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Magick Moste Evile - What is (and isn't) a Horcrux

by Kevin McDonald

A Horcrux is a container in which the witch or wizard who makes one puts a piece of their soul to keep safe in the event that their body is destroyed. A Horcrux prevents the soul from "passing on" and thereby holds the witch or wizard's consciousness earth bound. That's it. From that point on, steps would have to be taken to re-establish ones self in a body.

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Reader Comments: (Page 14)

Herv� from Strasbourg,

I agree with you, I was just mentioning the reasons for which Voldemort WANTED to use Harry for his "Resurection", not stating that Voldy had been right.

I believe that Harry gained protection to bodily harm through Lili's sacrifice, but Dumbledore extended that protection so it was stronger in the home of his aunt.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on April 25, 2007 12:17 PM

What if the marauders map is a horcrux? Where was the map since the four arauders left school and until Filch confiscated it? What if wormtail had more access to the map than the other three and gave it to You-Know-Who to make a horcrux out of it, thinking that nobody would ever expect it to be part of Voldemort's soul, and that it would be forever safe at Hogwarts since nobody knew what it really was? (Obviously he didn't knew Fred and George were to be born...)

Posted by Prongs from Athens,Greece on May 8, 2007 06:15 AM

Prongs from Athens,

I verry much doubt that The Dark Lord would advertize that he was making Horcruxes, and even if he were, he definitly would not tell someone that was close to the ones combating him.

Voldemort uses Powerfull objects, preferebly relics belonging to the four founders of the school, so as the Marauder's map was made by Moony (Raimus Lupin), Padfoot (Sirius Black), Wormtail (Peter Petigrew) snd Prongs (James Potter), years after Voldemort had left school, NOT Hogwarts Founders, and ardent combatants of his followers (except for the traitor petigrew), it is not an object that would interest Voldemort to make a Horcrux.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on May 8, 2007 2:48 PM

While the Marauder's map is a powerful object, it was created after Voldemort had left the school, so Emilio is correct in saying it is not a horcux. It does seem to find itself in the hands of the people who need it most. Between the map and the invisibility cloak, they team up to let Harry gain clues to solve several riddles in the series. Notice that Voldemort's real name is Riddle, and Harry solves problems with riddles? That may be a clue in itself!

Posted by Dave Porter from New Mexico on May 8, 2007 9:17 PM

But I still want to know, where was the map till it was confiscated by Filch, and who did he confiscate it from?

Posted by Prongs from Athens on May 12, 2007 05:58 AM

If anybody has a logical assumption about where the map was and who had it before Filch is welcome to put forward his theory. In my opinion however I think that the map was either in his office taken by Apollyon Pringle the previous caretaker at Hogwarts and remained in the office untill Fred and George found it, or one of the marauders gave it to somebody else, let's say a brother, don't we know for certain that another Black was at Hogwarts after Sirius. Sirius might have given the map to his brother Regulus, unfortunately we don't know if they were getting on well before Regulus became a eater at the service of Voldemort, even if we assume they weren't the best of brothers Regulus might have snatched it from Sirius.

Posted by Prongs from Athens,Greece on May 13, 2007 03:50 AM

Prongs from Athens,

It is an interesting idea, I seriously doubt that the four original marauders let the map be taken from them (unless it was Petigrew).

I do think that they passed on to somebody they thought worthy of it, as did the Weasly twins. The most logical choice is not Regulus, but someone within Griffyndor.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on May 14, 2007 3:08 PM

Ok, my theory on how the map landed in Argus' office has no real supporting evidence; more a bit of idle imagination than anything, but see what you think anyway. The Marauders knew the map would be useless outside Hogwarts, but couldn't give it to just anybody. One of them devised a test of sorts: whoever had enough nerve to steal it from Argus, (or Appolian, or whoever) would be worthy. He purposely had it confiscated. I would think this was Remus for a couple reasons: he was clever enough to get away with it, he'd be least likely to get into serious trouble should he be caught (not unlike Hermione), and "I happen to know this map was confiscated..." Also adds a bit of irony that Remus is the one to take it from Harry. Of course, this leaves little room for it to be a horcrux, but I don't think it's one, anyway...

Posted by Monkeeshrines from Orlando Fl on May 16, 2007 5:02 PM

yeah, there was not much information about Horcruxes on the HBP book... and it left me hanging of how a horcrux is completely made. up till now, i'm still assuming other objects which or maybe people/animals who could be horcruxes..

it's impossible that the marauder's map, peter pettigrew, or any other objects/people were the left horcruxes. they don't possess the "power" and abilities voldemort was looking for in a horcrux. we don't know exactly which of ravenclaw's is a horcrux.. unless it's the tiara mrs. weasley mentioned at the end of HBP...

yeah, riddle's diary was not typical... i also noticed that if you don't suspect the diary as one, you wouldn't actually think it as a horcrux right? it does not have the typical enchantments the other horcruxes have. like what the ring and the necklace possess... if you would try touching them, enchantments would block you from getting them right? so that they were safely protected from others... but no, it was not like the diary... you would not be harmed by touching it. you would have to pour yourself over it first for it to possess you... surely, the diary was meant for other's destruction (read: innocent hands) and for the re-opening of the chamber of secrets.

Examples: Katie Bell wasn't injured by an enchantment that protects that necklace, and it wasn't like the enchantment that Marvolo's ring had. The necklace that injured Katie was merely a cursed one, meant to be delivered to Dumbledore.

Posted by Ashley from Baguio City, Philippines on May 26, 2007 10:00 PM

Ashley from Baguio City--

I personally do NOT think that Voldemort used any human beings as Horcruxes. While he could easily see whether they were loyal or not then (Legilimency), it would be impossible to know whether they would be loyal in the future. Also, it would be too easy for them to wander into town and give away Voldemort's plans. And remember what my hero said: "Voldemort believes that he is the only one who knows about his Horcruxes." If Voldemort had made a human Horcrux, obviously the person is going to know he is a Horcrux. Or she. If any of you human Horcrux conspirators have not thought of Bellatrix and Narcissa yet.

The ring and the locket had enchantments and curses on them because Voldemort made them that way. Voldy didn't want his Horcrux hidden and extremely well protected, because he was going to use it to off the Muggle borns. I'm sure that if it were a typical Horcrux it would be somewhere with a ly curse on it right now.

Okay, I have REVISED! my list of Horcruxes:
1. The diary-gone
2. The locket
3. The ring-gone
4. The cup
5. The tiara
6. The goblet with the Black crest on it

The reason I don't believe Nagini is a Horcrux is because it would be way to easy for Nagini to get ed. Why on earth would Voldemort want to trust his soul to something that might wander into the forest and ? I know I wouldn't but maybe Voldemort is an idiot...

This is why I believe that the Black goblet is a Horcrux: this easily explains why Regulus was so afraid to be a Eater. Voldemort liked to collect things of great magical power and history: a 15th century goblin made, out of the finest silver by the way, goblet with the crest of a pureblood family several thousand years old would fit this theme very nicely. When Voldemort had explained to Regulus why he needed the goblet, Regulus freaked out and quit. I think Voldemort intended to him anyway, but this gave him an excuse to tell the Eaters: Regulus betrayed me so I had to him.

Posted by Ashley R. from Missouri on June 5, 2007 7:14 PM

Ashley: the goblet is a good idea, although it's not a relic from a founder, and there are a lot of good reasons for the remaining Horcruxes to be a relic from each founder (godric + salazar + rowena + helga = 999, the title meaning HP and the relics of , Jo's sense of harmony, what Dumbledore tells Harry about Voldemort).

Nagini shouldn't be a Horcrux if she is an animal for the reason you gave. But it could be a Horcrux if it's an object transfigured. In that case, it wouldn't , the same way Pettigrew didn't as a rat, even after ten years, because in essence he was a human. An object transfigured would have all the characteristics of the animal (speaking Parseltongue, making venom, eating rats) while being immortal.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on June 6, 2007 2:30 PM

Herve - I'm not sure the Animagus transformation and an object transfigured into an animal would act the same way. Peter didn't because he was really a human in the shape of a rat; he still thought like a human. When an object is transfigured, it becomes the animal. The gerbil that the Prime Minister gave his niece would be an immortal gerbil under your theory. The gerbil that Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, transfigured from a teacup. Wouldn't it be a serious breach of wizard law for the Minister of Magic to leave a vestige of magic so easily recognizable in the presence of a Muggle? It's quite a well thought out theory, and you may very well be right, but I don't agree with it.

Posted by Monkeeshrines from orlando fl on June 7, 2007 08:38 AM

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