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The power The Dark Lord knows not

by David Haber

It all comes down to this. The big difference between Voldemort and Harry. The only difference that's really important. It couldn't be more important to the climax of the Harry Potter Septology Mystery. And the reason we know it's important is because J.K. Rowling went out of her way to tell us about it, right out, in plain language, not couched in a riddle, in the very first Harry Potter book.

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Reader Comments: (Page 23)

I have thinking about this, and also another theory could be unity. As the old saying goes, "In Unity there is strength". harry has his companions and many other people and beats at this aid, who all generally love him. However, Voldemort has only himself, and his eaters are only obsessive about him, they do not love him in the same way as Harry's friends love Harry. Voldemort would be overwhelmed by the powers of Harry, his friends, and any other people/beasts/beings. Although I think that the power that Voldemort knows not is most definitely love, this is just an idea of mine.

Posted by RedBollu from London on July 12, 2007 1:27 PM

Whats been bothering me is that Harry wouldnt anyone, even Voldemort. I think that when Harry destroys all of the horcruxes of Voldemort, that when they start the final battle then Harry does s the body of Voldemort but that the soul goes into Harry (like in OOTP, in the end with Dumbledore) and that Harry "s" him by his power that Voldemort doesnt have and cant stand; Love.

Posted by Oktay from The Netherlands on July 12, 2007 1:35 PM

Are you all sure that Harry still be protected by Lily's sacrifice after he turns 17?

Posted by herve from strasbourg on July 13, 2007 01:01 AM

In the new moview, in the final painful encounter with Voldemort, Harry says, "You have never felt love, or friendship. I feel sorry for you," instead of "Can you possibly be feeling sorry for Voldemort?" "No." Maybe the theory of Harry defeating Voldemort with love is likely. If he plainly expresses sympathy in the movie (whose script was approved by J.K. Rowling), then love is possible too.

Posted by Scott from Wales on July 13, 2007 6:35 PM

Maybe Harry Voldemort with a love potion, or by opening the room of love that's always closed, or maybe he find a way of using the power of that room against Voldemort. However, we see in 6 days!

PS: Herve, Harry is no longer protected by Lily's sacrifice when he's seventeen
pps: RedBollu, Harry said he wants to Voldemort, in the HBP, he said that he wants to finish him himself

Posted by Hermione Fan from Curacao (Caribbean) on July 15, 2007 12:06 PM

look at the Goblet of Fire... when Harry told Dumbledore about Voldemort, that he took his blood, Rowling writes that a look of triumph was on Dumbledore's face, but then she turns the subject and says that Harry thought he saw it and that when Dumbledore looks back at him he looks the same weary old man � I don't remember the whole quote but chick it again and you'll see that I'm right.
I'm pretty sure that this would be the end of Voldemort.
And if you're worried that Rowling stole it from another writer... well... look at her Horcruxes idea... read the Seventh Book of the Gate Recycle... it's not her idea at all... the writers of this book thought of it first, the book was published in the USA round 1992-3 when Rowling was busy putting the plot of the book... actually... the whole Harry Potter books are based on the Lord of the Rings, which Rowling claims to have never read, even though we notice the similarity between the two books! But I don't care... as long as the seventh book won't be like the previous two stupid books (the OotP and the HBP)...

Posted by Mansour Khoury from Isreal on July 16, 2007 07:52 AM

1. Harry hasn't been protected by Lily's sacrifice since GOF. It's how Voldy was able to touch him and NOT get a kickback. It's the protection of the Dursley's that runs out on his 17th b-day.

2. Love is the one of the few reasons that I can see JKR NOT ing Harry off. He hasn't really experienced it yet, not TRUE love, not on his own. He's not old enough at 16 to understand it very well. I think he's about to get a serious (or is that Sirius) lesson in it, but does not understand it quite yet. Don't get me wrong... I believe that Harry loves his friends... but I don't think that he realizes that what it is just yet.

Posted by Ryan from Columbia, MD on July 17, 2007 10:59 AM

You forgot the part where Voldy's mask-like, disgusting face falls off during the hug, to reveal a gorgeously handsome Tom Riddle, with a newly clean soul and a forgiving heart.

Posted by Mary from Virginia on July 17, 2007 12:20 PM

I see no reason for Lily's protection - brought about by love - to fade as soon as Harry comes of age, just as Lily's love itself would not fade when he becomes an adult. It goes much deeper than "skin deep", if you ; it goes for more than Voldemort being able to touch him. It seems almost a "legal" issue in having a set time of termination on it, so I would think that the protection which ends on Harry's 17th birthday would have some sort of "legal" feel to it - such as the end of a legal guardianship. Remember, Albus placed an additional enchantment on Harry when he went into the Dursley's custody, and as long as he resides where his mother's blood dwells, he is protected. This is not in reference to Lily's protection, but to Albus', since Harry is no longer Petunia's responsibility when he turns 17, and her blood no longer would protect him, however related to Lily it is. But a mother's love not fade, nor her protection, just because her baby isn't a baby anymore.

Mansour Khoury - I am quite highly affronted by the way you, in so many words, call J.K. Rowling a thief and plagiarist. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion and may think what you want of her work, it is wrong to say she "ripped off" anyone, since every writer is inspired by many other sources - other writers, mythologies, legends, etc. The idea of encasing a piece of soul in an object, or animal in the case of your example, to become immortal has been around a lot longer than 1990 (when both the first book of the Gate Recycle was published and Jo was starting to write Harry Potter.) It is much more likely that these three authors ( Gate has two, for those that don't know) had nothing to do with each other or each others work, but took inspiration from the same myths and legends. The name "Seventh Gate" itself is reminiscent of Sumerian and Babylonian myths - the last gate Inanna had to pass through to retrieve her husband which separated the living and the . (I'm disappointed at your example, actually. Surely there are better examples of storing a piece of soul in a vessel other than one's natural body. Check out the Magick Moste Evile comments, page 15.) As for Jo never reading Lord of the Rings, I've never heard that, actually I heard the opposite. Far from being inspired by them, I do remember that she had enjoyed them, though admittedly, I can't remember where I read that, so I can't confirm it for you. Remember where you read/heard that she hadn't?

Posted by Monkeeshrines from orlando fl on July 17, 2007 2:32 PM

In the fifth book Dumbledore says that the locked room at the department of mysteries contain the power that resides within Harry, he also says that the power is terrible among other things. Maybe Harry unleashes this power to take out voldemort.

I think definetly a scene in the book is going to occur in the department of mysteries. As sirius may return through the veil. (remember what the last thing Luna says to harry about things coming back in the new movie, it has been altered slightly from the book)

Posted by Rob from Oslo on July 17, 2007 4:00 PM

The problem, as I see it is that Harry have to Voldemort. At the end of Chapter 37 in HP & The Order of The Phoenix, We have the following:

��Harry asked, without caring much about the answer, �The end of the prophecy � it was something about � neither can live��
�... while the other survives,� said Dumbledore.
�So,� said Harry, dredging up the words from what felt like a deep well of despair inside him, �so does that mean that � that one of us has got to the other one � in the end?�
�Yes,� said Dumbledore.�

But, if Harry s Voldemort, then he is committing and his soul split. And this flies against everything that Harry potter and Dumbledore stand for.

Some observations to consider:

It seems to me that Harry and Voldemort are both similar and opposite to each other; Both grew up as orphans, both were unloved as children, both didn�t know that they belonged to the wizarding world. One major difference is that despite all the terrible treatment that Harry endured under the iron heel of the Dursleys, he still managed to become a nice kid. Voldemort, on the other hand, became very nasty and worse.


The only answer is that Harry�s mom d for him and that sacrifice that protected him from the touch and attempted possession of his body by Voldemort is also the reason why Harry is a nice kid � His mother�s love.

Voldemort�s mom, on the other hand, abandoned him and d of a lack of to live. She didn�t care for her child. She didn�t love him.

Now Voldemort has marked Harry as his opponent and his equal with a scar. The scar that reacts painfully to Voldemort�s presence and attempted infiltrations of Harry�s mind and body;

In other words, Harry is the opposite of Voldemort. Harry and Voldemort represent two sides of the same coin � one side evil, the other good. And this is why Harry cannot Voldemort; to do so would be akin to becoming evil � Harry becoming his opposite: Voldemort. This is a paradox.

I think that JK Rowling is going to use Hegelian logic to escape this paradox. Harry is the thesis; Voldemort is his antithesis. Harry must accomplish synthesis. In other words, Harry take Voldemort into himself and a new character rise. Neither Harry or Voldemort � but a synthesis (a joining and an evolution) to become a new person. Harry takes the evil of Voldemort into himself and thereby contain the struggle between good and evil within himself.
I think Harry�s scar is the Vessel by which he absorb Voldemort. If Voldemort has created Horcruxes by ing so many, then Voldemort also created an anti-Horcrux when he attacked Harry after Lily�s sacrifice � a vessel that contain him and envelop him with love � Harry�s only power that Voldemort cannot fathom.

Posted by Issam Mansour from Toronto, Canada on July 17, 2007 9:52 PM

I think you're right on about the love bit. But as one who would like to see Harry survive the series, I'm concerned that his ability to love may require him to sacrifice himself, not unlike his mother, in order to finally defeat Voldemort.

Posted by Ms Johnson from Atlanta, USA on July 18, 2007 12:29 PM

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