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The Aftermath: We were all correct

by David Haber

Sometime a week before Book 7 came out, someone commented that Harry would die, but then come back. I think most everyone on the site thought it was a silly idea. But I told several people at that time that I thought that just might be the perfect solution, although I couldn't figure out how J.K. could make it work. J.K. did, of course! So, the half of the Harry Potter fans in the world who thought Harry would die were right! And the other half who thought he would live were also right!

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Reader Comments: (Page 72)

Just a note to let you know how sophisticated we've all become -- what we now so smugly refer to as a 'Deluminator' used to be called a 'Put-Outer' at least through Book 5. We're so cool!

Posted by BNICKEL from IL, USA on August 2, 2007 3:40 PM

Why wasn't Madame Maxime at Fluer and Bill's wedding when Fluer invited Krum? Why didn't she invite her head mistress? How did Collin Cheevey parent's explain his to the muggle world? Why wasn't Petunia being Lily's only surving family contacted about Lily's ? Two nights a whole day and then the morning she saw Harry on her doorstep. That's a long time to go without receiving word. Plus who buried Lily and James?

Posted by Pamela sue from ark on August 3, 2007 7:05 PM

Don't get me wrong, I absoluteley enjoyed the book! But some passages raised my eyebrows.

For instance, how could Harry Apparate at Fleur and Bills house, if the Fidelius-Charm was set upon it, and Bill was the Secret-Keeper? Bill never told Harry about it. And what was Snape doing inside the office that once belonged to Dumbledore, but belonged to McGonnagal after his , before the beginning of the schoolyear? I refer to the part when Dumbledore tells Snape he must Confund Mudungus to tell the Order to use decoys.

I was just wondering...

Posted by Hugo from Rotterdam, The Netherlands on August 4, 2007 05:49 AM

i thought jkr said in an interview or something that we would learn the twelve uses of dragon blood... just wondering.

Posted by Danny from nowhere, somewhere on August 4, 2007 11:50 AM

I loved the book and really like this site.
I read alot of stuff here prior to reading 7 and I was glad since I had not really caught on to Aberferth in the books.

I know that there are multiple ways to take Snape's last words, but I really think that he was looking for Harry to see him for what he was. "Look at me" is different from "Let me look at your (ie, your mother's) eyes". I think that this request / command along with the critical need to give Harry the truth from his memories indicates that he wanted to be remembered for the good in him and he is desparate for Harry to "see" the truth in his motivations and alliances. Lilly's eyes, which Harry has, are those that see the best in people.

Another favorite exchange is between Harry and Ron after Ron uses the "putter-outer" (I still like that name best) to come back to the camp. When Ron ruefully indicates that Dumbledore must have always known he would desert his friends, Harry corrects him by saying that Dumbledore knew he would want a way to come back. Ron is such a great example of a character who sometimes fails to do the right thing and let his jealousy or frustration get the better of him. They way that Harry and Ron are able to forgive and forget and "redeem" their relationship throughout the entire series is a nice echo of the whole them of "redemption" in the series.

Posted by MAMOM from Charlotte on August 4, 2007 7:02 PM


You indeed had me convinced...I thought it was a long shot anyways...but it sounded good too me.

I was always confused, when me and you were talking about it and some other people were commenting, everyone seemed to think that I was inferring that Voldemort made Harry a horcrux on purpose...I meant that as an after effect of the curse mishap that Harry became the Horcrux...well, his scar. I loved it anyways.

I thought that there were a few things that seemed thrown in there. The way she distantly connected Harry to the Elder wand because he took Draco's original wand from him....a little weak. I'm reading it again slower to see if I missed something, if I did, please elaborate.

Posted by Matthew from Peoria, Arizona on August 4, 2007 11:45 PM

J.K DID say that we would learn the uses of dragon blood. and i dont think we learnt any... i think she changed her plot a bit since that interview...

i reckon there was a few things left unanswered and floating in people's heads. Completely exciting book though. not sure how i feel about ron and hermione together though...

i think there should have been a bit of more time between "that night" (the night of the battle) and the epilogue.

snape shouldn't have gone down to riddle as he should have known that he wouldn't have been taken out of the battle unless voldemort didnt need him anymore. (probably should've thrown a curse at the snake while he had the chance!) a more heroic end to his twisted life. poor fellow...

Posted by aMANDA from Adelaide on August 5, 2007 12:51 AM

"On the american cover you can see the bystanders in the background and harry and Voldemort are obviously walking in a circle. The picture is, of course, of the battle between harry and Voldemort. The artist must have made a mistake and forgot the wands. It is the only possibility."

Another possibility is that the wands were going to be spoilers, do you think? Especially Voldemort's wand flying through the air. Then we know that Harry uses Expelliarmus on Voldemort again. Leaving both of them wandless in the cover art might have been done on purpose. Trust me, the amount of editing that goes into a book, and the amount of scrutiny the cover of a major publishing phenomenon like this would get, does not leave space for the cover artist to forget something that important. I could just about guarantee that JKR is one of a very few authors who get a major say in what the cover does and does not depict. If JKR had wanted those wands there, they would have been there.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on August 5, 2007 07:38 AM

I read the book for the third time, and I still can't believe how short and vague is the epilogue. It's a pitty, because after ten years of reading books and watching movies, we deserved a so much longer one. McGonnagal, Hagrid, Weasley's, Seamus, Dean, Luna, Neville (ok he's professor), Malfoy's, the eaters, the other professors, Kreacher, almost nothing at all! Even Hogwarts!
Also, it seems to me that JKR wrote the last chapters in a rush, and although the final battle is indeed excellent, at that part the story turns too vertiginous, full of unbelievable things (Ron could open the Chamber of Secrets! Wow, well done, but give me a brake!) and incidents (so the Grey Lady was the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, how convenient...) that rest credibility to the story.
I don't know, it's just my opinion, but we depend of JKR's giving us peaces of information to complete our potter's dependency.

Posted by Go Snape Go from buenos aires on August 6, 2007 10:38 AM

i dont know if anybody realized, but harry and voldemort were related...marvolo had the peverell ring and james potter had the cloak...which was passed from their isnt told whether the ly hollows were made before slytherin was there or one knows but my guess is they were and the peverell brothers were his descendants thus harry is also an heir of slytherin but if not then he isnt, but the fact that voldemort and harry are from the same forefather.

Posted by Pratik Batta from new delhi,india on August 6, 2007 11:05 AM

i didn't get the bit about the elder wand being draco's the first time i read 'ly hallows' but the second time i read it i understood it. the wand doesn't belong to snape because in 'half-blood prince' draco malfoy disarmed dumbledore first. therefore the wand now belongs to draco.

In 'ly hallows' harry disarmed malfoy ('Malfoy Manor') so now the enlder wand belongs to harry.

voldy was very stupid on ing snape. and Dumbledore was very cunning...

Posted by tiny from london, england on August 7, 2007 01:07 AM

This website literally predicted half of HP 7. Hats off to you guys! The plan to Dumbledore, Harry being a horcrux, his and his rebirth, everything important was predicted. However, no one had every guessed by far anything related or about the ly Hallows.

I have one last question, Harry be able to talk to Snape now through a portrait in the headmasters office? All the passed headmasters can relay any message easily and have conv. to anyone through their potraits, be able to do so as well with snape? Is there a portrait for Snape?

Posted by Ayesha from california on August 7, 2007 10:26 AM

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