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The Aftermath: We were all correct

by David Haber

Sometime a week before Book 7 came out, someone commented that Harry would die, but then come back. I think most everyone on the site thought it was a silly idea. But I told several people at that time that I thought that just might be the perfect solution, although I couldn't figure out how J.K. could make it work. J.K. did, of course! So, the half of the Harry Potter fans in the world who thought Harry would die were right! And the other half who thought he would live were also right!

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Reader Comments: (Page 73)

There seems to be some doubt as to whether Snape got a portrait in the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts. However, I can't believe, seeing as how Harry feels about Snape and how he named his child after him, that there aren't others in the Wizarding world who would feel the same way too, so there's got to be a portrait of Snape around somewhere...

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on August 7, 2007 10:27 AM

Very intresting. Cool site! In the Netherlands they don't say anything about these things.

In Holland, ly Hallows isn't even released yet...

Posted by weasley (wemel) from Meppel, Netherlands on August 7, 2007 11:44 AM

the veil--although the 7th book does not specifically talk about the veil, i think the 5th movie does a good job of clearing up some of the ambiguity. i know that the movies are not cannon, but consider this: in the movie (for those who have note seen it, warning that this is a spoiler)-- sirius's is by bellatrix by way of the AK curse, THEN sirius falls behind the veil, in the sort of way that he is floating through it as if moving on to the afterlife. so is it safe to say that the veil is some sort of entry to the "beyond"? i think so. true, the movies are not cannon, but they also have not been seriously misleading.

Posted by missy from cleveland, oh on August 7, 2007 9:32 PM

TO MOA from Varberg:

i disagree that ron was the one who performed magic and wasn't supposed to. first, he is a wizard! so of course he has been doing magic:) second, in the book, he says that all he did was imitate the sound he heard harry say when harry opened the locket. therefore, ron didn't ACTUALLY use parseltongue--remember, he still wouldn't be able to understand it.

Posted by missy from cleveland, oh on August 7, 2007 9:39 PM

Also, J.K. has now commented in interviews that the she has said that in an interview many years ago, and had intended to work someone like that into the story, but never worked it out properly and dropped the idea. So, there is no one in the book that did magic later in life.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on August 7, 2007 9:40 PM

why did the elder wand work for voldy when he ed snape...?

Posted by Erick from Ohio on August 8, 2007 12:02 AM

The elder wand functioned for Voldemort as normal wand just fine. It just wasn't the ultimately powerful elder wand for him.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on August 8, 2007 12:03 AM

"Albus Severus, you where named for two headmasters of hogwarts. One of them was a slytherin and he was probably the bravest man i ever knew."

That's the most beautiful sentence in all series. I LOVE that book! Thank You, JKR!

Posted by Alicja Radwanska from SWIDNICA, POLAND on August 8, 2007 02:27 AM

you know what, weasley? in italy it'll be realased in january

Posted by sabri from italy on August 8, 2007 05:18 AM

One thing though: how did Regulus know the locket was a Horcrux (he told Kreacher to destroy it ASAP)? As far as we know, Dumbledore was the only one who knew, no one else could have suspected, so I think Regulus may have been playing a double role, like Snape.

Posted by awais from riyadh on August 8, 2007 11:13 AM

Awais: Good question. how did Regulus discover the locket was a horcrux? I was wondering the same. It would be a great question for JK.

My thoughts: when Regulus was still around, it is possible that information about horcruxes was easier to come by. As a Slytherin, it seems likely that RAB had access to people who would know about this very dark art. He may have also pieced together clues from Voldy and other Eaters, such as his cousin, Bellatrix. His defection from the DE's indicates that he was more of a critical thinker than the rest of the DE's and, unlike most of them, he appears to have valued his family above Voldy. After learning of Kreacher's experience, it seems that he would come to the conclusion that this locket represented something evil and destructive toward what he valued most: his family. Most likely he didn't know exactly what the locket was, but because and were involved in its creation and protection that was enough to turn him against Voldy.

Posted by Ellen from Pasadena CA on August 8, 2007 8:31 PM

3 words: A MAD BOOK! shame that at least 60 people in the final battle. but their s were not in vain

Posted by captain jack sparrrow from sydney on August 9, 2007 12:28 AM

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