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The next Harry Potter: Back to the future or the past?

The Harry Potter books are done. Should J.K. Rowling write some new books that also involve the world of Harry Potter? Or, in the words of the Beatles, should she Let It Be?

And if she does write some new books about Harry's magical world, what should they be about? Would you like to read books about Albus Severus Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts? Or would you like to know more about the times of James, Sirius and Remus? How about going all the way back to the time of Dumbledore and Grindelwald? Or even further?

It's fun to read fan fiction ideas for these things, but would you like official books from J.K. about these stories? What would you like to see in the J.K. Rowlings's next "Harry Potter" book?

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Reader Comments: (Page 14)

I, for one, would find it interesting if she wrote an autobiography of Harry, with Harry telling his story to us. What he had found about his family before Voldemort, maybe explaining a few things in the previous books that left a reader hanging or wondering, and the 19 years from Voldemorts to the epilogue when his kids are boarding the Hogwarts Express. His true feelings on each of the people in his life, how he feels about Snape, Dumbledore, Dudley, and Draco. Lots could be done telling and explaining everything from Harry's point of view.

Posted by Mike McGrath from Columbus, GA on July 7, 2008 10:24 AM

Now that you've said that I'll want to read the autobiographies for ALL the main characters! That would be an amazing way to find out things!

Posted by Ophelia from *away with the fairies* on July 11, 2008 10:54 AM

I would love to read about new students with new adventures at Hogwarts.:)

Posted by Marilyn from USA on July 11, 2008 4:26 PM

I would love to see more into the life of Tom Riddle/Voldemort. A biographical work of him would be very interesting.

Posted by Brendan from Glendale, AZ on July 13, 2008 2:56 PM

I think that a prequel would be much better...just imagine taking long walks with the marauders...

Posted by Prongs from Athens,Greece on July 14, 2008 10:35 AM

I don't really know if I am experienced enough to say this or not.
But in my apinion HARRY POTTER books can't be countinued
because every thing which go up come down some day.
Harry potter was a hero, yes I agree, but he is in peace know and what is my worst fear is that the new books become a repeat of what happened in other books with of course some changes and I dare to say it always happened to long countinued stories.

Posted by Kaspian from Iran_Kermanshah on July 14, 2008 11:10 PM

i would be fascinated to know more about how Harry and Draco settled their tensions, because as you recall after those 19 years, Draco nodded his head at them, which meant they no longer were enemies. Was this because Narcissa, Draco's mother had saved Harry's life? It really leaves me wondering, so it would be interesting to read about those 19 long mysterious years.
Also, what happened the day after Voldemort was ed? Or the month after? Where did Harry live in the meantime? All these things could result in a new possible book, especially because each of J.K's books cover only a one year time period. Surely 19 years is long enough to create a possible new book?

Also, i think an interesting idea would be to start a new series altogether. Perhaps she would create a new wizarding world, with completely different meanings that we have been learning throughout the 7 books. who knows? it could be a way to hook the new generation to her books.

Posted by irina from los angeles, ca on July 15, 2008 12:14 AM

Being a true romantic at heart, i would really like to know more about the romance between Harry-Ginny, Ron-Hermione and some of the other characters, like Neville and Luna. I mean, more details on what happened after the Second Wizarding War and the Epilouge and maybe even beyond the Epilouge! And it wouldn't hurt to know more about the Marauders as well. I feel that JK could do with writing both prequels and sequels... Just to keep some mad fans like me satisfied!

Posted by Zoya from Kolkata, India on July 16, 2008 08:47 AM

i also would like to know more about what happen to ginny and harry. but whatever she writes i read and buy.

Posted by whisper from a-town,ok on July 17, 2008 08:42 AM

I would love to know more about Regulas Black and find out what it was like when he was a child, growing up in a pure blood family and life with the rebellious Sirius. It would be fascinating to discover how he learned about the horcruxes as the other eaters seemed oblivious to their masters strange secret. It would also be good to learn about Tom Riddle and his evil ways in the orphanage. It would also be interesting to learn a bit more about the Gaunts and how Merope enchanted riddle and how he later abandoned her, pregnant at the orphanage.

Posted by Nicole from Glasgow on July 21, 2008 11:24 AM

I would love for JKR to write a marauder-era prequel, but I think she should leave that job to the fanfiction writers (like me) who, thought happy, would be fairly dispointed if our stories couldn't be considered canon compatible anymore. The same goes for all of the other options too. It just wouldn't be the same if there was a book there that said what happened.

Posted by Demented Vampiric Zombie on July 22, 2008 02:14 AM

I would love to hear more of albus severus,james,and lily, just to see if they go through the same triumphant measures as harry but i also would love to here about ron and hermione's kids and about harry and ginny and ron and hermione but i would love to here it all like about finding out who really ed dumbledores sister and more about lily and severus plus what happens to victoria and teddy and the rlationship between james,remus,and sirius.

Posted by hpmajic from ohio on July 22, 2008 1:20 PM

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