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Severus Snape v. The Ministry of Magic

by J.K. Rich

After reading Book Six in the Harry Potter saga, millions of Harry Potter fans were devastated to learn that after it all�after all the warnings and signs�Severus Snape is, in fact, evil. And, even more devastating�he had killed Professor Dumbledore right in front of The Boy That Lived. Or did he?

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Reader Comments: (Page 12)

ok i think dumbledore planned his own flat out he needed to place extra protection and that is what his accomplished

Posted by lorraine from dayton ohio on May 17, 2007 4:14 PM

I apologize I wish it were possible to keep all of the facts straight in my head from the books but with 6 books that is proving quite difficult. So Snape turned good according to Dumbledore before Voldemort attacked the Potter's? okay then...certainly puts holes in my theory doesn't it?

Posted by Amy from P . Kentucky on May 17, 2007 4:41 PM

Poe (from May 16th)
I can think of one reason that Snape would make an Unbreakable Vow -- to find out Draco's task, in order to report back to Dumbledore. When he used Legilimency to discover what Narcissa was thinking, his hand twitched as he realized what he had committed himself to do. Dumbledore knew there was no way out of the Vow, and accepted his .
I have a new idea about Dumbledore planning to .
What if the soul fragment which is released from a horcrux seeks out a living being to "inhabit". Dumbledore's hand wearing the ring horcrux was inhabited by Voldemort's soul fragment once the horcrux was destroyed. In order to get rid of this piece of evil soul, Dumbledore had no choice but to "" his hand before the soul tried to take over the rest of him. ( I see foreshadowing in the possession of Ginny by Riddle, Quirrel by Voldemort, and Harry by Voldemort.) When Dumbledore and Harry left for the cave, perhaps Dumbledore expected to be "inhabited" by another released soul fragment. Taking advantage of his inescapable at the hand of Snape, he had planned to two birds with one AK -- release Snape from the UV, and remove another horcrux from Harry's list. I believe the timing was extremely unfortunate in that Draco finally succeeded in opening Hogwarts to the Eaters, just as Dumbledore and Harry returned with the fake locket.
Snape and Dumbledore were communicating via Legilimens on the tower. In front of witnesses and compelled by the UV, Snape had no choice but to Dumbledore, but knew it was a wasted , and so had the look of revulsion on his face.

Posted by Patty from Quincy,Massachusetts on May 18, 2007 08:30 AM

Good stuff from the previous poster.

A common theme in the 6th book is Dumbledore insisting that Harry's life (or blood, but same thing) was more important than his, and he mentioned this several times. He was ready to make a sacrifice for the benefit of the cause for the entire book. If he felt that Snape had to either him or have his cover blown, he would choose to . I believe that we see in the 7th book that Harry not be able to get to Voldemort without Snape's help (but he won't realize it), and that is why it was important for Dumbledore to keep Snape alive. Either that or he is just a great man and would rather sacrifice himself than see one of his compatriots .

Posted by reveille from Kingston, ON on May 19, 2007 10:18 PM

I don't think it was like that. I think if you destroy the horcrux, that the soul is also gone. The soul isn't a thing that just floats around the universe, it is a complex thing.

Posted by Claudia on May 20, 2007 03:55 AM

i dont understand why snape used the avada kedavra curse out loud if the book was about non-verbal curses, unless it was because snape uttered another spell non-verbally. I believe that snape is good, but our main problem is if harry believe snape is good.

Posted by brad from wellington, Florida on May 20, 2007 05:51 AM

I always found it curious why Snape's potions book was left at the school. I still have my text books, unless they were from the library, but I would not let go of one with so much important information in it. Is it common practice for lots of students to leave their books for students to come? Did Snape leave it on purpose as part of his plan with Dumbledore? Is this just another coincidence that the Dark Lord shares with his most faithful servant?

Posted by mmc from sa on May 20, 2007 11:35 PM

If Dumbledore is not , then JK Rowling be seen as a hypocrite. That's not to say he won't manifest or reveal himself in some way we readers know not.

If he does pop out of the woods, however, the whole series goes down the drain, especially the last few chapters of Half-Blood Prince. It was really difficult to let go of such a rock of a character like Dumbledore, I highly doubt Rowling toys with our emotions like that.

Posted by Mark from Detroit, MI on May 21, 2007 07:08 AM

MMC...I think that Snape kept his book in the cupboard of the potions class because he was the potions teacher for a long time and kept the book there for reference. Apparently when he went to teach DADA, he did not take his book with him.

Posted by Sharon from Michigan on May 21, 2007 08:16 AM

I agree the soul is a complex thing, but what happens to it when released from a living body, that is when someone s?
It passes on to whatever comes beyond . I don't think a fragment released from a horcrux would just vanish. But what would it do? Wouldn't it need somewhere to go?
I see three possibilities, it passes to wherever a complete soul goes upon , it returns to the soul it was ripped from, or it finds the nearest living being to possess.
I feel that as Voldemort grew in power and knowledge, his horcruxes became more sophisticated and ly. He might have found a way to enchant his soul fragments to possess whoever destroyed the horcrux, so now the soul is not just released, the soul must also be dealt with.
I see this as the reason Dumbledore's hand was blackened, and he did not ask Fawkes to heal it. Something which is cannot come back to life. And this could be the reason he brought Harry with him to the cave. If Dumbledore were possessed by Voldemort's soul, who better to have by your side than he who is marked as the equal of the Dark Lord. I think that throughout book 6, Dumbledore knew of his impending , and planned to use it to his advantage as I mentioned in my previous post, but thanks to RAB, Snape's hand was forced, over a fake horcrux.

Posted by Patty from Quincy MA on May 21, 2007 09:14 AM

Enjoyed the post from Poe which is the same line of thinking I�ve had about Snape being good. The tendency for the majority of readers is to bend over backward in their interpretation of the reading material to prove his innocence because in their minds he HAS to be good so Dumbledore isn�t proven wrong, Snape is not such an unsavory, unredeemable character and ultimately so there is justification to Dumbledore�s . But unfortunately the truth is, there are bad people in the world that twist their way into your confidence and ultimately betray you. And the books have been making a journey in this direction from a childlike perception of the world to having to confront harsh realities.
Additionally, does it make sense to have the success of your grand plan rely on an individual that is going to be hunted by the Ministry of Magic almost as hard as Voldemort? Not to mention hated and gunned for by nearly every other member of the wizarding world. And that probably goes double for Harry, the person this plan is supposed to help. Risky. Real risky. I just can�t see Dumbledore placing any Order member in such an untenable position if they were as close of a confidant as Snape would have to have been.

Posted by Seyah from SLC, Ut on May 21, 2007 2:58 PM

Well argued points on Horcrux/Possession. We know that a soul fragment could posses someone as was Ginny in CoS, unless that possession was due to special magic endowed into the Diary for distinct purpose of opening the Chamber.
The one �hole� in the theory is if a released soul fragment wants to inhabit/possess the nearest living being, why didn�t we see an attempt on Harry when he destroyed the diary. Or better yet, on Ginny who was unconscious, defenseless and had been possessed previously?

Posted by Seyah from SLC, Ut on May 21, 2007 4:18 PM

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