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The Aftermath: We were all correct

by David Haber

Sometime a week before Book 7 came out, someone commented that Harry would die, but then come back. I think most everyone on the site thought it was a silly idea. But I told several people at that time that I thought that just might be the perfect solution, although I couldn't figure out how J.K. could make it work. J.K. did, of course! So, the half of the Harry Potter fans in the world who thought Harry would die were right! And the other half who thought he would live were also right!

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Reader Comments: (Page 57)


You said, that the 1st AK Voldy used on Harry didnt work, because they were tethered with their lifes.

BUT: I was wondering why the Elder Wand attacked its Real Master. It was supposed, as it does later, to rebound the spell on Voldy, wasnt it?

The Elder Wand must have known, that it wasnt bad to attack Harry, otherwise it just doesnt make sense, that it attacked Harry.

Posted by Sebastian from Germany on July 26, 2007 08:31 AM

James from liverpool... Perhaps the Room of Requirement that Draco used was different from the one where Harry hid his potions book? Also - Draco could have found it by accident (walking up and down hallway asking, "I need a way to get the Eaters in to Hogwarts...." etc etc) and voila! the room appeared for him. He probably had no real idea what he really had found...

Ok - so some folks clearly need a "wand tree" to sort everything out... (I did too as the first time I read "The Wand's owner is Draco I was like "Woah - WHAT?!")... keeping in mind what was foreshadowed in the very first book - "The wand chooses the wizard"... there are just some bits of wandlore that we not be able to clearly delinate...but - here is my best shot:

G-man (wandmaker - hubby took book to work so I dont know how to spell his name - sorry) has wand in his posession - maybe it never really 'works' for him - he is not true owner... Grindewald steals wand... all they say in the book is that it is heard that Gindy "has posession" of a very powerful wand..makes no reference to him using it etc... perhaps, like Voldy, he is not really able to get it to work for him take on this is that perhaps the previous owner of the Elder wand has passed on? therefore it is up for grabs? hence... Grindy is not really the real 'owner' of it (stealing not being at all like 'overtaking' or earning its power rightly)... Enter Dumbledore.... wins/tricks/obtains wand in famous "duel"... Dumby "owns" wand... Dumby's plan is indeed to have Snape "disarm" or "beat" him.... Draco disarms Dumby.... making Draco the "owner"... wand is left on the tower (I think this is actually in HBP) and placed with Dumby in tomb....even tho' Draco does not physcially have the wand with him he is theoretically the 'owner' - never has it never uses it never even knows this (thank goodness could you imagine)...but once Harry "diarms" him... he is the owner of the Elder Wand... I realize you can probably blow a lot of holes in this but this is how I imagine the lineage of the Elder Wand to have made it to Harry...

therefore in the Forest - the AK curse effects BOTH Harry and Voldy (he is helped up from the ground by some of the Eaters) because the AK only "s" the "Voldy Horcrux" in Harry as Lily's sacrafice is protecting Harry. Voldy does not right then and there because of Nagini. Neville pulls sword out of hat (fire is 'put out' because all of Voldy's spells are not working because the harry-sacraficing-himself spell/charm is making all of Voldy's spells not work) to reinforce what we all already knew - Neville is a true Griffendor. s snake... Voldy has no more soul except the miniscule bit (if any) he has left actually in him....Harry is able to rebound the AK curse with EXP (brilliant btw of JK to do this after Lupin tells him the time to disarm is over)-- because the Elder Wand not hurt its true owner... it can also sense the bit of Harry in it (reference the whole conversation with Ollivander)...

Hope that helps some people out... if you go back and reread slowly and cherrish and savour it - you indeed be able to put the puzzle pieces together.

Posted by Crookshanks73 from Burlington, VT on July 26, 2007 08:38 AM

Well! I can't believe it's over. I just wanted to state (and I am sure that people have said it before) but Harry never d. That was Dumbledore's point. Harry couldn't until Voldemort did. But my sister also pointed out that Harry had a choice --at King's Cross he could chose to go back and face Voldemort, or he could "take a train" and go on-- because he was the master of the ly Hallows.
I can't wait for JK to write that encyclopaedia that she said she would! Yay! another whole book of life stories! I have she has things on Grindelwald, McGonagall, Lilly and James, and like everyone else that was ever mentioned!

Posted by Darya Viscardi on July 26, 2007 08:59 AM

I really love this book, but I am also sad because this was the last one!
Though, it is a great book. in the beginning it was already really exciting (and sad because hedwig and moody d)althoug it was a little bit boring after that until they're at malfoy's. Also really really sad dobby had to ... but from 'the last hiding place' until the very end, i think it's wonderful!
And indeed, in the end, Snape was (like harry said to albus) the bravest man of the whole book! though i still don't know how harry knew lily's patronus was a doe but OK.
About the ones, I cried so much about lupin and tonks, they've just had their son! But Teddy ends up well in the end. I also hoped there was a little bit more about Sirius but maybe this was just good.
The whole pensieve thing is really amazing, that snape was in love with lily, I would never have thought that. It therefore really touched me that snape's last words were look at me, he just wanted to have a last look in the eyes he loved (because harry's eyes were lily's).
where I really laughed about were the words of mrs. weasly to bellatrix: not my daughter, you bitch! and also kreacher leading a whole army of house-elfs, in name of harry and regulus really funny
and than the final battle between voldemort and harry; it was wonderful, and harry won again with 'expelliarmus'. the only thing i didn't really get, is are the wands. because, harry won with draco's wand, and that was not the elder wand that voldemort had and he says that he was first and disarmed draco earlier but draco didn't take the wand of dumbledore did he? so he didn't have the elder wand so harry also didn't have the elder wand so i don't get it why harry says to voldemort that when voldemorts wand knows it has been disarmed that harry is the true master of the elder wand because draco didn't have the elder wand so harry didn't beat the elder wand so all voldemort had to do was draco but then it still makes no sense what harry says about he being the true master blabla
but finally they live happily ever after.
and the last thing that really, really touched me, was that he named his youngest son: albus severus and that he says: one of them was a slytherin and he was probably the bravest man i ever knew. so he finally did a kind of love snape, while he had so much hate for him before he has been to the pensieve.
wonderful book, but sad because of the of lupin tonks fred and moody and of course, severus snape

Posted by Eva from Dordrecht, Holland on July 26, 2007 09:04 AM

one very good book. Not great as the previous one (HBP) i'm afraid but as it should be. Thank you JKR for the magic you showed us all these years and the simple truths that you have put in all of the books. i really don't care if there's going to be any more HP books. i don't want all the questions answered. imagination is everything. use it guys and las, like you used it so far. look what it gave you.
My deepest sympathy is for Snape. He redeemed not only himself, but the whole of Slytherin House, ever since Salazar Slytherin left. May the HP fans always remember and honor him as much as HP himself.
Dave my deepest appreciation to you as well. This site has been extra-ordinary. Thanks!

Posted by giannis from salonica greece on July 26, 2007 09:06 AM

Albus Potter and the Philosopher's Stone anyone?

Posted by tiny from london, england on July 26, 2007 09:18 AM


the cloak itself was not affected by spells (i.e. accio cloak), but it did not protect those beneath it.

Posted by katy from columbia, md on July 26, 2007 09:49 AM

1) couldn't snape have popped into sirius's house at any time? i know he wouldn't but why would harry, ron, and hermione stay there if he could?
2) was harry ever in danger of from voldermort. can somebody explain the protection he got from lily?

Posted by kingsley from london on July 26, 2007 10:02 AM

two things:
1) i think that snape told harry to look him in the eyes for two reasons: a) so snape could go out looking at lily's eyes, and b) so maybe harry would see in snape's eyes that he was dumbledore's man all along.

2) and this is my favorite-- i can't take credit for this because my friend rebekka figured it out: in ootp, the chapter where harry sees his father and the marauders torturing snape is called "snape's worst memory." i guess we all thought it was snape's worst memory because it was really humiliating, but now we know better... that was when snape called lily a mudblood. and that was when he lost her forever.

Posted by katy from columbia, md on July 26, 2007 11:36 AM

ok i figured out the thing with the three brothers an harry and voldy being related.

brother one has the cloak, passes through his descendents till he has a daughter who marries a Potter, cloak then passes down through the Potters to James and ultimately Harry.

brother two has the resurrection stone which passes through his descendents till it comes to a daughter who marries a Gaunt who just happen to be descended from Slytherin (presumbly another daughter who married into the Gaunts)

brother 3 has the wand, presumably gregorovitch gets the wand from one of his descendents?

regarding the veil in OotP, when Sirius falls through perhaps he has his own kings cross moment only on the other side its James. perhaps he had the choice to go back and help Harry his godson or to stay on the other side with James and Lily.

Posted by ginny from london on July 26, 2007 11:37 AM

Ron learnt the Parseltongue equivalent of open when Harry opens the locket. Its like any other language i guess, and he probably knows only that word in Parseltongue. (Interestingly, can Harry still speak to snakes now that the bit of Voldy in him is gone? I think not. Wonder if he remembers some stuff tho.)

About the elder wand and what happened the first time around. This is just my surmise. JKR has written as tho wands know and learn from their masters, almost like a living being. The first time around, Harry didn't even retaliate and the Elder wand worked like any other ordinary wand would have in Voldemort's hands. But after Harry explains how Draco won the wand from DD (not snape) and how he had defeated Draco, he establishes himself as the rightful owner. That's why the AK curse backfired. I'm not sure if this explanation is sufficient. JKR should clear this up.

And i'd like to know about snapes portrait myself.:)

Posted by Krishna from Chennai, India on July 26, 2007 11:39 AM

Great series, great ending. The thing I liked the most in the book, was that Harry, at the last page, gave Snape the credit he deserved.

Posted by Evert from Holland on July 26, 2007 11:42 AM

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