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The Aftermath: We were all correct

by David Haber

Sometime a week before Book 7 came out, someone commented that Harry would die, but then come back. I think most everyone on the site thought it was a silly idea. But I told several people at that time that I thought that just might be the perfect solution, although I couldn't figure out how J.K. could make it work. J.K. did, of course! So, the half of the Harry Potter fans in the world who thought Harry would die were right! And the other half who thought he would live were also right!

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Reader Comments: (Page 70)

To Robyn: I think JKR does explain the on-going relationship between Harry (with Ron & Hermione), the one they would have had at Quidditch matches, other meetings on the tracks awaiting the Hogwarts Express with James and an older Malfoy child, etc.--they had a "nodding" acquaintance. They acknowledged one another (and their shared history), and that's all.

Posted by Alice from Milton, DE on July 31, 2007 06:22 AM

Vinay from Bangalore- I had never heard that Crookshanks was a Kneazle. We still don't know his age and what his roots are. Yes, we know that Hermione got him before returning to school. Crookshans appears to be a bit older when acquired by Hermione does he not?

I went and looked up more about Kneazles, but couldn't find any reference to their lifespan. Does anyone know if they live longer than regular cats?

I received my first HP book through a book club in 1999, but I have never had such interesting discussions before. I'm learning so much from all of you. Thank you.

Posted by Laurie from Durham, NC on July 31, 2007 07:43 AM

few points:

- how can dumbledore foresee so darn much? he somehow KNOWS how everything in the book is going to pan out... considering that, why doesn't he devise a plan much better than sending harry out to find the horcruxes on his own.

- as someone mentioned, dumbledore had the chance to possess all three hallows. voldemort would've been finished if dumbledore faced him with those three babies.

- how the fudge did the deluminator work? did dumbledore somehow just know ron would get separated from the group?

- second half of the book seemed a bit too predictable for my liking; after the locket, the destruction of the remaining horcruxes seemed pretty rapid as they all just slid into place. the wandlore stuff was interesting mind, but not fully explained.

- stuff about dumbledore was genius. absolute genius. raising someone so high on the pedestal with the first 6 books then revealing some interesting facts that tainted his whole image was probably the best part of the whole book for me. as was the introduction of the grindelwald thing; the name-drop in book 1 was finally followed up all the way in book 7. Simply brilliant.

- not really sure what the ultimate relevance of the hallows were after all... someone suggested to me that harry, armed with all three hallows at the end was a 'master of ' and therefore immune to voldemort's avada kedavra curse. Yet most people here, logically, point out that the reason for harry not was the stuff about lily's enchantment and wandlore. Confusing.

- kinda wanted one of the trio to , to make the experience a bit more real. as it happened, loads of sub-main characters d, but this didn't really do much to me. maybe i'm inside. i felt sure someone like hagrid would , but nothing happened.

- loved aberforth having a kind of prominent role in this book.

- as people are beginning to point out, the wandstuff doesn't really make sense in this book. assuming dumbledore overcame grindelwald because grindelwald was not true master of the elder wand, this would mean dumbledore was not true master of the elder wand - meaning harry/draco never became masters of the elder wand. ah well.

Otherwise, a superb book/series. fantastic stuff.

Posted by Sam on July 31, 2007 11:25 AM

Sam: Dumbledore didn't take the Hallows and use them himself to defeat Voldemort because, as he proved to himself when he was a teenager, he couldn't trust himself with their power. Instead, he knew Harry could, as long as Harry didn't learn about them too soon.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on July 31, 2007 11:26 AM

On the american cover you can see the bystanders in the background and harry and Voldemort are obviously walking in a circle. The picture is, of course, of the battle between harry and Voldemort.

The artist must have made a mistake and forgot the wands. It is the only possibility.

Posted by Megan on July 31, 2007 11:49 AM

I like Tiny from london's idea of Albus potter and the sorcerer's stone.

Posted by Megan on July 31, 2007 11:58 AM

You know what i was really counting on, your facts and guesses about Dumbledore Is . Now this was more of a shock, than when he was ed. When reading the book I thought that dumbledore would return, at any moment and pop out, out of nowhere, and tell them his story, but he never did. Oh well what a shame.

Posted by Hey from UK on July 31, 2007 12:19 PM

I definitely read somewhere that Crookshanks is part Kneazle. I go and see if I can confirm this with a definite quote.

Posted by Marjorie from New Zealand on July 31, 2007 2:59 PM

Laurie, The Harry Potter Lexicon has Crookshanks down as part Kneazle and they base themselves wholly on JK's works and are valued as such.

Posted by Marjorie from New Zealand on July 31, 2007 3:04 PM

I just had a thought. Everyone there after the battle would see thestrals.

Be nice if Hagrid could also have a wife, Madame Maxine. Everyone wants him to live but how about him having a life?

Posted by Jeannette from Simi Valley Ca. on July 31, 2007 3:20 PM

I think a lot of Snape's fan following comes from Alan Rickman's performances in the movies. It be fascinating to see him become the er of Dumbledore and the suffering love-torn admirer of Lily Potter in DH.

Posted by Michael C. from Pasadena, CA on July 31, 2007 4:44 PM

Finally here is the end of the Harry Potter Series. Harry Potter and the ly hallows was excellent as an ending to such a great creative series. There is nobody in the Universe as creative as J.K.Rowling. Heads up to such a great Person like her who has given us Harry Potter which be read for centuries.

Posted by Nibi from Sambalpur,Orissa,India on July 31, 2007 9:42 PM

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