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Judging a book by its cover

by David Haber

We finally have images of the covers of the American and British versions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and if these covers are anything like previous Harry Potter book covers have been, these new covers potentially tell us a lot of what is going to happen in Book 7.

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Reader Comments: (Page 28)

I, too, believe the amphitheatre is a reference to the Roman Colosseum. Gladiators fought prisoners or other condemned persons to the , for the amusement of onlookers and spectators. Likewise, either Harry or Voldy have to in the end.

Posted by Kirsten from Belgium on April 18, 2007 3:47 PM

ok friends,
in the us cover Harry is also looking up in the skies and looking for somebody while voldy is actually looking at him. Who could it be harry is waiting for...? Somebody who has always helped harry when he needed it Someone who didnt let us accept that Dumbledore is . So one who lamented all night long. The bird with healing tears- FAWKES! It seems very obvious that Harry is looking into the skies waiting for it.

also one strange thing hogwarts is not supposed to open in book 7 but the doors of Hogwarts are open in the uk cover...

the moonlit night...this could mean lupin has an important role in book 7.

and the figure on the cover of uk edition (earlier reffered to as the snake in remembrall) looks like the crystal ball to me...
this might mean we see more of sybill trelawney in the book 7.

Posted by deepika from india on April 19, 2007 04:19 AM

I think the UK Children's cover could be showing Harry's vault at Gringott's. It is possible that Voldemort set a trap there for Harry and the trio. Also, I always thought it was odd that Bill retrieved money from Harry's vault in HBP. That seemed like such an odd scene, like it was just thrown in there casually, but maybe it really means something. What it means to me is that Harry has not seen his vault since Sirius's fortune was added to it. The armor and the jewels could have belonged to Sirius. The symbols could be something to do with the black family and the house elf could be Kreacher defending the treasure with Harry because it belonged to his "family."

Posted by LMN from Fayetteville, NC on April 19, 2007 4:44 PM

emma riley from m-town texas,

I'm stil not convinced, to me it looks like a strand of hair, and the scar is usualy a vivid red, not black.

deepika from india,

You might be right, in this "Coliseum" type of place is where the final battle might take place. I am still not sure if it is the room of in the department of misteries or annother place we have not yet visited.

At the end of HBP we still do not know if Hogwarts be open for the next term, McGonagal tells us that the Governors have to decide, but Hagrid and other teachers said that they would be there if the students wanted to return, it is just Harry who said that he would not be back.

Lupin might be important in DH, but also Fenrir Grayback and his pack might have an important role to play.

As for Sybil, no doubt she be back, she seams not to do any other "real" predictions than those that involve Harry and/or Voldemort.

Posted by Emilio from Mexico City, Mexico on April 19, 2007 5:33 PM

I've almost finished HP5 and in previous posts people hjave said it looks like dumbledore in the doorway on the back of UK kids cover. I myself cannot see this, but through out HP5 Dumbledore stands in doorways silhoetted by bright light.

Posted by mmc from SA on April 19, 2007 6:54 PM

Couldn't it be Azkaban in the US version? I just got this ideia when I was looking at the picture... We have never knew how Azkaban is like, and we know that Regulus d, and the ministery thought he was yet a eater. So, couldnt his corpse be in Azkaban, like Morfin Gaunt, and some more thiefs, ers and inocent people who are relative to this history? Harry said he wouldn't be at Hogwarts the next year, so he would try to find the others Horcruxes. Now that I think, such place as Azkaban has some odds to be a place to go and search. Maybe Harry found something more than he should
In addiction, those doors in the picture... can't they be cells?
Finally, and if I'm right, those people in the back could be Dementors, some Eaters or a lot of people summoned by Voldemort's wand, as it already happened.

Posted by Rafael Garcia from Oporto, Portugal on April 20, 2007 05:13 AM

I haven't read much about the robes that Harry and Voldemort are wearing on the US cover.

If you look close you'll see that the robes are identical. Same color and shape.

I wonder what this could mean? Is Harry imitating Voldemort or visa versa? Or is Harry imitating a eater to get close to Voldemort? Mabye by doing this Harry is luring Voldemort through the veil or to get close to the veil. And when Harry and Voldemort are close to the veil Harry summon the thing that Voldemort is a afraid of.

Posted by Steven from Holland on April 20, 2007 07:24 AM

i have said this before that in the us edition, harry is waiting for FAWKES. now deepika from india said this too. This is quite relevant as j.k rowling mentioned herself that fawkes may have a role in ly hallows.

Posted by hassan from pakistan on April 21, 2007 06:43 AM

"Is this the stage of the amphitheatre they seem to be in? Did their battle start there, and destroy the stage? And where could this amphitheatre possibly be?

The amphitheatre could possibly be at the Department of Mysteries, for in OotP, on pg 773, US edition, it says:

"They were standing on the topmost tier of what seemed to be stone benches running all around the room and descending in steep steps like an amphitheater, or the courtroom in which Harry had been tried by the Wizengamot."

And this was the place where the dueling took place in, right? Where the Order burst into the room and where Sirius Black 'd', falling through the curtain or veil? So maybe that would answer the question of why it is ruined. It was destroyed before they got here. But I cannot say why the battle took place here...

Posted by Pieretta on April 21, 2007 1:04 PM

I wonder what the broken wood on US cover is?

Posted by mmc from sa on April 23, 2007 02:17 AM

Gagsy, I can see the scar too. i don't think Harry's scar has anything to do with it...he has a scar and it always be there. His hair growing back in book one I think was simply because he's magical. Just because something's not right under your nose and pronounced doesn't automatically mean that it isn't there...

Posted by Tina from TX on April 23, 2007 11:34 AM

is it possiblly the room of requirement in the british cover and they are looking for the horcrux there?

Posted by omar from oxnard, california on April 24, 2007 12:16 PM

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