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Snape Clues

by David Haber

These are the clues contained in the pages of Harry Pottter and the Half-Blood Prince which support the possibility that Snape is not really a Death Eater, has remained loyal to Dumbledore, and all through the book, Snape is working on Dumbledore's Orders.

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Reader Comments: (Page 13)

I just wanted to throw this out book 5 OoP when Harry is given there paper to memorize the location of the Order's headquarters he recognizes the writting. "Harry looked down at the piece of paper. The narrow handwriting was vaguely familiar..." This strikes me as similar to the desccriptions of the Prince's handwriting in book 6 as "...small, cramped handwriting..." Just something I had on my mind and thought this was a good forum to see what others thought.

Posted by Roper from Marietta, Georgia on December 16, 2006 09:36 AM

That makes sense... but I thought that Dumbledore was the Secret-Keeper for the Order. I might be wrong, I dont' have my OotP with me at the moment. He told Narcissa that he wasn't the secret-keeper so he couldn't tell Voldemort... but if Dumbledore was the secret keeper, Harry would have recognized the handwriting right away. If it is Snape's handwriting, then it proves that he is good, because he could have told Voldemort but didn't. That's a great point, Roper! I never would have thought of that.

Posted by Sarah from The Arm Chair by the Fire on December 16, 2006 8:32 PM

Well I think that snape did not Albus Dumbledore because first off when using an curse like the ing curse takes alot of power to do so. also when u are hit by it u fall down at once u do not fly across the lawn. its been proven time and time again. I think its possible that dumbledore made a horcruxe i really do think this

Posted by McNeil from Chicago,Ill on December 18, 2006 10:16 AM

We have been kicking a theory around here that the argument Hagrid overheard between Dumbledore and Snape was not over the "" of Dumbledore. We think it was over what Dumbledore was asked Snape to do after his . Dumbledore made Snape make a Horcrux from his own to gain some order of protection for Snape to go back into the lions den so to speak. Any thoughts?


Posted by Joe from Springfield, IL on December 18, 2006 1:59 PM

Its a good theory, but I seriously doubt that DD would ask any one to do any thing he would not be ing to do himself, and I'm still not convinced that DD made himself a Horcrux.

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 19, 2006 07:03 AM

Im sorry but whover said that DD made a horcrux? Do really believe DD would any one even to protect himself? And DD was the secret keeper. Sirius even told Harry that. And who would no better than Sirius when it was his own house! He is the one that made DD secret keeper. And I dont think, even on DD direct orders, that Sirius would suddenly change and make Snape secret keeper. Sirius still believed Snape was a eater.
Oh, another reason I believe Snape is good is because when DD tells Harry about how he found the ring, he said he returned and if it wasnt for Snape, he(DD) would not have survived. If Snape was on Voldemort's side, he would have ed DD right then instead of waiting for Malfoy. Voldemort's most dangerous enemy would be out of the way and Snape would be praised by Voldemort above anyone else. Snape would not have waited to give the chance to a sixteen your old kid. In the first MOVIE, Hagrid tells Harry that once a wizard becomes a eater, there is no one that matters to him anyomre.

Posted by Marc Silverman from Arizona on December 20, 2006 07:59 AM

Blubber, Oddment, and Tweak!

I believe that Snape is just out for Snape; that is what Slytherins do best. He is playing 'both sides of the fence' now, and knows he can't harm Harry--he knows Harry is the only one who can Ol' Voldy. To use Harry lexicon...he's a 'nutter.' His devotion to the dark arts and scribblings in the "Half Blood Prince" in his potion book sealed the deal for me.

It's possible he is still dedicated to Voldemort --as evidence by his speaking "Dark Lord" when he is attempting to teach Harry occlumency. When Harry asks him why he says this, the reply is lost due to Malfoy's interruption about lost whatsisface (in the vanishing cabinet). Ms. Rowling never gets around to finishing that question.

In the Goblet Of Fire, Voldemort speaks of Snape as "forever lost to him he thinks." Perhaps Voldemort is not fully convinced of his devotion either.

She is a master of foreshadowing. In all the books, everyone keeps telling Harry that Dumbledore trusts Snape, ergo, he is on the good side. "Call him Professor", or "Sir" and be respectful. Now Harry isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer (albeit, potentially poweful), but I think Harry's gut feelings about Snape ring true. Time and again, Snape appears to be this good, Order of the Phoenix member. But remember, even Dumbledore admits to making mistakes (especially in the last two books).

Perhaps Dumbledore is (as we know it), but has anyone questioned Sirius' ? Perhaps I should read that chapter again...I never quite understood what happened...after all, he simply disappeared 'beyond the veil' through that archway. Any thoughts? Also, elf magic seems mighty powerful but not fully explained.

I would truly be disappointed if RAB was Regulus Black; I mean, he's mentioned what, two times? It would be like a trite whodunit, where on the last page, we find the guy that delivered the flowers on the second page did the dirty deed, after being mentioned once. I hope we don't get 'played' after a truly, wonderful series, that has given me and so many other people much joy.

oops...I tried to be pithy, but, "alas, earwax."

Posted by Barbara from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- USA on December 21, 2006 01:34 AM

I think Snape is a eater.
I think Snape is bad because Voldemort would have known that he was unfaithful. Snape is good at occlumency, so he may have stopped that, but wouldn't Voldemort be able to tell that Snape was using occlumency? Voldemort had completly trusted Snape, just like Dumbledore.

Posted by J.K. Rowling's Fan on December 24, 2006 06:36 AM

Here is my theory about Snape being a good person:
Snape does the unbreakable vow, then goes to Dumbledore and explains the stupid thing he did to convince Bellatrix that he's on Voldemort's side. Dumbledore tells him that he has to him because of the vow, but Snape disagrees and says he can't do that. Then, I think, maybe, Snape traps Dumbledore, making sure that Dumbledore won't get it his way. Then, maybe Aberforth comes up and tells Snape that he can him because he made the unbreakable vow to Dumbledore but they never said (my friend thinks I'm going crazy) which Dumbledore. Then, maybe Aberforth looks like Dumbledore, or he was given polyjuice potion. Then, maybe Aberforth got ed by Snape instead of Albus getting ed.

My theory of Snape being a bad guy:
Snape betrayed Dumbledore's trust, didn't tell him about the unbreakable vow, then ed him with the avada kedavra curse, and escaped. (Exactly the way Harry and the other see it.)

My other theory about Snape being a good guy:
Snape told Dumbledore about the unbreakable vow. Dumbledore told him that he had to him. Then, Snape ed Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders. The fight is when Snape told Dumbledore that he didn't want to him.

My other theory about Snape being a good guy:
Snape thought the expelliarmus spell, while saying the Avada Kedavra curse. He didn't mean the Avada Kedavra curse, so Dumbledore got hit by the expelliarmus spell. J.K. Rowling tells us that you have to mean a curse in OOTP when Harry tries to curse Bellatrix with the Cruciatus curse, but couldn't. So really, Snape got hit with expelliarmus and not the Avada Kedavra curse.

Posted by Dumbledore's Fan on December 24, 2006 07:44 AM

snape is an accomplished occlumens.
therefore he could prevent voldemort from using legilimency on him.

Posted by Anonymous on December 27, 2006 2:21 PM

As for Snape still being a eater, Just being a jerk doesn't make you evil (at least I hope not or I'm in trouble).

As I have said before, I think Snape is holding back his full support for either side until he sees which is stronger..(a Slytherin tradition) he's stuck now because any member of the order (or DA) try to him on sight. I think he would like to be on the side of good,
he just can't stand the people on that side.. He respected DD enough to put up with even Serius, whom he HATED..
but that is no longer the case..

one more thing... has any one come up with a good explanation why Narcissa and Bellatrix just accepted the wine offered them by Snape (an accomplished and not necessarily universally trusted Potions Master) without question?

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 30, 2006 3:38 PM

I finally found a clue that Snape really is a good guy: his name. "Severus Snape" is an anagram for the one who "Spares even us." He spared Potter, whom he hates (or does he?), even when he easily could have ed him. I am sure he knew Potter was with Dumbledore (two brooms) and that he didn't Dumbledore, or if he did, he did so obeying Dumbledore, but then for what reason

Remember that JKR played with anagrams before in the case of Voldemort.

Posted by Menno from The Netherlands on December 31, 2006 04:11 AM

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