it, but I wonder if that is all the average wizard knows about it? I wonder if Voldemort knows where the core of his wand came from...Perhaps that is part of the 'power the dark lord knows not' that give Harry the upper hand. Also, the fact that Harry and Voldy's wands are brothers came up in GoF for the tournament, but Olivander (to harry's relief) chose not to share this information. Perhaps this is one of those clues that was intended to just be passed over. Good find sir!

Posted by Tim from Flagstaff, AZ on March 26, 2007 10:03 PM

I believe love play a large role in DH, but I don't think that Harry ever forgive Voldemort or Snape. I have wondered if Krum come back (there are rumors that he ) and teach Harry how to cast the Unforgivable Curses. He apparently knows how if they taught him at Durmstrang. Just a possibility.

I think that Snape did love Lily and had to call her that name in front of everyone because he didn't want to seen inferior to her. I also think that Snape is the "awful boy" that Petunia hears telling Lily about dementors. Lily and James didn't start dating until 7th year, surely she would have known about dementors before then!

But I wonder...If Voldemort can't feel love, why did he save Bellatrix? He left Quirrel to . He wasn't bothered by any of the other Eaters left in the Ministry (although I realize he wouldn't have had the time to rescue any of them). We see him torture he followers, but in the Ministry, he risks exposing himself to the magical community to save Bellatrix. This seemed odd to me, I would think that the life of one Eater would be meaningless to him and he would much rather save his own life.

I noticed a few other interesting facts that separate Bellatrix from other Eaters. 1)He calls her "Bella" in the ministry. He refers to most of the Eaters by their last names (as far as we have seen, he only refers to Lucius and Bellatrix by first names) 2) In the Ministry she says she was "trained by the Dark Lord himself" 3) In HBP pg 29, Bella tells Snape "The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious -- if Lucius hadn't --" Perhaps Bella is speaking of the diary? Why else would she blame Lucius? She was not directly referring to the ordeal at the Ministry, so perhaps the Diary was left to her and she entrusted her sister and Lucius to guard it if she was imprisoned. This suggests that Bellatrix has always been more than just a faithful Eater, perhaps the MOST faithful Eater.

I believe she loves Voldemort and I think it is possible that the connection between her and Voldemort be important. He saved her in the Ministry, does she owe him a now? Her life was not directly threatened, but he saved her. He doesn't seem concerned with rescuing the other Eaters who are imprisoned in Azkaban throughout HBP either. It seems possible that her husband, who I think she does not love but was forced to marry because she had to marry a "Pure Blood," is one of the prisoners in Azkaban now. Maybe Voldemort does not want him freed...

Posted by Lisa from North Carolina on March 26, 2007 10:32 PM

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