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The Aftermath: We were all correct

by David Haber

Sometime a week before Book 7 came out, someone commented that Harry would die, but then come back. I think most everyone on the site thought it was a silly idea. But I told several people at that time that I thought that just might be the perfect solution, although I couldn't figure out how J.K. could make it work. J.K. did, of course! So, the half of the Harry Potter fans in the world who thought Harry would die were right! And the other half who thought he would live were also right!

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Reader Comments: (Page 13)

Fabulous ending to the greatest series ever written. And great job done in this website, too, nearly guessing all the clues ( you forgot to mention that you also guessed the identity of R.A.B correctly).

Posted by Dhiman from India on July 22, 2007 11:25 PM

now that i've read ly hallows, i think i might read it again just to pick up clues on other questions that might've been left unanswered...maybe even the whole series again...

Posted by mr duck from london, england on July 22, 2007 11:54 PM

now that we've read harry potter and the ly hallows, i wonder how the film version of it all turn out?

Posted by matt d from plymouth, england on July 22, 2007 11:59 PM

Firstly, thanks to Dave for this -extremely- resourceful site and all the theories. It was a great post-HBP guide for me!

Now, about DH...

I wonder why Harry didn't summon Kreacher when the Eaters had (probably) gotten into Grimmauld Place? Could he have done that? Or did I misread anything?

And the characters... Neville and Snape were brilliant. (I never realised that Snape wanted Harry to look into his eyes because they reminded him of Lily -because- he loved Lily - until I read the comments here!) But what happened to Luna? And Fred's - that was a most heartbreaking scene for me, poor George. Too bad it was glossed over in only a couple of lines...

The epilogue still left the whole book quite open, too. The last line 'All was well' didn't really help much either. And the names - Scorpius? That's yet another constellation...

And speaking of stars - Regulus' middle name was revealed to be Arcturus. In the OotP movie Arcturus was on the Black family tree too! This wasn't mentioned in the book (which also said about Sirius' uncle Alphard - I think some people did assume the A in R.A.B was Alphard...), but I bet JKR requested that name to be included in the movie, as an easter egg or some implicit hint for DH!

Still, I cannot complain much. The book is nonetheless a BRILLIANT end to the series. Thank you, JKR, for this wonderful journey!

Posted by Clyde from Singapore on July 23, 2007 12:27 AM

i would just like to say as many of you already have that this was truly the most amazing book, a great way to finish the series (altough i wish it didn't have to end) and a wonderful creation by JK rowling.

and thank you to Desi from Miami because i didn't really get that part until i read what you said...

also i would also like to know things like:
a) what jobs they each had
b)what happened to Neville and Luna and George eg who they married

and lastly my friend and i were discussing this small detail:

in the last chapter nineteen years later one of the kids jumps off the train (i think it is one of Ron and Hermiones) and says that he has just seen Teddy Lupin kissing Victorie....i was just wondering peoples thoughts on who this person is... my thoughts are that it is Bill and Fleurs child as the name sounds kind of french like Fleur

so yes if anyone could shed some light on this it would be most helpful

Posted by Darcy from Sydney Australia on July 23, 2007 12:32 AM

I'd like to give my infinitum laude to JKR for this wonderful epic. Never have I realized I'd be pulled into the carriage that would take me to Hogwarts and enjoy this 7-volume of an adventure series! For one thing, every book that precedes the previous one is so cool, I can't help but say that when I received my COOL hardbound edition last July 21 in the National Bookstore here in Cebu, I loved the jacket and the design (thanks Mary Grandpre)! After I finished reading the book last July 23 at 5 in the morning, I had come to the conclusion that it was the BEST book I have ever read in my entire life. I can't help but feel a sense of excitement, dread, sorrow, anxiety and confidence whenever I am in a situation described in the book whether it would be escaping Privet Drive being pursued by Eaters to Grimmauld Place to seeing Kreacher helping Harry Potter to the 2nd Hogwarts' rebellion by the students without HP and the horrendous new regime taking place to the Horcrux search and to the final showdown at Hogwarts! I must say the most poignant climax before Voldemort's (Is his name Taboo still?) permanent downfall was probably Snape's redemption. I believed there was a reason for him to hate Harry and here was proof in the Prince's tale that he sacrificed a lot more than Dumbledore could ever known to keep Harry alive. Watching him on the Pensieve made me lose myself and geared to be sympathetic and felt a twinge of regret that only in Harry be able to appreciate and even love this man of his own sacrifice.

To David, BeyondHogwarts is the best discussion website I ever read. Not to mention HP Lexicon which I also use as a reference whenever I read the previous volumes of the book to understand more of the related theories and ideas that envelope this very amazing saga. There are countless sites I've used more to verify my analysis on the world of Harry Potter.

Oh, and by the way, let us remember this people who d in book 7 (friend/foe/creature) for their characteristic involvement in Harry's life, direct / indirect. They are sure to be remembered inasmuch as I continue to reread my 7 Harry Potter books in the future and to my children. HARRY POTTER IS our generation.


1. CHARITY BURBAGE-Former Muggle Stus Teacher...
2. HEDWIG-Harry's owl and best friend both at Privet Drive and Hogwarts... I really lose myself as much as Harry when he was ed.
3. MAD-EYE Moody-A fallen warrior...
4. RUFUS SCRIMGEOUR-Minister of Magic, tough and cold to Harry but d without giving him away...
5. BATHILDA BAGSHOT-Author, Hogwarts, A History, friend of DUmbledore and the Potters...
6. TED TONKS-Muggle married to a witch...
7. DIRK CRESSWELL-Former Ministry employee...
8. GORNUK-Goblin...
9. WORMTAIL-No remorse for this guy...
10.DOBBY-The house-elf Harry set free...
11.VINCENT CRABBE-Should I care? I dunno...
12.FRED-George Weasley's twin. I had a feeling when George got seriously injured that he'd be gone... Kudos.
13.SEVERUS SNAPE-He's the GUY! If there's one person who should be treated in a like Dumbledore's, it should be him...
14.REMUS LUPIN-former DADA professor. Brave man...
15.NYMPAHODORA TONKS-Wife to Lupin/Mad-Eye's protegee...
16.COLIN CREEVY-Great Harry Potter Supporter...
17.BELLATRIX LESTRANGE-At last you d, BITCH! I'm just sorry, Neville did not thrust Gryffindor's sword to your pathetic face...

19. Countless innocent Muggles and scores of other wizards and witches. Not to mention the 50+ unknown identity of students, parents and other people who d valiantly in the BATTLE of HOGWARTS.

In a sense, Harry Potter and the ly Hallows (that goes to the other series as well) taught us all many things-bonds between our families, friends and even foes. It taught us about the infinite power of love and remorse and in a universal tone, that GOOD always triumphed over EVIL, and by doing so, we ensure people around us and who we never get to know be safe by our noble actions. After all, humans as we are, we are always faced with the decision to choose what is right. They say there's a little to choose between being dragged into an arena to fight. Or held your head high as you walk to face it. There's always the difference in this world...

I open at the close.

Posted by Josh from Cebu, Philippines on July 23, 2007 12:36 AM

Great book, really enjoyed it. However it occurred to me last night, that something is wrong with the Genealogy laid out in the final book. We learn that Harry is a descendant of Ignotus Peverell and that Gaunt is also descended of another Peverall; so my concern is that, with Voldermort being descended from Gaunt and being the 'last in the slytherin line', Harry is also in the slytherin line and hence, who's children are also descendants.
Please let me know if I've misread this.
It also occurred to me that the final chapter allows a suggestion of a sequel, or at least another book in the world of magic...why 19 years ahead, why not 1 or 2, to his wedding, or Ron and Hermiones wedding etc?
It suddenly introduces a whole set of new characters and interestingly sets up Albus Severus Potter with a choice between Gryffindor or Slytherin...

Posted by Dean from England on July 23, 2007 12:39 AM

You were right about Regulus Black and Aberforth too. Maybe I should not have read your site in these last years. I had the "Yeah, beyondhogwarts told it" feeling. Next time when Jo writes a book, I be more careful.


Posted by rainwalker from Budapest on July 23, 2007 12:42 AM

To Maria from Denmark:
Depression can be a very serious disease, caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. I am VERY happy that you found these books to be as wonderful as I have. I'm glad you're reading more again. But I really think you need to get help for your depression. It won't go away by itself. PLEASE go to see a doctor or psychiatrist who can prescribe anti-depressants, and don't stop trying until you find one that WORKS. I think you'll find that your whole outlook on life can change for the better, yet you'll never stop loving this great series of books that first shone a little light into your sad, dark mind. All my best to you.

Posted by gina from Eureka, CA on July 23, 2007 01:07 AM

Snape wanting to look into Lily's eyes one last time before was so poignant - I cried for some time before I was able to return to reading. His love for Lily (doe=Patronus) now is obvious and touching.
Harry sacrificing himself to Voldemort so "no one else s tonight" thus protecting them from LV spells mirrored his parents sacrifice for him. This clarifies how Harry defeats/owns not by making himself invinceable but by controlling who may or may not come to (Hogwarts/friends). Brilliant!
Love the idea of the Dursley kid with a wizard of his own going to Hogwarts - it might open the way for Petunia to love her Harry.
I remember something of book 1 stating Harry was supposed to help the true wizard destroy You-know-who (Neville?)... does anyone remember something about that? Can they comment on it or refresh my memory?
Lastly, a question regarding the DH: Dumbledore ed the snitch (containing the stone) to Harry so he is the owner, Harry already owned the cloak rightfully, and the wand in his hand was Draco's before he seized it from him making Harry the true owner of the wand - right? But, is the wand in his hand the important one or because he owns one of Draco's wands, he is owner to all of Draco's wands (including the main-enchilada one)?

JK Rowling - thanks for making so many readers excited about books again (Borders broke records this weekend) - and for starting that passion for a whole new generation!

Posted by Snapeseeker from Austin TX on July 23, 2007 01:16 AM

Thank you JKR, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I do not think you have any idea of how much pleasure HP has given me over the years and I do not think you know what a gift you have given the world.
I used to dream, when I was younger, that Harry Potter was a real saga, that he once had lived. Thinking that you might have been a squib (ok, i have no idea how you wrote that word but you understand, a non magic child) and decided to share with us muggles an amazing story. I still sometimes grip to this fantasy though not really.
I am a big fan of you as an writter and I probably read everything you ever publish, even if it's not my taste.
As to HPDH, thank you for freeing him!

Posted by sara from Norway on July 23, 2007 01:25 AM

I am at a loss for feeling. I say 'feeling' because, as be evident, I am not at a loss for words... but I haven't really soaked it all in, haven't pondered it enough, perhaps...

There was no other time in the book I cried as hard as I did when Severus Snape d. Being a long-time visitor to this website, I was pretty convinced that Snape was on the good side. I admit that, a while into this book, I almost started giving in to the idea that this entire theory was wrong, and thought that J.K. Rowling was a cruel, evil woman... but the thought wasn't strong. *shrug* no matter... but I am so deeply hurt by Snape's ENDING.

I realize that he had to , that if he didn't, it would be terrible writing on J.K.'s part... he had to for Harry, but... why, WHY did he so easily and quickly? Why didn't we get to see him and Harry at least... I don't know... embrace or... something! Some may gag at the suggestion, but let you be reminded that this book contained a lot of hugging, the best being between Ron and Harry! I am in dire want of someone explaining to me why his ending was OKAY, why it shouldn't have been any other way... why they shouldn't have had a longer moment together, of love or understanding or...'reconciliation', I believe was the word used in the article...

I keep replaying that last moment of Snape's life in my mind and I choke. The only thing that sets my mind at slight ease is the epilogue... I know that a number of people thought Albus Severus was an ugly name or something, but in the epilogue we see Harry speak of Snape one last time, in a way that he had never before spoken of him, and I wonder, how could anyone be anything other than deeply touched by that moment?

More later, perhaps...

Posted by Katie T from California on July 23, 2007 01:33 AM

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