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New Revelations

by David Haber

On August 2, 2006, at the second night of the Harry, Carrie, and Garp event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, J.K. Rowling says Dumbledore is . But is that the whole story? How does what J.K. has said relate to all of the clues and theories on this site?

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Reader Comments: (Page 11)

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't believe the books say anywhere that Albus and Aberforth are twin brothers, let alone identical twins. They are simply brothers.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on October 30, 2006 3:11 PM

You are not wrong Dave, it is NEVER stated that Albus and Aberforth are twin brothers.
By the way I do not believe that Albus and Aberforth are one and the same person. Why do I say that? In OotP chapter nine, Moody shows Harry an old picture of the "ORIGINAL ORDER OF THE PHOENIX". I quote: " There's me said Moody... and there's Dumbledore beside me... budge along he tells the people on the old photograph and tells Harry "Thats Dumbledore's brother Aberforth, only time I ever met him, strange bloke...

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on October 31, 2006 12:23 AM

The statement about Dumbledore and socks is really interesting. It looks like a joke, but might be a hint.

Speaking of horcruxes, it is difficult to think of Harry as being a living horcrux, but maybe his scar is - or contains - a small horcrux. That would explain "mark as his equal". Then, Voldemort wins on both sides: by ing Harry, Voldemort gets the prediction fulfilled, and if he fails, he gets back from the scar into Harry's mind and body. In this case, the prediction is also fulfilled and Voldemort is still alive. But the trick doesn't work: Voldemort attacks Harry, nearly s, but not completely. Not being , he cannot get back from his horcrux and the only consequence of this is giving Harry's scar a part of Voldemort's spirit, and crushing most of Voldemort's power. Then the only thing Harry can do is get read of his scar.

I have a few more suggestions:
First, the end of HBP looks like if Dumbledore wanted to give hints to Harry and nothing else. When he gets into the cavern, he seems to know everything about it. Then he drinks the potion and seems to lose entire control, but when the inferi get out of the water, he recovers immediately and get control of the situation (as if the potion was harmless). Upon the tower, he frozes Harry to make sure he doesn't make any move, which means that he still have great power, even without his wand. Then he suggests that Malfoy could turn to the good side (maybe he already did) and prepares Harry's mind to it. If Dumbledore is but has the power to be re-born like a phoenix, he might comme back under a new identity. Why not RAB? (the same if he used a time-turner) Anyway, Dumbledore cannot appear to Harry in his true identity until Harry learns how to close his mind to Voldemort.

Second, every situation, even very comic, seem to have a meaning. What about Dudley and Petunia? Dudley would not be treated differently if Petunia feared he would become a sorcerer: it is said some sorcerers never get their power. Petunia avoids every frustration until he turns to the age of sixteen or some (when she decides he should not eat that much). What if Petunia, Lili and Dudley (and Harry of course) are aparented with Voldemort, like being his daughters and grandson? Who really says "Remember my last"? It is never said Dumbledore does it and the voice is not recogniseable. There are still a lot of mysteries about Privet Drive.

Third, I cannot imagine Dumbledore told Harry the whole prophety, since he could reveal it to Voldemort. In the ministry of magic, Dumbledore appears just in time to silent the prophety, that nobody can hear of. Voldemort sacrifies several of his eaters to get the prophety. Bellatrix Lestrange is horrified when she realizes that the prophety has been broken. Dumbledore takes care of Trelawney, who is clearly not a bood teacher. All that shows that knowing the whole prophety is really capital. Voldemort's failure to get it is probably a big issue.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on November 2, 2006 04:24 AM

i beleived when read in HBP when dumbeldore told harry that he teach him private lessons i really thought that he teach him the unforgivible curses so he can voldemort remember "either must be d by the hand of the other"
but then he didn't, but he knew another spell to people sectumsempra. but don't you think that jk rowling put that for an important part not just to show that harry is good at magic?
but if snape is in the bad side and he is with voldemort at the time harry makes the spell he would be able to heal it for him.
but i think the ministry give harry liscense and permission for using the unforgivible curses. remember that harry always wanted to be an auror and there are many clues that he be and in GOF the aurors are allowed to use the unforgivible curses.
plus remember when harry said if i i take with me as many eaters i can and voldemort.
if you think that harry wouldn't be able to know how to use them think again, malfoy could use them and if malfoy can ofcourse harry can.

Posted by ahmed from manama, bahrain on November 2, 2006 12:13 PM

To Ahmed:
Do you really think that Harry could use an unforgivable curse? What about him being full of love and all that? And I don't believe Malfoy ever actually used one.
Also,I don't think Harry would use sectumsempra again, as he was horrified by what it did to Malfoy. And who can say that that would actually Voldemort? Remember, Harry still needs to find and destroy all the Horcruxes.

Finally, Harry could not be a Horcrux because (I think I'm repeating another post here) Voldemort cannot stand to touch him. He might have gotten over that physical problem in the fourth book, but he still can't possess him, as seen in the Order of the Phoenix. I think this rules out a part of Voldemort's soul being inside Harry for sixteen years.

Posted by Anna Maria from Arizona on November 2, 2006 4:06 PM

to dear Anna Maria:
well yes i beleive that harry could use them. voldy probably used them on the kids he tortured in the cave + i am sure that harry wouldn't be horrefied if he used sectumsempra to voldy, and i think that sectumsempra do a huge role in book 7 mostly because it had a whole chapter in HBP. and harry is going to use one of these spells to get rid of the dark lord if he fineshed destroying the horcruxes, maybe all of them are destroyed by now because voldy had many powerful eneyms.

Posted by ahmed from manama, bahrain on November 3, 2006 06:25 AM

Sure Harry can use Sectumsempra, but any sed wizard would be able to heal that wound. Snape did so with no trouble at all. Lord Voldemort would be able to heal that with ease, he is, after all, the most powerful wizard currently alive, prehaps ever. And Sectumsempra was invented by a 15 boy! Surely the Dark Lord wouldn't be defeated by a spell so weak, if he could be then he wouldn't have lasted this long, any wizard with the lowest ability could have ed him.
I think it is more likely that Harry invent some spell that destroy Voldemort with love, rather than hate. After all, love is what makes Harry so special.

Posted by Claws Black from 12 Grimmauld Place on November 3, 2006 9:02 PM

yes any wizard would be able to heal �t and yes it was invented by a 15 or 16 year old boy and voldemort would be able to counter it but voldemort didn't ever see the spell and he might be suprised. as for anyone would voldemort long ago, they would have used it if they new the spell because no one really new this spell.
and i agree that harry would probably invent some spells.

Posted by ahmed from manama, bahrain on November 3, 2006 10:16 PM

i agree with ahmed that harry use the unforgivible curses.
but i think harry use sectesempra on eaters, and yes it have a huge role in book 7.
i also agree with claws that harry create some spells with ron and hermione.
but i love the idea about harry using the unforgivible curses and dumbledore helping him while he is using his protrait or any other way if he is alive.
i love this site i wish it still be opened after book 7 and i hope you get an award for this.

Posted by jerry from privet drive on November 4, 2006 02:22 AM

Yes, this site continue after book 7. I'm sure there continue to be many things we can discuss, about what happens in book 7, and unexplained things in Harry Potter's world. That's why it's called Beyond Hogwarts.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on November 4, 2006 06:37 AM

How do you know that Voldemort has never seen Sectumsempra before? I mean, Snape invented it and he was(is?) a Eater, so I'm sure he used it at some point on some innocent person. Anyway, Voldemort has undoubtedly come up with more than his fair share of spells on his own (ex. the Dark Mark) and he should have no problem countering Sectumsempra. And Harry was really horrified after he did it to Malfoy, and I think there's a quote in there that says something like Harry wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy. I agree with Claws Black that Harry have to come up with some way to use love against Voldemort, because that's really his only weapon and apparently it's the best weapon anyone could possibly have, according to AD.And as to Voldemort being surprised, I don't think Voldemort would be surprised if Harry tried to do something evil, because that is just what he would do in Harry's place. So Harry needs to come up with a way to him while remaining "pure".

Posted by Elizabeth from New York, New York on November 4, 2006 2:04 PM

Well, we know Harry must battle Voldemort's snake, since Harry knows that it contains a horcrux. Harry speaks parcel tongue, so it should be an outstanding scene. Since the snake is always close to Voldemort, I bet that is when he realized Harry is trashing his horcruxes. I bet the first horcrux Harry gets is the one RAB (Regulus Black) stole and brought to the Grimald Place (the necklace that they could not open in book 5), and he need Kreacher to retrieve it.

My bet is that the minute Harry turns 17 he be at the Dursleys, and a serious battle is going to occur.

The first thing we know about Dumbledore's past is that he assisted Nicholas Flamel with attempting to defeat . Coincidentally, his patronus is the phoenix, which is a creature that has defeated though flames. Dumbledore caused young Voldemort's coat to flame and the contents came to life. Somehow Dumbledore is going to defeat this (not like Gandalf), and my bet is that Harry be re-introduced with him through his brother, Aberforth (the bartender at the Hogshead Inn). Dumbledore told Harry, "for future reference, my favorite jam is raspberry (I think)". This makes me think Harry at first not believe it is Dumbledore until the raspberry password is used.

This next book is going to be awesome!

Posted by Mike Halwey from Buffalo on November 4, 2006 4:53 PM

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