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The power The Dark Lord knows not

by David Haber

It all comes down to this. The big difference between Voldemort and Harry. The only difference that's really important. It couldn't be more important to the climax of the Harry Potter Septology Mystery. And the reason we know it's important is because J.K. Rowling went out of her way to tell us about it, right out, in plain language, not couched in a riddle, in the very first Harry Potter book.

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Reader Comments: (Page 20)

herve from strasbourg,
Excellent theory I think you're absolutely right about Harry's power.

Posted by Prongs from Athens,Greece on May 28, 2007 12:56 PM

Once again, an excellent comment.
I agree completely that Harry have some difficult choices to make in book 7, choices in which Voldemort underestimate Harry's character. I do think Harry has experienced many forms of love, though unrequited. He has loved his parents, Sirius and Dumbledore but has not had the chance to develop a relationship with any of them.This deep unfulfilled need drive his strength to take on Voldemort and win. Voldemort once again misunderstand the power of love.
I like how you assign a moral theme to each book and I see a corresponding weakness in each DADA teacher.
However, I wonder how you come to Humility for HBP. I see the theme more as Self-Reliance or Personal Integrity. Harry must learn to rely only on himself, not on Dumbledore or the Prince's potions book. I see Dumbledore letting go of any more control of events from this side of the veil, and allowing Harry to make the choices and decisions that only he can make as the equal of the Dark Lord. As DADA teacher, the question of Snape being good or evil is also related to personal integrity.
I would love to read of how you decided on humility as the theme of book 6.

Posted by Patty from Quincy,Massachusetts on May 29, 2007 6:45 PM

Maybe Dumbledore is not yet, and he is the one who teach the Dark Lord about this "love", after Harry Potter is ed. That be interesting then. Honestly, I prefer this than seeing Harry Potter destroy Voldemort with his "special power". Maybe I just feel that Harry doesn't have the power to Voldemort.

Many do not want Harry to , including me, although I feel that making Harry might make the plot far more interesting. Of course, it maybe Ginny s. She can take up one of the two characters' slot, and JK Rowling won't need choose one of the trio (Harry, Hermione, Ron) to .

Posted by Harry from Little Whinging, Surrey on June 3, 2007 06:20 AM

Patty: I just thought that it would really need humility to witness, without being able to do the slightest move, the of Dumbledore, and then accept it without feeling really guilty about that. Harry was in the same humiliating situation in the train, when jinxed by Malfoy, and he told the whole story to his friends. Last, Harry had to obey Dumbledore in the cave and did it heartfully, although he didn't understand about it. But, you're also right about self-reliance.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on June 4, 2007 12:33 AM

Though i highly doubt JKR would Harry, it could perhaps be feasible for Harry to Voldemort after he had d, possibly through the same kind of magic that saved him (harry sacrificing himself to save someone else, Voldemort foolishly now believe himself invincible and makes the same mistake again, however this time he does not survive). Not sure how the gleam of triumph would fit into this. I also think that somehow the fact that one of voldemorts greatest weaknesses is that he fails to realize that their are fates worse than somehow play into this.

Posted by rusty from austin,texas on June 4, 2007 11:32 PM

Good theory, but surely if Harry walked up to Voldemort and said I love you, it would contradict everything that has happened. When Dumbledore said that Harry had never wanted to become a eater harry acted as though it was ridiculous to even consider it, and dumbledore replied that harry was protected from voldemort by his ability to love. If harry loves voldemort he no longer have that protection against him if you get what i mean.

Posted by Charlotte from London on June 5, 2007 08:24 AM

Speaking of Voldemort's greatest weakness:

Dumbledore has always told Harry that Voldemort's greatest weakness is his inability to love. But in OoTP, Dumbledore tells Voldemort that Voldemort's greatest weakness is his inability to understand that there are worse things than .
Dumbledore is not one to contradict himself, so the only reasonable conclusion that I can see is that the two are related. For example: something involving love is worse than , like the possibility of living with no love. That (in it's exact form) probably isn't a possible scenario, because Voldemort already lives without love.
Though, there still could be a form of love worse than (to Voldemort at least).

Posted by Nikki from USA on June 6, 2007 2:41 PM

This is an interesting article. Certainly it would seem wrong to reject the idea of Harry destorying Voldemort by simply walking up to him and hugging just because it's funny and ridiculous. But lets examine the situation. While Dumbledore admits that Love is a powerful magical force it has also been indicated that it has it's flaws. In book 5 Voldemort exploited Harry's ability to love and it resulted in Sirius's . In book 5 Dumbledore also admits to Harry that to not tell him about the prophecy was a mistake of love. To quote him "I acted exactly how Voldemort expects us fools who love to act." Love while powerful also draws a person into making foolish and emotional mistakes. Furthermore love for something or someone I believe enables a person to protect that thing or person. Harry's ability to love would enable him to protect something that would help him find a way to destroy Voldemort, such as his friends and parents who may somehow help him. If he loved Voldemort it would not just be an insult to the love he has for his parents but would also place him in a position to protect Voldemort. Not to destroy him. Simply put to love Voldemort would be an emotional mistake that Voldemort always exploits. This is why I believe this theory although well written may not be possible. Although of course I can be entirely wrong.

Posted by Abhay Doshi from India Mumbai on June 12, 2007 04:23 AM

Right, I am going with the duel idea. But this article brought forward something else to ponder on. The fact that Voldy was conceived using 'false love' if you . I think THIS is crucial in some way...

Posted by Aditi from India on June 12, 2007 1:13 PM

I think the article is great. But I don't agree that Harry would hug Voldemort and tell him that I love you... Harry hates Voldemort too much to say that...

Posted by david beckam from pune on June 14, 2007 08:02 AM

I think i disagree with the idea that by "loving" Voldemort, he (Harry) would be able to him. Firstly, i think that Harry has the protection of love. love is meant as a defence, not offence. we can see this in book 1, where Quirrell cannot touch Harry, bacause Harry is good and feels love and Quirrell, being possed by Voldemort, was evil. in the Fifth book, Voldemort tries to posses Harry, and Dumbledore says he cannot do this without feeling excrutiating pain... because Harry is good and can love and old voldy is a bad boy. Thus, even though Voldemort can touch harry, he cannot enter and control his mind where his love lays.
second, if, by being loved, voldemort were to be destroyed, he would have been obliterated long ago. although he loves no one else, many of his eaters worship him and adore him. that would destroy him. the only way to truly destroy voldemort is to make voldemort love someone. he himself, by nature, cannot love... it would cause a contradiction and he might just of a heart attack. I also think that love is a reserve of power for harry. when he needs to have strength, he uses love. When he was fighting the Dementors in OotP, he was about to lose himself, and then he sees hermiony and ron in his mind and gets strength. this is because he loves them!

Posted by Vince from Portugal on June 14, 2007 11:51 AM

We all know Voldemort cannot possess Harry without enduring mortal agony. But what if the reverse happened? What if Harry's whole and untarnished soul (filled with love and emotion) possessed Voldemort's fragmented soul (filled with evil and hatred)? Would he be destroyed then?

I know this happened for a short while in the Ministry after the duel when Harry's heart was 'filled with emotion for Sirius'. Voldemort loosened his hold on Harry. What if Harry possessed him till he s?

Its been proved that Harry has a greater power of concentration when Voldemort was resurrected in the graveyard. Harry forced those golden beads that connected both their wands during Priori Incantatem, towards Voldemort using sheer -power. Will this power be useful for him again?

Posted by Aditi Dani from India on June 14, 2007 11:11 PM

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