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J.K.'s surprising revelation about Dumbledore

by David Haber

Just a little over a year ago, on August 2, 2006, J.K. Rowling made a statement at her reading in New York City, at Radio City Music hall, that was big news and related directly to what we talk about on this web site. Well, tonight she's done it again. This evening, again in New York City, this time at Carnegie Hall, J.K. Rowling dropped a bombshell on the Harry Potter fan community.

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Reader Comments: (Page 26)

I think a lot of people are generally missing the point here. He's . Get over it. She's a writer who made a world with people who are well devised and with their own psyches and, surprise, one of them is . She didn't "reveal" it. She was asked a question and responded to it. She didn't want who he was changed in a radical way (and yes, writing a man as straight -is- a radical change, you might as well change his gender too.) and she explained why. Later, someone asked her a question and she responded with a simple answer.

And to be frank, the people who won't let their kids read the series are the same people who are screaming "warlocks are enemies of god!" and won't let their children read the books anyway so that's a moot point.

And if you want to talk about homophobia? You know what causes it to continue? Not letting people know at an early age "hey there are people out there." And somehow telling people "oh he's " is somehow an adult issue. Yes. Some people clearly don't understand the difference between telling someone that " people love their own gender like mommy and daddy love each other" and graphic descriptions of sex.

Bottom line is she had a character in mind and he is what he is. He's . DEAL WITH IT. She didn't make him a "normal unmarried person" because he's --. That's how he developed in her process and that's how he is. If you don't like it, really and truly, too bad. To say he should just a "normal person" absurdity. It's rather insulting to people and some of you -wonder- why s feel like they are treated as second class citizens.

Posted by Anonymous on November 9, 2008 12:47 AM

Dumbledore a ?!.... It was in HP 7 book' one chapter of the reporter Rita Skeeter, who was believed by many people as a liar or false writing reporter. So personally I would like to keep this spoiler of J. K. Rowling to be less attentive, as Dumbledore never give up his other responsibilities and was still widely reknowned Wizard.

Posted by Sagar Patil from India on November 13, 2008 08:53 AM

Yeh I mean to me its really empty words to spark more talk about the man, to me hes a hero. JK says its not your abilities that make you what you are but you actions, well I doubt DD ever acted on it so how can you really call him .

Posted by DD's Guy from atkinson nh on December 4, 2008 6:56 PM

I'm extremely happy about Rowling's decision to make Dumbledore a . I think it was extremely brave of her and that it fits the character perfectly. I admit, I never suspected he was , but the thought did cross my mind upon reading about his relationship with Grindelwald. I think this new insight makes Albus Dumbledore now even more of a brave, heroic, deep, and special person overall. I say, bravo J.K. Rowling.
And to all of you hypocrites who liked Albus but now reject him upon hearing the news: nothing's changed. He's the same Dumbledore, we just know more about him.
And who knows. Maybe this information help to erase hate against the community. Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt.

Posted by Martha from Milwaukee, WI on December 9, 2008 7:24 PM

I never would have guessed that Dumbledore was , but I like that fact very much. While it may give Harry Potter haters like Laura Mallory even more reason to say we're "wicked", I think some really fantastic things have come from it. Fans are talking about it and discussing it, and I think in that, more fans have been more accepting of it then they would if it was, say, a kid in their school, because Dumbledore is a character they know and love. And someone else asked if anyone else ever thought Lockhart to be , and I really didn't. I thought he was a bit obsessed with his hair, and really liked Valentine's day, but never stuck him with the title "", although I find nothing wrong with it.

Posted by kay on December 30, 2008 06:11 AM

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