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The Fountain of Fair Fortune

The second Beedle the Bard tale, The Fountain of Fair Fortune deals with another topic very important in the world of Harry Potter, that is, the cooperation between and intermarrying of Wizards and Muggles. The characters in the story are healed of their ailments and woes at the end, but not because the fountain did anything magical.

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Reader Comments: (Page 2)

Well I must say I like this one very much too! The message is very clearly that Magic doesn't always solve everything, but this is a classic.
You it's like these stories where people or especially a buch of kids find a map leading to a seemingly anciant huege treasure. In the end they reach the "treasure" but they are totally dissapointed because it isn't what they expected (gold, emeralds, diamonds, and suff). They finally realise that what they cherish the most are the moments they spent together trying to solve this myseries helping each other...This is in fact all about developing human qualites...
Very much like the 3 withches and the knight they had it all in them since the begining, magic was only used to help them relase that potential lying dormant.
Maybe the lesson is that magic should only ever be a "helping hand" from time to time rather that something to be relied-on on a daily basis.

Posted by Geoffrey from Paris, France on April 21, 2009 3:01 PM

A Squib is not a Muggle. Born to a wizarding family, a Squib has such a low level of magical power that he or she is essentially unable to do any magic at all. However, while a Squib cannot cast spells, he or she can apparently see magical beings such as poltergeists, though not dementors (JKR).

Some Squibs seem to have formed special bonds with cats, whom they refer to as Mr or Mrs. It is possible that these cats function as guides and aides to Squibs as they live in a world in which they don't really fit. In a sense, these cats may be the wizarding equivalent of Guide Dogs and other animals which are trained to help Muggles with disabilities.
"squib" - Eng. a dud firework that won't ignite properly

Posted by Prongs from Athens,Greece on June 9, 2009 3:06 PM

do you think there's a hidden message in the writing on the fountain (there are some letters on it, not just symbols).

Posted by Lou from Mountain View, CA on July 2, 2009 10:05 AM

'As far as I've understood, and I think I've understood pretty well, squibs are exactly the same as muggles, except that they know about the magical world...'

Posted by Ariadna from Mexico on March 27, 2009 7:05 PM

In answer to to of your comments, Mrs. Figg is a squib and squibs CAN see Dementors. I believe that squibs are witches and wizards who just have trouble reaching for magic. They still have a little magical ability, but do not know how to use it, or cannot. They still can have all the privileges of a regular witch/wizard, minus the magic part. Also, why would such courses like 'Kwik Spell' (Harry Potter 2, Filches office) work if squibs had absolutely no magical ability?

I also agree with the comment of Merope Riddle/Gaunt. She is a witch, but does not wish to be, because Tom Riddle snr. despises her for having such an 'unnatural' ability.

Posted by James Jarvis from Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Common Room on July 5, 2009 01:26 AM

Squibs can't see Dementors. JKR said Mrs. Figg was familiar with the effects of Dementores, but she couldn't actually see them. What she said at Harry's hearing isn't true. Even Harry thinks it sounds like Mrs. Figg had only seen a picture of a Dementor.

I don't think Squibs have any magical ability. It seems like the Kwik Spell course does not work at all. Filch never learns anything. It just seems like something to draw Squibs in.

Posted by Anonymous from Arizona on July 8, 2009 11:48 AM

if we look closely there is a christian cross on top of the ly hallows sign, near the brim of the bowl kind of thing...though i couldnt make out what was above other signs.

Posted by Apoorva from India on September 5, 2009 10:09 AM

But if Filch has no magical ability, how can he work in Hogwarts?
I don't think that Kwik Spell can create any effect on Squibs.

Posted by Samia from Bangladesh on September 16, 2009 08:07 AM

I did some extensive research on all 8 symbols on the fountain. Here they are from top to bottom:

1. (circle with arrow sticking out) Alchemy symbol for Iron, Saturn
2. (crescent connected to a circle with a dot in it): Alchemy symbol for Platinum (Silver and Gold combined), Sun and Moon
Note on #2: The crescent represents Silver, or the moon (Luna); the circle with a dot in it represents Gold, or the sun (Sol)
3. (looks like the number 4): Alchemy symbol for Tin, or Jupiter
4. (I don't know how to describe it): Omega symbol, probably signifies "the last" or "the end"
5. (circle with plus sign below it and two lines coming out of the top of the circle): Alchemical symbol for Mercury (element) or Mercury (planet)
6. (eye): This one kind of confused me, but I think it represents the all-seeing eye
7. (cross with a curvy line coming out of the bottom, to the right): Alchemical symbol for Lead or Saturn
8. The ly Hallows sign

I tried my best to describe the symbols, but you'll probably understand them better if you lok at them in the book.

I noticed that all 7 of the planetary metals are represented by their symbol on the fountain (silver and gold are both represented as platinum) except for copper. However, the symbol for tin is surrounded by the letters CU, the symbol for copper.

If anyone has any ideas as to what this means, please respond. Some things I noticed:
1. The alchemical symbol for the creation of the Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's stone, anyone?) is the ly Hallows sign, with a square replacing the line.
2. Is the fact that the name for the moon is Luna (Lovegood, anyone?) relevant?
3. Why was Omega not put last, and why was the ly Hallows sign the eighth symbol, not the seventh?

Posted by Lou from Mountain View, CA on September 20, 2009 5:45 PM

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