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Severus Snape v. The Ministry of Magic

by J.K. Rich

After reading Book Six in the Harry Potter saga, millions of Harry Potter fans were devastated to learn that after it all�after all the warnings and signs�Severus Snape is, in fact, evil. And, even more devastating�he had killed Professor Dumbledore right in front of The Boy That Lived. Or did he?

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Reader Comments: (Page 2)

I believe Josh has a point when JKR mentions he not do a Gandalf. I believe that it is true Gandalf doesn't , but he is unaware of why it has happened. I think that if Dumbledore were to return then he would understand why it was so unlike Gandalf. Also i think it is possible that Snape is loyal to neither side and may want to be the next Dark Lord.

Posted by Michael P.E. from Melbourne on April 29, 2007 03:22 AM

I think Snape really ed dumbledore, but he can come back. Dumbledore always talked to the paintings of former head masters, they helped him. So why couldn't his painting help harry?

And what Eilan said about the hatred look on Snape's face, is true. Why would he hate dumbledore? I think he was disgusted from himself.

But I don't think Dumbledore is so strong that he could survive a curse. Harry only did because his mother sacrified herself for him.

If dumbledore is really , I know there is a way he contact harry. Because J.K. said, that she had trouble with the caracter dumbledore in book seven.

Posted by Claudia from Netherlands on April 29, 2007 03:35 AM

has anyone thought that when hermione was telling everyone about what was happening at snapes offfice, when flitwick told him about the eaters, we never knew what flitwick actually said. if he only told snape about eaters, how did snape know about dumbledore in the top tower? flitwick never actually knew that dumbledore was even in the tower.

Posted by elliot from stoke-on-trent, staffordshire on April 29, 2007 04:55 AM

I think that Dumbledore really is . But I also think there is more to it. After all, when most people are hit by the AK, they simply fall, instead of flying backwards as I believe Dumbledore did (I should probably check the book, but I'm not really sure where it is).
Then again, J.K. Rowling said "Dumbledore is ", not "ALBUS Dumbledore is ". He has a brother. That's an unlikely theory, but you never know.

Posted by Kate from LR, AR on April 29, 2007 05:15 AM

This article pointed out some quotes from GOF when the fake Moody was teaching the DADA classes. The most important one was not quoted. "The use of any unforgivable curse earns you a oneway ticket to Azkaban."

If Snape had made a pact with Dumbledore to him, whether to carry out the unbreakable vow or to keep his double agent status, Snape would be agreeing that when he is caught sometime in the future he be spending the rest of his life in Azkaban. I don't see Ministry officials accepting any excuse for the of Dumbledore, even if it helps with the defeat of Voldemort. Unless there is something left behind by Dumbledore about what is going on with him and Snape, it would be hard for Snape to prove his reason for ing Dumbledore. What jury would allow this as an arguement in a modern court of law?

The only way that Snape would not go to Azkaban is if he really didn't Dumbledore, Dumbledore has an animagus of a phoenix, or Dumbledore wasn't the person that was with Harry. All these posibilities still lead to one conclusion: Dumbledore may not be after all, or is able to be reincarnated from the animagus of a phoenix ashes. This would also agree with the "not pulling a Gandalf", since Gandalf didn't really in his battle with the Balrog.

Posted by Dave Porter from New Mexico, USA on April 29, 2007 07:43 AM

Throughout the Harry Potter books, except in "Snape's worst memory" when he uses sectumsempra against James, we have only ever seen Snape do magic for good...healing against the dark arts...when he counteracts Quirrell's jinx on Harry's broomstick (PS), when he brews the wolfsbane potion for Lupin (PoA), and numerous times in HBP...he helps Dumbledore with his injured hand, he helps when Katie Bell is bewitched, he heals Malfoy after Harry's use of sectumsempra, and near the end, Dumbledore asks for Snape to help him with the effects of the potion he drank in the cave. The avada kedavra curse when Snape s Dumbledore is the only time we see Snape actually use magic for ill...perhaps this is partly why he has an expression of hatred and anger on his face...he doesn't want to use the avada kedavra curse.

I think Snape is a powerful wizard...there are lots of clues to suggest this (he can use non-verbal spells in his 5th year, he invents his own spells when young...etc). I see no reason why he would be unable to use avada kedavra against Dumbledore...I think he was forced into using it because it was either that or blow his cover in front of Greyback and the other eaters. And also to protect Harry (and to keep the knowledge that Harry had been out with DUmbledore on that night from Voldemort). I don't think either Dumbledore or Snape expected there to be eaters inside Hogwarts on that was a complication they hadn't forseen...Snape would have known that Harry was on the tower with Dumbledore (I'm sure he would have spotted the second broomstick as Malfoy did). It was more important for Harry to be protected and for Snape to maintain his cover than for Dumbledore to live. Voldemort must not know that they know about his horcruxes.

Posted by Joe from England on April 29, 2007 08:00 AM

Well, first off, remember that Snape and Albus were arguing in the Forbidden Forest and Snape was saying that he "didn't want to do it anymore" and Albus told him to continue with it. Do you think mayby he was telling Snape to go ahead and him. And if so how could he him if he didnt want to him, assuming that you REALLY have to mean it?

I know that I'm just asking questions here, but think about it.

And if Albus is and Snape really is good, how in the WORLD is he going to get Harry to belive it? That is what has got me stummped! Could you just imagine what Harry would think if Snape were to say "Harry, I only ed Albus because he told me to so that The Dark Lord would belive that I am loyal to him and him only. I am her to help you."

I dont see how Harry would ever belive that. But that is the great thing about J.K.R., she keeps you wondering and always catches you by suprise.

Posted by Sabashtain from Luther, Ok on April 29, 2007 12:18 PM

There seems to be enough evidence that Severus Snape stands all the time on the Dumbledore`s side and protects Harry, when it is needed. He (Snape) does not like Harry (reminds his father James too much), but he (Snape) very probably loved Harry`s mother, Lily Evans. Dumbledore had some grand plan how to eliminate Voldemort and Severus Snape was his faithful - very likely the nearest - friend.We do not know the true fetter between Dumbledore and Snape - the reason why Dumbledore repeatedly confirms Severuses loyality without any doubt.
Great magical ability of Severus Snape (invention of new spells, occlumency, legilimency, non-verbal magic) leads to the conclusion - together with other facts from the books - that on the Astronomy Tower Severus Snape was performing Avada Kevadra and non-verbaly used some other curse or spell; and he was fulfilling Dumbledore`s orders by doing it.
Severus Snape is the key person in the whole Harry Potter story, and the most interesting one. He has the hardest role and a very complicated psychology.

Posted by Igor Ulc, M.D., Ph.D. from Plzen, Czech republic on April 29, 2007 12:54 PM

The simple answer to this question is two part: Dumbledore's actual was necessary to fool the Dark Lord, and Dumbledore's is not permanent.


I am most definitely in the Snape is a good guy camp and I always have been. I have never believed Snape ed Dumbledore with the avada kedavra curse, although I am ing to accept Dumbledore is .

My own personal take on it all is such - Dumbeldore suffered a grevious injury (hence the blackened hand) which would have been fatal if it were not for the ss of Snape - putting a stopper in . If I were Voldemort and I had made Gaunt's ring into a Horcrux I would have ensured that the only way to even begin to break the curse/charms placed on it was to put the ring on your finger. I would have also ensured that the moment the ring touches human flesh it instantly starts to poision the skin. So - Dumbledore gets injured,and Snape delays the inevitable to enable Dumbledore to pass on all the information to Harry. Dumbledore has to from his injuries at some point - so why not to save Draco and Snapes' lives?
The scene at the tower - Dumbledore does not beg for his life, he begs Snape to carry out the '' following their argument where Snape has declared he doesn't want to do it ( I am guessing there was no resolution to that debate). Snape may very well say avada kedavra, but I don't think that s Dumbledore - I think the fall, combined with weakness from the potion in the cave and the injury to his hand all contribute to his .
But the part that stands out for me the most in the dramatic scenes following Dumbledore's is:

DON'T - ' screamed Snape, and his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the burning house behind them, '- CALL ME A COWARD!' (HBP uk. p.564)

WHY! Why if Snape is evil would he be in pain? The man is in emotional agony - he is a tortured soul because Dumbeldore is .
If Snape were evil he would be delighted. But he is not evil - Severus Snape is Dumbledore's man through and through.

One final point, somebody said that Harry can't Voldemort without seeming evil - with the assumption Harry use avada kedavra to Voldemort.
I do not believe Harry ever use avada kedavra - just because 'one must at the hand of the other' it doesn't mean Harry has to utter an unforgivable curse. Voldemort through Harry's actions, Voldemort as a direct result of something Harry does - it doesn't automatically mean 'avada kedavra'.

Posted by Orlando from England on April 29, 2007 2:12 PM

Even though Dumbledore had a , that dosen't mean he is . Remember just before he was "ed" by Snape, he was convincing Malfoy not to him, and that he could protect him and his family by making them look ! If Dumbledore can do that to Malfoy, he could have done that to himself.

Posted by Anonymous on April 29, 2007 3:16 PM

If I had to bet money on it, I'd say Dumbledore really is , and that he won't come back. But I really hope I'm wrong, and I am totally sure it's POSSIBLE that he CAN come back - the question is, he?

Posted by zetruz from Sweden on April 29, 2007 6:12 PM

snape is good becouse thats the only logical thing. ignoring the text in the books that give obvious hints, remember that Rowling is writing books for kids and teens. Its not good to tell those kids that trusting people gets you ed.

Posted by EJ510 from Rotterdam on April 29, 2007 6:51 PM

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