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Snape Clues

by David Haber

These are the clues contained in the pages of Harry Pottter and the Half-Blood Prince which support the possibility that Snape is not really a Death Eater, has remained loyal to Dumbledore, and all through the book, Snape is working on Dumbledore's Orders.

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Reader Comments: (Page 5)

Yeah you're right about that all. About Petunia: I was just guessing...maybe Lily mentioned Snape to her parents and Petunia heard something. Or Petunia heard Lily and James talking about Snape, just as they were talking about dementors...I don't know, her position is to weird...

And I'm really sorry for making such a mistake about the prophecy. They coulnd't found out on the Ministry. But still I believe they know about it, so Dumbledore must have told them. And why wouldn't he? He was close with James, I quess he must have told a reason to him and Lily for the fact Voldemort was coming for them. And what for harm would the knowledge about the prophecy do? I still believe that knowledge made James giving his cloak away to Dumbledore. And I still believe he or Lily was working on the Department for Mystification.

I know, that is a 'if'. But that is the only department (right?) Rowling couldn't reveal in The Order of the Phenix at that moment, because it was to important for the final. There is a good chance that this Department be important in the Last Book. Combine those two things and yes, James or Lily was working there. And they are both qualified; both very intelligent and talented.

Posted by Ivar on October 16, 2006 04:20 AM

I had a question from Frances as follows:

"Gotta question for Barry Stein and his theory on Snape's UV: Why would he need to make one if he truely cares for Lily? And who would be their Binder? And the he owes James must be fulfilled in the same way..."

Short answer - Snape would if he loved her. I presuming that "Snapes Worst Memory" IS his worst because of Lily's responses to him, not what James (& Sirius) did to him. humiliation like that can cut really deep...

I don't know who the binder would be, but James had to be involved. Lily did not have to be there. James would be interested in this, because it would eliminate a perceived foe of Lily's (Snape). I don't know anything about "fufilled in the same way... - I just don't know what that means.

In this theory of the HP universe, I am interpreting the actions of DD much more darkly than anyone else (I think). the basic premise is that DD can use the results of Snape's love for Lily (a U-vow) against him, for perceived good reasons; I don't know if that speaks well of DD, or James...

I'm not saying I like any of this, but the structure does fit the plot, as I remember it in the books.

Posted by barry Stein from Maple Valley Wa on October 16, 2006 2:50 PM


i agree to what all of you have said. i think tht R.A.B is really a great wizard...any ideas about R.A.B?

Posted by Mike Padua from Philippines on October 1, 2006 10:01 AM
check in fifth book, sixth chapter (something like "The noble Black's house".. (my book is not in english:P)), when Harry examines Black's family with Sirius...

(again, it you see "something like this", talking about Regulus Black):
(Sirius): he was younger than me, and a better son as my mom was always remembering me...
(Harry): but he d
(Sirius) Yes, he was just an idiot who joined eaters
Regulus Black.. a.k.a. Regulus A. Black? someone who knows about Dark Lord's Horcrux and, by his note in the fake-horcrux (6th book) was ed by Dark Lord himself?
sounds pretty coincident huh?:)

He knew he would because he knew that Dark Lord would know he would not be loyal to him, and he knew about horcruxes so he tried to destroy it, or destroyed.
doesn't it make sense?

Posted by Anonymous on October 16, 2006 3:29 PM

I have no doubt that R.A.B. is Regulus Black, I've known this since like Day 1 of HBP, and I think that IF he destroyed the Hurcrux, he must have been a GREAT wizard, as Dumbledore or maybe just lucky to destroy it, like Harry.

I have a question which is most interesting: Why did James and Snivellus hate each other? Dumbledore told Harry when they were in the Hospital Wing in PS that Snape and James were like Harry and Malfoy, they hated each other's guts since day 1, however, we don't know why!

I honestly DOUBT that Snape made an Unbreakable Vow to James about protecting Lily and Harry's life, because in PS (again Dumbledore, Harry and the Hospital Wing), Harry asks why Snape saved Harry in Quidditch Match 1, and Dumbledore says something like "So he could hate your father's memory in peace".

I do not believe Snape is evil in any way. As others have written, he keeps teaching Harry when he is fleeing after what happened in the Astronomy Tower.

And Ivar, no need to apologize, it's just to somewhat clarify the facts. And I agree: Department of Mysteries WILL be important in some way in HP7.

Posted by Ra�l Llavaneras from San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela on October 16, 2006 7:46 PM

Hi all, great place here!

Given JKR told in an interview that we should not see Snape as a too good character either. Here is a suggestion:

Many fact show that Snape is effectively protecting - and even "teaching" Harry, as well as probably helping AD.

However, little or no fact suggest that Snape is a "good" guy (He does not perform any "good" or kind action).

So I'd suggest that Snape is after Voldemort - he is a personal ennemy of Voldemort. Voldemort must have done something very bad to Snape(may be having ed Lily, may be something else - worst) and Snape has swared to him. Which makes Snape a quite courageous person (not a coward). Snape is a freelance, "lonegun" ennemy of Voldemort.

AD trusts Snapes because Snape has shown to AD an evidence of this commitment to Voldemort. They are allies, not friends.

In the same way, Snape is an ally of Harry because they have the same ennemy and Harry is a powerful lever against Voldemort. Just this. Cold and rational as is Snape.

Any idea what could have motivated Snape outside the end of Lily (who after all was not so nice to Snape - just protecting the weak when at school, but not demonstrating specific care)?

Posted by Fran from Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 17, 2006 1:57 PM

I quite agree with Fran. I think Snape is too powerful wizard and too self-confident to do anyone's, even Dumbledore's, bidding. He acts alone, he has his personal fight with Voldemort (I am a supporter of the Snape-loved-Lily theory), which at one stage led him to be a member of the Order of the Phoenix but he doesn't really care about it. Likewise, he doesn't really care about Dumbledore - they were allies but then Snape had his own plan to follow and that included ing Dumbledore.

Personally, I don't think Snape is such a good guy, he's a jerk, but I still find him rather fascinating. He's probably the most interesting character and I love reading about him, the scenes where he appears are my favourite. I think there's much more about him and he's going to be pretty important, most likely key character in Book 7.

Otherwise, I really think Dumbledore is . That's the whole idea after all - that Harry loses all his parent-like figures - Sirius, then Dumbledore. You see that in literature and in the movies - the hero's mentor or teacher s and the hero is left to face alone the ultimate battle. Sorry guys but I 'm pretty sure that pattern applies here too.

Posted by db from Strasbourg, France on October 20, 2006 1:35 PM

This is a reply to several older comments.

I read an interview with JK where shes says that the one that is gone forever is Karkaroff. I couldn't find the link but it was on quick quotes quill. Snape is the one that was too cowardly to return. Perhaps this is the source of Snape's severe response to being called a coward. Voldemort does say that he pay.

Another point, the idea that the one of the Potters worked at the ministery is awesome! I wish I had thought of that! I think that one of them worked behind the sealed door. That's why Dumbledore knows whats behind it. Perhaps Lily knew what she was doing when she sacrificed herself based on her research.

Also I think that Snape was friends with Regulus at slytherin. Maybe he was like the older brother that sirrius never was. When he saw what happened to Regulus not only was he appaled, but he realized he could never leave the service of Voldemort. He turned to Dumbledore as a last resort.

Posted by Kimberly from St. Louis MO, USA on October 20, 2006 7:12 PM

I say that Severus is evil and good. Everytime the power fluctuated, Snape always fled to the overpowering side. When Voldemort was in power, he went to Dumbledore. When Voldemort returned, he went back to him. In the end, Snape have to make a choice. If there is a slight chance that he might lose, he'll come back to the good guy side. If he feels that there is still hope in evil, he continue to fight for Voldemort. Plain and simple.

Posted by Chris Faria from Provo, UT on October 22, 2006 11:24 AM

A (potential) clue I've noticed that hasn't been mentioned (anywhere I've seen) is this paragraph:

"And, should it prove necessary... if it seems Draco fail..." Whispered Narcissa (Snapes hand twitched within hers, but he did not draw away), "Will you carry out the deed that The Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?"

"Snapes hand twitched within hers" right before he agrees the most important part of the unbreakable vow, that part which convinces most people that he had to Dumbledore no matter what. Couldn't he have done something though? why did she make a note of saying that?

Posted by Melissa on October 22, 2006 3:50 PM

A question...I just finished reading GOF again and this time a thought occurred to me. Could Snape possibly have known that Mad-Eye Moody was not who he seemed? Could he not have read his mind? How could anyone pull the Polyjuice Potion thing around Snape? Just wondering. Personally, I'm thinking that he'll turn out to be a more powerful legilimens than Voldemort. And if so, would he ever really need tp use veritaserum on someone? Just wondering.

Posted by Mary from Cincinnati, OH on October 23, 2006 9:37 PM

Hi David,

Great article. I have argued most the same points myself. For me it all boils down to the fact that JKR would have to be a hack of a writer to make Snape on Voldemort's side, mainly for the reasons you listed. Why bother making him act and look so evil just to have him be bad? Here are some other points to think about.

The potion in the cave I believe to be the Draught of Living . We heard about it early(maybe book 1), and mentioned by Severus in class I think. We have never seen it used, but it seems to me one of those details that come to have profound meaning later on.

When Snape does AK DD, we read about DD's body hanging for a moment before falling to the ground. I think this detail may be lnked with Levicorpus which is a NV spell. I think Snape thought Levicorpus, but said AK. After all, Cedric's body didn't go flying after AK, neither did the fox that Bella s. they just drop to the ground. I think Snape didn't want anyone getting a good look at DD's body.

Just some thoughts!

Posted by Jennifer from Japan on October 25, 2006 08:32 AM

i dont know wht but every time when Harry talks about Snape in DD office, DD always say "Professor Snape, Harry." why does he pays so much attention for calling Snape professor?

Posted by Groemp on October 25, 2006 09:49 AM

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