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New Revelations

by David Haber

On August 2, 2006, at the second night of the Harry, Carrie, and Garp event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, J.K. Rowling says Dumbledore is . But is that the whole story? How does what J.K. has said relate to all of the clues and theories on this site?

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Reader Comments: (Page 7)

When Snape opened the Hogwarts gates for Harry and Tonks at the beginning of book 6, does that mean Snape could easily have let in eaters anytime he wanted? If so, then why didn't he if he was evil?

Posted by Michael Hawley from Buffalo on October 7, 2006 3:03 PM

I agree with many of the views of the comments before me. I'm not really sure about Harry being a horocrux however. How would Voldemort make him a horocrux? When he tried to Harry, of course he didn't think that the boy would survive the ing curse, he was just a little boy. Voldemort had succeeded in ing everyone previous to Harry while using the curse. So I don't see why he'd make him his last horocrux. The idea about Aberforth & Dumbledore being the same person, also, is pretty far-fetched, although could be possible. Another person commented about how J.K. loved Narnia, and how Aslan d on a stone table, and Dumbledore was laid on one when he d, and how Aslan was resurrected. This idea made it very clear to me that Dumbledore is in fact an animagus of a phoenix, and is later reborn from the ashes when he burst into fire. This would make J.K.'s statement about how he was true.. & fits well with all of the clues. Great site, and I really hope Dumbledore is indeed alive:]

Posted by Amanda from NC on October 7, 2006 8:43 PM

Harry can consult with Dumbledore any time he wishes. If Dumbledore is like other Headmasters of Hogwarts he be very accessable through his picture hanging in his former office. We have also seen the previous Headmasters move inbetween pictures either locally or far away.

If Harry were to face Voltimort in a room with a picture it is possible that Dumbledore could be present and coach Harry or maybe even cast a few spells of his own.

In this sense Dumbledore's physical body is but his essence is still very much alive and accessable by Harry and the former name of your website still rings true. I am anxious to see how all plays out.

Posted by Mike Falba from New Orleans, Louisiana on October 10, 2006 11:17 AM

I love this site! I stumbled upon it shortly(a few days) after reading that Dumbledore was ed. I have been a faithful reader ever since. I was devastated by JK's comments that he really is and we need to move on.

I really want to believe that he is alive in some form. I've read all the comments and agree that it makes sense that he is an animagus. I think that it is very likely that it was he that HP saw during the .

I am wondering if perhaps AD is in hiding at Sirus' house. After we found out that HP inherited the headquarters, we never found out if the order were still using the house. Do you think that he could be there?

Posted by Kim from Manchester,MA on October 10, 2006 6:07 PM

Dumbledore is alive and Snape is in a big trouble..
In the tower with a weak Dubmledore and a gang of eaters stopping each other ing Dumbledore, because Voldemort said that Draco had to do it..
Maybe Voldemort saw this comming and saw that Dumbledores could be faked and therefore chose a person with low-"magic resistance" to do the job so the er couldnt use Occlumensy to stop himself from telling the truth..
If Snape really disobeyed a direct order from Voldemort, why didnt he just Harry aswell then?

Dumbledore as a Phoenix-animagus..
Yes please

Harry as the last Horcrux..
"Here have a piece of my soul.. Now let me you"
Voldemort has been trying to Harry loads of times, even when Voldemort wasnt returned to physically form yet he ordered Professor Quirrell to Harry..

Think we have the Snape-casts-a-nvbl-spell-thing going on..

Dumbledore we are still loyal to you.. Come save book 7 for us..!

Posted by David from Copenhagen, Denmark on October 11, 2006 06:30 AM

In HBP page 564 Harry said to Snape," me liked you ed him, you coward-"
"DON'T-" screamed Snape, and his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the burning house behind them, "-CALL ME COWARD!"

Well one would think that he was in pain because Harry had called him a coward. But it might even be that he had ed Dumbledore and he was regreting it,mightn't it?

Posted by Adnan from Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 12, 2006 07:11 AM

i would like to say that the theory put here by ET, oklahoma is one which has interested me the most. i think he has got a point.
as for dumbledore is concerned i think JKR has said that he is because everyone has already realised he isn't!
so i think just to make sure there is some suspense and to arouse interest among her readers, she declared that dumbledore is . which he isn't!

Posted by barkha tyagi from mumabi, maharashtra on October 12, 2006 11:07 AM

I was so sad after reading the sixth book, but this site helped alot! I think that what He says about Nicholas Flamel relates with his own . And what he said to harry in the 2nd book when he was leaving. even if he doesn't come back completely, he stil be there! (but I still think he'll come back!)

Posted by LiaFaith from Pittsburgh PA on October 12, 2006 3:34 PM

You have raised a lot of interesting points here. I would love to think that Albus Dumbledore is not , because the very idea has caused me to shed tears. But I think that he is indeed . However, I do not think that he d on the tower. I beleive that he d over the summer, and that his brother stepped in and took his place as headmaster and mentor to Harry. The same thing that caused his hand to be injured/disfigured may have been what ed our DD. How do we know that the picture of Dumbledore hasn't been in the office for a while, and that DD himself has been hiding amongst other pictures to keep up the ruse? Maybe he went to his own frame to rest. After all, everyone knows him to be now.

Or...Albus is somewhere else altogether, and has been for quite some time. His look-alike has performed admirably, but it is time for him to come back, or at least manouver with a bit more freedom.

The Prophecy:
The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month s. and the Dark Lord mark him as his equal, but he have power the Dark Lord knows not. and either must at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord be born as the seventh month s.'---What if...Harry is a horcrux that LV didn't realize he had made? Something strange may have happened in the moment that he tried to HP. He posseses a power that LV doesn't understand, and like babies do, HP could have done something that saved his life without realizing it. After all, he was still an infant. If LV s HP, he not live. If HP s LV, he can finally have a life as somthing other than the boy who survived. If LV s HP, he can finally live the dark life that he has wanted.

As for the Lament, a sad phoenix produce a lot of tears. Who needed that much healing? Who is more loyal to Dumbledore than Harry? Fawkes only go to someone who has shown a tremendous amount of loyalty to DD. So, where did he go? More and more questions arise! I can't wait for this sweet torture to end. But I really want Dumbledore to rise again.

There is a question that has plagued me for a while. When DD wanted HP to take Occlumency lessons from Snape, he failed to realize how deeply Snape's feelings for HP's father ran. This oversight was huge! Do you honestly see DD making a mistake that big? It doesn't seem likely, even if he was trying to protect HP.

Posted by Jimmie Chu from Des Moines, Iowa on October 12, 2006 6:48 PM

To David from Denmark...

While you make sense by saying it's idiotic that Voldemort would make Harry a horcrux then keep trying to him, I still think the theory could be true. If Voldemort ed Harry, nothing would happen, the Horcrux would simply be destroyed. But by making Harry a Horcrux, he'd be making sure that Harry definately couldnt him. I'm not saying this theory is 100% true, I'm just saying that there's a possibility, like everything out here is a possibility.

Posted by Lili from Texas on October 12, 2006 11:25 PM

I think the reason DD trusts Snape so much is that he made Snape do an unbreakable vow long time ago in which Snape had to protect/not harm Harry Potter

Posted by Tracy from Florida on October 13, 2006 5:56 PM

Well, even with all the clues that imply otherwise, I have always believed that Dumbledore is , though I sometimes hoped that wouldn't be the case. Reading the confirmation from JKR doesn't damper my spirits, just allows me to know and believe that there was something hidden going on on the Astronomy Tower that night, as JKR said. I still do believe all that I have said and stand by the evidence shown. I have mixed feelings about Bk7, but all in all, I'll be waiting at some bookstore or another to get my copy of the final installment (or hopefully not;D) of HP as soon as it comes out!

Posted by Frances from Berkeley, California on October 14, 2006 3:51 PM

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