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Snape Clues

by David Haber

These are the clues contained in the pages of Harry Pottter and the Half-Blood Prince which support the possibility that Snape is not really a Death Eater, has remained loyal to Dumbledore, and all through the book, Snape is working on Dumbledore's Orders.

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Reader Comments: (Page 38)

well.. first of all i love this site..everybody thought i was mad thinking snape was on the good side but im glad i've found this site. Anyway back to the subject and evidence of snape being good. Firstly i am afraid to say that i believe Dumbledore is , as JKR says, but i hope im wrong. i think snape was in love with lilly, and still is, and thats why he turned to the good side becuase he didnt realise that it would harry's parents that would be set for , as he only heard half of the prophecy he didnt realise, and as faithful eater he gave this information to 'vol' not realising the consequences. why he despises harry is because he looks so much like james, but has his mothers eyes and knowing how much snape disliked james that james got the end i believe that snape help harry defeat 'vol' but i have this feelinng he be 1 of the 2 that s i hope not because he has played agreat part. but i believe what help harry the most is aunt Petunia. i dont really understand why maybe something to do about the 'love' thing.

Posted by Vanessa from England on July 9, 2007 07:53 AM

If all this is true why would Dumbledore allow dangerous eaters in the school?

Posted by Bryce on July 10, 2007 12:23 PM

As to the evidence of Snape notifing the Order of Harry's info on Sirius's capture, note he waited an awfully long time in doing it taking into account the time it took Harry to fly there as well as time inside before the Order showed up.
Although i believe Snape is serving Voldemort (or at very least serving his own intrests), I don't think he recieve come uppance in Book 7. He's such a smart and enigmatic figure, I think he slip away. JKR had recently left open the possibility that she may revisit Harry's world at some later date. What a fantastic opportunity to revisit the wizardign world through his eyes as a main character.

Posted by Seyah from SLC Ut on July 11, 2007 4:32 PM

Thank goodness for David Haber. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person who thought Snape's allegiance was obvious.

Fair enough, he hates Harry. Then again, he was bullied by Harry's father, and Harry suffers from looking just like his Malfoy-esque parent.

The point is, Snape's allegiance is not so much pro-Harry, as pro-Dumbledore. I suspect Snape couldn't care less whether Harry lives or s, but he is determined to prevent the restoration of Voldemort's power.

His redemption come, Darth Vader style, in Hallows. Sadly, he in order that Harry can do a number on Voldemort.

Posted by Moz from London on July 11, 2007 4:45 PM

Once, as we see, Malfoy could not bring himself to Dumbledore in the 6th book,and the other eaters not do what Malfoy has been ordered to do, either Snape or Dumbledore (Given the following reasoning). For if Snape does not help Malfoy to "carry out the deed that the dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform." (pp41) if malfoy fails to as he promised in his unbreakable vow with Narcissa, he . If you break an unbreakable vow you . Perhaps Snape confided this in Dumbledore. Perhaps for some reason Dumbledore thinks he must be the one to , and Snape be the one to help him defeat the Dark Lord. All in all, i think Snape is Good, but Dumbledore is .

Posted by Tyson from Melbourne ,Victoria on July 12, 2007 06:16 AM

Reading HBP again recently the wording relating to Snape's arrival on the tower struck me.

"Draco, do it, or stand aside so one of us -" screeched the woman, but at that precise moment the door to the ramparts burst open once more and there stood Snape... (p556 HBP)

"at that precise moment" why precise? why not "at that moment". As with the Sectumsempra scene, Snape arrives just at the crucial moment when the unbreakable vow could be broken (in the sectumsempra scene by Malfoy , in the tower scene by one of the other eaters ing Dumbledore)... At that moment on the tower it's either Dumbledore must at the hands of the eaters, or Snape must from the consequences of the unbreakable vow. Snape acts on Dumbledore's orders to save his own life instead of Dumbledore's.

Posted by Joe from England on July 12, 2007 2:55 PM

I like the idea that Snape is Dumbledores successor as far as wizarding strength goes.

Posted by Tyson from Melbourne, Vic on July 12, 2007 7:19 PM

I believe that Dumbledore is . But I wonder this: while getting the horcrux and drinking the potion, Dumbledore says "don't them... me instead..."
Who is he talking about? What horrible history is he relieving? What happened?

I also believe that Luna, Ginny and Neville also have a much larger part in this story than people think. Neville was almost "the chosen one", he must have more to do with the story. And Luna, she knows more than than she lets on. We've already discovered that in Book 5. Ginny, she has evolved from a best-friend's sister to a main character and there is no way she ever stand aside and let Harry .

I wonder, why has no one questioned Sirius' ? He fell through a veil, is it possible that he is alive or is he simply , like Dumbledore?

I also think that anagrams, Latin and Greek roots have a lot to do with the story.

I wonder about the peculiar behavior of Hermione. Many people claim that Hermionie has been under the Imperious Curse in Book 5. We do not know a lot about Hermione. And it is curious that Harry and Ron ever became friends. Remember how they hated her in Book 1?

As for Snape, I don't know what to stay.
"At that moment on the tower it's either Dumbledore must at the hands of the eaters, or Snape must from the consequences of the unbreakable vow. Snape acts on Dumbledore's orders to save his own life instead of Dumbledore's." -Joe from England

I agree. I believe that Dumbledore always valued other lives over his own. It would be very like Dumbledore to tell Snape to him instead of let Snape . There is obviously something we do not know. Because Dumbledore does not seem to be begging for , but almost trying to send Snape a message with secret meaning.

I have always believed that Aberforth (Dumbledore's brother) is the bartender at The Hog's Head. Dumbledore mentioned that Aberforth enchanted goats and The Hog's Head smells of goats and the bartender has a long beard. Perhaps they are twins. Others have suggested that Snape ed Aberforth, but I don't think so.

Also, where did Dumbledore and Hagrid hide during Book 5?

Posted by HP FAN from US on July 13, 2007 7:40 PM

I think that the biggest lie that Snape told the Black sisters in chapter two is that he did not Harry because he thought that Voldemort was . He of course knew that Voldemort was returning from book 1, where he helped Quirrel, whether as a spy or as a Eater, help Voldemort attempt to get the Sorcerers Stone.

Posted by Zac from St. Louis, MO on July 13, 2007 11:09 PM

i don't get why in the half blood prince that dumbledore is so ready to assume that the potion has to be drunk.
i mean if he can scoop it out of the bowl with the goblet why not try and pour it on the ground?
does this mean that dumbledore is dumber than we thought or did he already know something about the potion before hand even though he says he doesn't know what kind of protection the horcrux have.

Posted by sirius on July 14, 2007 11:04 AM

i agree with vanessa from england about the aunt petunia thing. Im not sure why either tho. i think it may have something to do with the howler she reiceved i ootp. jk never explained what that was all about... i think she may be saving it for later (book 7).
However, i think that snape is bad. i agree with sirius from GOF "once a eater... always a eater" look at all the evidence! he ed dumbledore, he yells at harry for everything he can, he was a eater last time, and voldy is the best legilemens ever, no matter how good snape is he is better and would know if he was lieing. and snape favors draco malfoy over everyone.i regret saying this, but i think that dumbledores time in the harry potters is over. i dont mean to sound mean, but i think that those of you who think dumbledore and snape planned it all are just looking for scraps of information that could possibly mean dumbledore is not . i dont mean it in a mean way...thats just what i think.
i agree with sirius about the potion thing. i think dumbledore may have known about it all along.
even tho i strongly disagree with some of the decisions jk has made in her books, i think that she has a great imagination and i respect her a lot for all the time and hard work shes put into them. i guess the only thing left to do now is wait. (very impatiently)

Posted by sheyanne from honolulu hawaii on July 15, 2007 06:42 AM

book 6 chapter 10:

Dumby: "Naturally I do, but as I have already proven to you, I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being - forgive me - rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger."

Like trusting Snape. I think when good triumphs over evil, the point might be that even though looking for the good in people might be a weakness of the good (a la dumby/snape) its still better to be good and loving than evil.

another thing i thought of. if snape was truly telling voldemort everything and the plan to was OOTP orchestrated for some bizarre reason, then dumby would have known that the eaters were coming to attack hogwarts, and he would have NEVER chosen to leave the castle that night, thus leaving all of his students in danger. if for some reason he wanted to , he would never have done it in a way that endangered hogwarts. so thus dumby must not have known about the eaters coming in through the vanishing cabinet, and since snape would have known as he was bound to 'help' malfoy, then it shows that snape was AT LEAST not being fully honest with dumby, which means he is either evil or a free agent, not dumbledores man. the only way this logic could be wrong is if the premises aren't true: a) if dumbledore didn't care about the prospect of eaters storming into his castle (unlikely)
or b) snape didn't know the details of malfoy's plan, (which i suppose could be true, though he did make the unbreakable vow to help, and malfoy was doing pretty poorly) or if the plan was last minute (made while dumby and harry were in the cave, which is possible, though even in this case, I think that if Snape was dumby's man, then he could have given him more advanced warning at the current situation than the dark mark above the astronomy tower.
So pretty much the only way, in my opinion, that Snape could be good is if premise B falls through.

Posted by Christina from Connecticut on July 15, 2007 1:44 PM

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