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New Revelations

by David Haber

On August 2, 2006, at the second night of the Harry, Carrie, and Garp event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, J.K. Rowling says Dumbledore is . But is that the whole story? How does what J.K. has said relate to all of the clues and theories on this site?

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Reader Comments: (Page 17)

Much as I want to believe that Dumbledore is alive and well, I do think that you are grasping at straws... but then some of the points that you have raised do seem to be relevant and made me think about some things...
But Harry can still talk to dumbledore via the picture in the head masters office, so all is not lost (although JK has said that the pictures only echo catchphrases of the person in the picture?).

Posted by Luke from Glos, England on December 23, 2006 06:38 AM

I notice that the author has specifically stated that Dumbledore not do a Gandalf. However, does this mean that he won't be doing an Obi Wan?

Dumbledore to Voldemrt
"Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than has always been your greatest weakness"

Does that remind anyone else of Obi Wan to Vader
"you can't defeat me Vader; if you strike me down, I become more powerful than you can ever imagine"?

Posted by Drunken Monkey from London on December 25, 2006 11:31 AM

Dave, I love this site. It is really the only thing that keeps me going until the 7th book comes out. I've been reading on and off since the summer of 2005, and this is my first post.

I think that alot of interesting theories have been suugested. I do believe that Snape is good and Dumbledore is not ---or at least he is not gone forever. Snape was in love w/ Lily, and perhaps he did make some sort of unbreakable vow inorder for DD to trust him.

After my initial shock of DD "", and after many rereads, my own analysis was that first and formost Snape and DD had set up a plan for DD to at some point during the year and that Snape was to him. They had this plan for how long I don't know---it could have been earlier than book 6.

I hadn't seen the following theory on your site (or maybe I've missed it), so I thought I'ld throw it out there.
I am suggesting that DD from the future used a time turner to return to the present---book 6. My feeling is that the future older DD was ready to (the reason---only JK knows for sure) and he was that one who was thrown off the tower. This future DD could have been present during the whole book, or maybe just when he and Harry go off to the cave. I actually thought that perhaps the present DD was also on the tower, but invisible. Remember he can be invisible w/o the cloak. He may have even been the one to freeze Harry. Or block or modify Snape ing spell.

Anyway, this would allow JK to honestly state the DD is . That is the future DD--the present one is now in hiding ready to strike.

I say that I do like the Horcrux theory for DD and I do like the possibly that he is phoenix-like and can rise from the ashes as Fawkes does. I did think that he must have done something like that when i read the . My only question about the pheonix theory is how does he come back--- he be a baby? how long it take him to look like the DD we know now? harry meet up w/ a younger version of DD?

Two other quick points. Switching spells were mentioned frequently in one of the earlier books (maybe 3 or 4). did we ever really see them used? maybe they come into play. Also, DD was a transfiguration teacher--my feeling is that he can transfigure into more than one animal. I always thought he was that fly in divination class. could he take on more than one form? i think so.

One other thing, if perhaps Snape is bad (which i don't believe for a second), then there is NO way that DD would have been fooled---he is the greatest wizard of modern times. He would have known how Snape would have reacted and set him up to him. Just my thoughts.

Bottom line, Snape is good and DD is not ---or at least not gone forever. Thanks for the site.

Posted by Heather from New Jersey on December 26, 2006 3:05 PM

I admire you for creating this website to raise the much-needed questions about Harry Potter book 6. Although I believe Dumbledore *is* , I believe it is so for a necessary reason.

Remember, had Draco ed Dumbledore, Snape would have been unable to fulfill his vow, and Draco would be classified as a er and would be unsaveable. But if Snape did it at Dumbledore's request, Draco could still have the chance to come back to the right side.

But why would Dumbledore order Snape to him rather than try a setup? One thing you see is that the end of the Harry Potter series often come full-circle with the beginning. Jo knew how the series had to progress from the start, and I believe has been setting clues up since the beginning as to what would happen in Book 7.

I believe that in the next book, Harry destroy the remaining Horcruxes, the locket, the snake, Hufflepuff's cup, and the final Horcrux, which I believe to be the Mirror of Erised (remember from book 1?). This mirror, that stood on a bird's claws (a Ravenclaw artifact?), would have been a trophy worthy of the Dark Lord's attention and would have suited him well as a horcrux.

But why would Dumbledore want to ? Remember, everything must come full circle. Voldemort would counter every spell Harry cast before he even said the words; much like Snape did at the Astronomy tower. Voldemort has only been able to be defeated in one way before: himself. I believe that Dumbledore knew that Voldemort would want to save Harry for him. As Dumbledore d, he cast a spell of protection on Harry, that was sealed by the sacrifice and love that he had for him. By , this protection is locked into place to defend Harry from Voldemort once more.

I believe Harry be toyed with by the Dark Lord as they fight a one-on-one battle (had Dumbledore fought Voldemort, he would have had to face eaters as well; but Voldemort does not fear Harry as he should, which has always been his weakness). Voldemort demonstrate that he is superior to Harry in every way, and after he nearly breaks Harry, he attempt to him. His spell backfire, but this time he have no Horcruxes to fall back on, and once and for all.

I do thank the writers of this website for providing the links to help keep our imaginations from going dry as we await JKR's final telling of the Harry Potter story.

Posted by Kyle "Serophis" from Lexington, KY on December 26, 2006 3:15 PM

wow! you really do look into this stuff...i'm impressed! just so you know, i think dumbledore is , but be a ghost in book 7, and i think snape is good...but i only just think snape is good!:) once again, good job!

Posted by Maddy from Adelaide on December 29, 2006 01:56 AM

i am totally addicted to this website and all the comments are great and really make me think. i reckon dumbledore is sadly but i don't want to believe it. i just want to mention two things jkr said that it was interesting when someone mentioned snape had a redeeming role in each book and i think the book end it snape jumping in front of harry and taking the force of the ing curse that voldermort aims at harry, snape then s and voldermort is momentarilly stunned by this giving harry the chance to him with snape's wand, which brings me to my next point there is no speculation on this site about the fact that harry or voldermort have to use someone else's wand as their wand's are brothers and therefore won't function properly against each other, they just create an echo of the last spells used by the other wand, i think this needs to be thought of and be crucial in the final showdown between harry and voldermort.

Posted by beki from liverpool, england on December 29, 2006 4:30 PM

Beki, I truly liked your above comments. I also share your fascination with this Website. Returning to your comment:
I can just see the scenario; Harry still believing that Snape �ed� Professor on Voldemort�s instruction. Snape, in his sneering way, explaining to Harry, that he was acting on Dumbledore�s order. Giving him advices in a boring voice, how to defeat �The Dark Lord�!

Maybe they meet each other in front of the �VEIL� where all of a sudden Voldemort (with only one Horcrux left�) pops up out of nowhere. As Voldemort is ready to use the AVADA KEDAVRA curse against Harry, Snape jumps in front of Harry to save his life and sacrifices himself. But not before telling Voldemort, that he Snape was smarter and outfoxed HIM, the darkest wizard of all time!
That would be a setting I would love to see; the infamous Lord Voldemort being first �betrayed� by his �most trusted advisor Snape and then vanquished by Harry with the help of Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the ly Hallows.

I think you brought a good point up with the �WAND� situation! Since GoF we all know that the �brother�s wands� won�t fight each other properly. Not for nothing has Mr. Ollivander, the best wand maker in Britain, vanished! Either he is in hiding or the Eater�s have kidnapped him for Voldemort.

You are absolutely right; we should give this a thorough thought. I am not sure if it would help Harry if he used Snape�s wand, do they not say, you never get as good a result with someone else�s wand? Hmm�but then, Pettigrew used Voldemort�s wand and was I am sorry to say, successful with it!

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 30, 2006 05:04 AM

MISTRAL you seem to be in tune with me. even though you would never get the same results with someone else's wand they can still be used by another wizard. after reading your comments i was wondering if maybe olivander has been forced to reveal the wands connection by voldermort and so he gets another wand instead of harry therefore giving harry more strength because he has his own wand. would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Posted by beki from liverpol,england on December 30, 2006 11:35 AM

If Mr.Ollivander has indeed been "friendly persuaded" by Voldemort about the secrets of Wandmaking - I see new problems in store for Harry!

I had the impression that Voldemort is fond of his Wand...when he had risen again, it says that he "caressed it gently"! (GoF Chapter Thirty-Three) So far we have never been informed by Jo if a Wand can be "REVISED" or if once build, you have to stick with it or get a new one.

Perhaps the disappearance of Ollivander is a RED HEARING Jo cleverly wove into HBP
Something tells me, Harry has to defeat/ Voldemort in another fashion. We have been told many times the only thing Mr.Voldemort does not understand; is LOVE

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on January 1, 2007 05:05 AM

mistral- fair comments but do you not remember that ron weasley got a new wand after he snapped his in COS and neville longbottom in OotP?

Each wand chooses the wizard to which it belongs, maybe harry's wand chose him because of his "love". after re-reading certain parts of the books it is clear that the wands play an important role in the final show down.

anyway jk said he UNDERESTIMATES love, i agree that this also be crucial like the wands.the thing is voldermort maybe attached to his wand but love is not his thing so i therefore believe he doesnt love it, yet in GoF at the wand weighting ceremony we are told how harry loves his wand, this is where i believe the love and wands tie together and this may be what makes the difference.

does harry love his wand too much to use someone else's?

i think he does.

on the other hand i believe that voldermort use anything he wants to get what he wants (even someone else's wand)and this be his downfall.

Posted by beki from liverpool, england on January 1, 2007 10:08 AM

Well my personal theory is that somewhere i remember from one book that dubledore had to some giant or something and he may have used that oppurtunity to make Fawkes his Horcrux and since fawkes is unable then anytime dubledore s he can always be brought back to life by his horcrux and the horcrux revives itself so technichally dubledore was ed as J.K. said but he was brought back to life by Fawkes

Posted by Asgeir from Iceland on January 1, 2007 2:20 PM

i do think the phoenix theory works for dumbledore. Could he himself be like Fawkes and have multiple lifetimes. it satifies everyone. JKR can honestly day Dumbledore is , and the rest of us are content knowing that he is coming back. He may have a horcrux, but being phoenix-like is highly suspicious with that flamable . my only concern with Dumbledore being a phoenix is that he may be only a child now. would harry recognize him?

Posted by heather from NJ on January 1, 2007 3:50 PM

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