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J.K.'s surprising revelation about Dumbledore

by David Haber

Just a little over a year ago, on August 2, 2006, J.K. Rowling made a statement at her reading in New York City, at Radio City Music hall, that was big news and related directly to what we talk about on this web site. Well, tonight she's done it again. This evening, again in New York City, this time at Carnegie Hall, J.K. Rowling dropped a bombshell on the Harry Potter fan community.

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Reader Comments: (Page 21)

While i have nothing against people, i was disappointed to hear this revelation. People can say "oh you should view him in the same way as you did", but the fact is, you cant. You immediately think he is , which makes him immediately different.

I would have much preffered him to be a family man, maybe widowed, perhaps still inatuated with Grindelwald, but not an outright . I think that would have been a better image for Dumbledore, because now a lot of people have a lot of respect for a fantastic character.

While he is still among my favourite characters (obviously i dont dislike him because he is ) i think it has slightly ruined his image as a ferocious Wizard, who is the only man Voldemort is scared of, the man who defeated Grindelwald, but the man who is ? It doesnt fit in my opinion.

Posted by Richard from Leeds, UK on December 21, 2007 06:29 AM

It does sort of make sense...
I did wonder why he didnt have a wife and kids because he was famous, but I thought JK rowling just didnt have time to add that in. That might be the reason why he was always keeping Snape around, but im not sure if he was in love with harry. Thats just weird! I want to know why JK didnt add that to the story and explained it. I have nothing against s but I just wonder why she did it?

Posted by Nhhh from Glasgow on December 22, 2007 2:31 PM

i always thought there was something about dumbledore but never anything like this! i mean... i guess it kinda fits with snape and grindawald but... i guess i just don't want to believe one of my favorite characters is (not that i have anything against s or dumbledore)

Posted by tallgoofychic from monroe, north carolina on December 28, 2007 11:55 AM

First of all, let me say what a amazing website.
I've spend the past hour just reading it, fascinated by all the theories and stuff I've never thought of.

I really never thought of Dumbledores I only once thought Does Dumbledore has a wife? I always thought that in the end he would hook up with mcgonagall.. but this aint the case I know. It really doesn't matter to me that he's and I don't agree with this theorie because I just dont think Dumbledore was in love with Harry. that's just outta question!

Posted by xvy on December 30, 2007 08:00 AM

At first I was a little disapointed, not because he is but I always thought that Professor McGonagall liked him in that loving way and I wanted them to hook up. But now that I know, it dosen't change anything, sure this is a childrens book but let's get with the times people alot of things we thought were defiantly for children turned out to have it's hidden adult humor and sometimes pervertedness (which is comparison makes this topic a non-issue). I think in these times our children are being forced to grow up faster then we did and can handle these topics. Especially if more and more heterosex is being plastered on everything.
I think of Dumbledore as a friend so if he wants to be I say why not, if a personal friend came out to me, I wouldn't think of them any different. I mean come on people its Dumbledore!

Posted by Melissa from Manitoba Canada on January 6, 2008 3:38 PM

If I may I just wanted to kind of respond to Richard's post at the top.

I don't really understand how you think his image is ruined. Can't a person be powerful and feared?
I kind of knew people would be saying that, him being totally changed the way they thought of him. But seriously, people aren't "normal" people and then once they come out to be they are just and nothing before then mattered.

This is just a little side thought: just because the author says a charater is dosen't mean thay you have to think of them that way. I mean in my opinion (yes I am very opinionated and can be annoying) any author gave up the right of shaping a charater the moment the first person read the first book. Some say Percy is a hot misunderstood ambitious person, others say he is snot rag git and should have stayed at St. Mungo's. Same thing with Snape. I even bet some of you fought with others feriously because you thought of a charater as a certain way and they were complete oposite.

Technically since it is not in the book that he is you don't have to believe.

Posted by Melissa from MB on January 6, 2008 4:05 PM

She went through the whole series not telling Dumbledore was , because if she did some people would just look at that. Dumbledore was (is?) a great man. Then she tells us hes , to show that we can respect people whatever their sexual orientation.

Posted by Anonymous from CA on January 16, 2008 3:32 PM

My mouth fell wide open as it would go when I saw on the news that Dubledore was ed,but then I read boks 5,6 and seven over again and it started making more sence.Like after Sirius d and Dumbledore told Harry why he'd kept his eyes off him all year."it was because of the love I'd felt for you"and "the same reason why you tried to save Sirius,the same reason your friends saved you," It didn't take me to long to figure out what the reason was,the reason was 'love'.Dumbledore what he was trying to say way too obvius!The answer to the whole series is "love,loialty,freindship,and cooporation!"

Posted by April Kent from Guelph,Ontario on January 20, 2008 6:42 PM

Hey! come on guys, thinking dumbledore to be is an amusing thought! But other than that i dont think he was actually , cause he didnt stay with Grindelwald for more than 2 months; and on the other hand he was a sort of a person who was a little lonely!

Posted by Jeffy Jacob from Kochi, India on January 21, 2008 02:55 AM

A few rebuttals: First, how do we know Dumbledore was celibate? His was not important to the storyline, which we always saw through Harry's eyes. So it never came up until someone asked JKR that question last summer.

More importantly, Richard from Leeds contradicts himself by saying that, while he has nothing against people, "you can't look at him the same" after learning Dumbledore's sexual preference. But this discussion is full of fans who adamantly insist that it doesn't matter which gender D'dore found himself attracted to. And that is exactly the point. So Richard, YOU may not be able to look at him the same way, but plenty of other fans is YOUR ingrained belief that men cannot be brave warriors that has tainted his image in your mind. Perhaps this revelation serve to alter that idea over time. There's room for everyone in this world to become more open-minded. (One reason why I love Luna so much, she never says never to any possibility.)

Posted by hollyanna from New Jersey on January 23, 2008 10:34 AM

I, personally, do not think Dumbledore as . I see him as someone he simple did not have a love because he was so into school. Some of the things could possibly true, but when I read the books over I do not see him that nor do I think about J.K.R. saying that he is. Dumbledore's character doesn't seem to fit the part; Lockhart on the other hand does fit the part, very well actually. Dumbledore and Lockhart are two totally different characters. Therefore, I think Dumbledore is just a very wise old man.

Posted by ashley from crown point, IN on February 17, 2008 10:18 AM

Lockhart was ? Didn't pick that up. Can't someone just be vain?

Posted by someone from America on February 25, 2008 1:05 PM

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