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Snape Clues

by David Haber

These are the clues contained in the pages of Harry Pottter and the Half-Blood Prince which support the possibility that Snape is not really a Death Eater, has remained loyal to Dumbledore, and all through the book, Snape is working on Dumbledore's Orders.

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Reader Comments: (Page 10)

I think it very well could be that Snape could have burried a memory or some kind of instruction in Harry's subconscious, which could surface in dreams..
and with the book also( Harry knowing how important information on ones enimies is) he may just make some sort of conection to how to close his mind off.... even how to invade another....

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on November 28, 2006 1:35 PM

As to your question, why is Harry so rich? Jo said on her interview �IRELAND-ON-LINE 17. July 2005, she gave Harry a fortune as she was poor at the time and wanted him to have a lot.

Why don�t we hear of other Potter�s? Because Harry�s grandparents d and James was their only son!

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on November 28, 2006 1:54 PM

Even though Harry's grandparents are along with their only son, James, I still find it odd that the "Potter" name is not more significant or mentioned on its own (above & beyond the James/Lilly/Harry connection). I guess I've always suspected that perhaps the Potter lineage rivaled (in a good way) the Malfoy/Black ancestory - with both being pure-blood lines. It's probably nothing, but it always seemed "obviously absent" to me in the storyline as there seems to be more of a nod to the other pure-blood families pasts - but not the Potters.

Posted by AJ from PA on November 29, 2006 08:36 AM

Serius told Harry that all full blood families were related...
so how are Harry, Ron and Draco related?

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on November 29, 2006 09:50 AM

It does seem odd that there are besides Harry, no POTTERS. JO told in an interview that Harry�s grandparents were elderly and had a normal .

But as it so happens, there is a Potter family named on the BLACK FAMILY TREE CHARLUS POTTER and he was married to DOREA BLACK a grandchild of Phineas
Nigellus Black. They had a son, but no name is given. Some have speculated that this could have been James, Harry�s father.
Interesting fact is, in OotP when Sirius shows Harry the TAPESTRY with the Black family tree on, he never mentions that precise lineage. Maybe JO �left� that name out on purpose�!

She donated though "The Noble and Most Ancient House of BLACK," a hand-drawn tree, to Book Aid International in January of 2006 and there the POTTER�s name was put in.

IF there are still some Potter-relatives of Harry around, they would surely distance themselves from him because of their PURE-BLOOD mania! They would not of forgiven James marrying Lily Evans, a MUGGLE WITCH.

Should Harry be related to these Potter�s it would explain to me why KREACHER accepted him as his new Master and Harry would be related to Ron and Draco as Kevin mentioned

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on November 29, 2006 10:51 AM

according to the HP lexicon, the Potter that appears on the black family tree is too young to be Harry's grandmother owing to the fact that JK has said that James' parents were "old in wizarding terms", which is why he was an only child.
Dorea {Black} Potter was only 57 when she d..

so there's still another conection out there..

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on November 29, 2006 12:42 PM

OK, I'm completely convinced Snape is good...I'm sorry that my memory may not be too good as I haven't read the 3rd book in a real long time but what about the bonds between people for saving someone's life. Harry saves Pettigrew from Black & Lupin, and James saved Snape from werewolf Lupin (maybe Snape has some bond with his son then?)...I don't know, but maybe there's something there...but I think that's important, maybe...hmmm...

Posted by Dagor from Canada on November 30, 2006 11:35 PM

I am not sure if Dumbledore is even really . It could be possible that both Snape and Dumbledore sensed that Voldemort was beginning to suspect Snape of being a traitor. Hopefully most of you noticed that HBP was a lot about nonverbal spells. When Snape "ed" him, he may have actually been using a nonverbal spell to cast a green light and lift DD body into the air. 3 reasons: 1) In Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, Crouch(as Moody) and Bella Lestrange tell Potter that in order to use an unforgivable curse you have to mean it. You have to want to do it. 2) Every time JKR details a in the book, has the victim ever flown up into the air and come back down lightly to the ground? and finally, 3) At the for DD Harry thought he saw the shape of a phoenix rise up with the flames that surrounded DD's "" body. In Order of the Phoenix, we know that he used Fawkes to escape from Fudge and the other ministry officials. Just ponder the thought. DD may still be alive.

Posted by Marc Silverman from Arizona on December 1, 2006 4:53 PM

Oh, and I forgot to mention that in book Half Blood Prince on pg 29, Bella argues with Snape: "That was not my fault!" said Bellatrix, flushing. "The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious - if Lucius hadn't -"

Could Bellatrix Lestrange have a horcrux?

Posted by Marc Silverman from Arizona on December 1, 2006 5:10 PM

I thought the unbreakable vow was a lot of exposition that went nowhere - which means there's more from it to come in the next book. Could Snape & Dumbledore have made the vow giving Dumbledore reason to strust Snape? Then he begs Snape to him to protect Draco - he knows that there's still hope for Draco if Snape s him instead.

Posted by Stuart from Southampton on December 2, 2006 03:26 AM

I don�t think that Bellatrix does have a Horcrux, but I am pretty sure she had one. That being the DIARY Harry was able to destroy in the Chamber of Secrets. Why else would she say in Spinner�s End "The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious - if Lucius hadn't -"

It fits perfectly with what Mr. Borgin says in COS after Lucius Malfoy leaves his store. I quote: �and if the stories are true, you haven�t sold me half of what�s hidden in your manor!

It�s easy to see why Lucius Malfoy had the DIARY. Bellatrix entrusted it to him before she was arrested and sent to Azkaban. We all know what happened with the diary and WHYit was so precious to Voldemort. �Thanks� to Mister Malfoy it was the first Horcurx getting destroyed and him being in disgrace with Voldemort

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 2, 2006 05:34 AM

The potion that was protecting the horcrux wasnt a potion that Voldemort made because RAB had already drank that potion and stole the real horcrux. Voldemort would not have made another potion protecting the horcux if it was already gone.

Posted by Sabrina Apolinar from Winton, California on December 2, 2006 3:55 PM

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