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Magick Moste Evile - What is (and isn't) a Horcrux

by Kevin McDonald

A Horcrux is a container in which the witch or wizard who makes one puts a piece of their soul to keep safe in the event that their body is destroyed. A Horcrux prevents the soul from "passing on" and thereby holds the witch or wizard's consciousness earth bound. That's it. From that point on, steps would have to be taken to re-establish ones self in a body.

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Reader Comments: (Page 13)

Kevin, when I suggested that a Dementor could swallow Voldemort's soul in Harry's scar, someone made it clear that it wouldn't be easy, since the scar had no opening (the Dementors get the soul through the mouth).

However, I think the Dementors play a great role in the final battle, because of the "usual story about a couple of invisible dementors". I don't think the couple of dementors who came to Privet Drive in OotP could be considered as "invisible", since Harry saw them.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on March 22, 2007 2:04 PM

I re-read COS again, and I was just thinking that maybe Ginny is one of Voldemort's horcruxes. The Riddle that comes out of the diary says: (after explaining that Ginny was writing in his diary causing him to become powerful) "Powerful enough to start feeding Miss Weasley a few of my secrets, to start pouring a little of my soul back into her..." What if "a little of my soul" doesn't just mean writing to her in his diary, but that he made her one of his horcruxes?

Posted by Dumbledore's Fan on March 22, 2007 10:22 PM

Dumby's Fan: I don't think that's possible. The Tom Riddle that Ginny and Harry met was just a "memory". I doubt he could cast real spells, or have access to a part of Voldemort's soul, except for the part he actually was, which was destroyed when Harry destroyed the diary.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on March 23, 2007 06:31 AM

I think it was Arabella Figg's account of the night which started the invisible dementor story. She couldn't see them if they were right in front of her eyes, according to JKR. I am sure the Ministry interviewed her after the attack as she was the only witness besides Dudley and Harry, who they are disinclined to believe.
I wonder how much control Voldemort has over the dementors. He would never allow them to destroy a horcrux if he knew of it and could stop them.

Posted by Patricia Mortimer from Quincy,Massachusetts on March 23, 2007 06:33 AM

Patricia Mortimer--
I think that Voldemort would have complete control over the dementors, because they would let him have control. He is promising them endless prey of human souls, the only price being that they follow him. That's a pretty good deal from where they are... hovering? Is that what dementors do when they aren't gliding? Hovering? Cause they are in the air, but they aren't moving....
Maybe this is one of those foreshadowings that JKR was talking about in the POA movie. In the movie, the dementors suck your soul from your face only, not directly from your mouth; if the dementors remove Harry's scar (which I doubt, but hey I'll help your theory), perhaps that is how they do it.

Posted by Ashley from Missouri on April 4, 2007 6:38 PM

Ashley, thanks much.

I'm not so sure the dementors would remove Harry's scar, but at least they would suck any fragment of Voldemort's soul in it. And you're right: in the movie, they suck from the face.

Also, Dumbledore said the scar shouldn't be removed, because scars can be useful and then he refered to a map of London Underground. If this is foreshadowing something, it may tell us that the scar is to be used as a map to find what is underneath. Then, a very precise Sectumsempra would open the scar just enough to let the dementors operate, if necessary.

Voldemort goes wrong when he thinks that offering what people usually look for (glory, wealth, power) or menacing them to make everyone go on his side. He went wrong about Lily (she prefered than accepting what Voldemort asked her about, whatever it was), he could have gone wrong about the dementors: almost every dementor would follow him, but a couple of them remained loyal and decided to help Harry.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on April 5, 2007 12:11 AM

I wanted to point out that dobby also knows what a horcrux is. In CoS he says: 'There are powers Dumbledore doesn't... powers no decent wizard...' So ofcourse he knows about the diary, and if you look at this sentence then it would seeme obvious that he knows what it is.

Posted by claudia from Holland on April 16, 2007 04:49 AM

Great thoughts i love it. If Voldemort really needed help don't you think that Voldemort's dad's bone might be a horcrux? or one of the ingrents to the potion that wormtail concocted in book 4 be a horcrux (maybe harry)? After all in book 4 Voldemort "had his own reasons for using the boy" as he stated to Wormtail at the riddle house. I don't know just a thought.

Posted by David from Birmingham AL on April 17, 2007 4:11 PM

But if one of the ingrents was a horcrux, then they would be destroyed now. Because they are blended into the potion.

Posted by Claudia from Holland on April 18, 2007 12:36 PM

Elizabeth from Australia,

I was reading page 6 of these commentaries, and I believe you have found the answer to the riddle of "The Boy Who Lived", by what you wrote, and I quote you "Voldemort's hate wasn't powerful enough to get through Lily's love".

I think you have solved the mystery for me.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on April 20, 2007 11:54 AM

David from Birmingham,

As I see it, Voldemort wanted to use Harry in resurecting him for two reasons. The first was to get rid of the protection that Lily gave him, and the second, to be able to him in front of his Eaters, as the first act of the "Reborn" Voldemort, and prove them all that he is all powerfull, by ing the boy that had originaly stripped him of his powers and body.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on April 24, 2007 10:49 AM

Emilio: Voldemort wanted to use Harry's body to get rid of Lily's protection and he probably thought he had been successful. But the fact Voldemort could touch Harry doesn't prove he overcame the whole protection.

If it had been so, then why would Dumbledore insist on Harry going back to Privet Drive? Harry is still protected by his mother's sacrifice (at least for the first july of book7 / DH).

Voldemort makes a big mistake, thinking that Harry is no more protected. This mistake is probably the main reason that gives Dumbledore "a gleam of something like triumph". Dumbledore says just afterwards: "he overcame that particular barrier", which suggests that there are some other barriers that Voldemort won't be able to overcome.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on April 24, 2007 11:14 PM

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