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J.K. Rowling goes Beyond the Epilogue

J.K. Rowling has announced in a new interview with that the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was vague on purpose. She admitted her original epilogue was "a lot more detailed," but now that Book 7 is in our hands, J.K. no longer has to hold back any information about Harry Potter, and has now given us a lot of new details about the story and the characters.

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Reader Comments: (Page 28)

Yeah, I think Sirius is definitely a better name than Albus Severus! Poor kid. WHY would you name your kid Albus Severus? That is so mean. You are not the only one who thinks that.

Posted by camille from manchester on December 6, 2007 06:09 AM

[Posted today by J.K. Rowling on her official web site]

Harry and Dudley: Future Hope?

A couple of people have told me that they hoped to see Dudley at King�s Cross in the Epilogue, accompanying a wizarding child. I must admit that it did occur to me to do that very thing, but a short period of reflection convinced me that any latent wizarding genes would never survive contact with Uncle Vernon�s DNA, so I didn�t do it.

However, I know that after Dudley�s brave attempt at reconciliation at the start of ly Hallows, the two cousins would have remained on �Christmas Card� terms for the rest of their lives, and that Harry would have taken his family to visit Dudley�s when they were in the neighbourhood (occasions dreaded by James, Albus and Lily).

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on December 7, 2007 1:32 PM

I just finished reading DH, but I still can't believe that it's all over now.. I'd like to know more about Harry's son, James and Draco Malfoy... did he marry Pansy Parkinson?

Posted by zainab from Holland on December 7, 2007 2:24 PM

HA! that would be so funny if he ended up with that pig. but it makes sense, I mean, who else would marry her and who else would marry him? They're both rejects in society and they belong with eachother. And Scorpius? That really proves just how mean Draco really is, naming his kid Scorpius. I agree with zainab and dave. I bet Harry was on friendlier terms with Dudley after that, but not real chummy or anything.

Posted by camille from manchester on December 7, 2007 5:29 PM

It's great to know that Harry and Dudley were able to establish and maintain a relationship. At the end of it all Harry really understood the importance of family. Instinctively he always understood I think, but in the end he knew it all the way.

I sort of assumed that Malfoy might have married Pansy, but it was so peripheral to the main story that I didn't worry too much. On the other hand he might have married someone else. At the end of the day Malfoy had to face the unpalatable truth that Harry risked his life to save him, whereas Voldemort had been more than happy to use him to destroy and punish his parents. Not an easy thing for anyone to accept. I suspect what happened might have left Draco Malfoy at least a halfway decent person. OTOH maybe I'm just trying to see the good in people.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on December 10, 2007 02:16 AM

what happened to Milicent bullstrode? she was present in earlier books especially CoS but we don't hear of her later. in earlier books i thought that maybe she and Draco form a pair.

Posted by swati from India on December 11, 2007 8:38 PM

Yeah, Swati, I wonder what happened to her, too. I think she was only mentioned in the story to provide an obstacle for Hermione and it never mentions anything about her and Draco together. I think Draco ended up with Pansy Parkinson, but if she was his wife, wouldn't JK have mentioned her name at Platform 9 and Three Quarters? I think possibly that Draco married some unknown pureblood snob that's his fifth cousin or something.

Posted by Camille from Manchester on December 13, 2007 06:09 AM

I agree with you, Camille. I don't really think Draco would have married Pansy. They are too much alike and would have argued a lot. I bet his wife was some dumb pure-blood who didn't know enough to see that he was so mean. She probably would marry him for his money. I also bet she was pretty and practically served him, or else he wouldn't have married her. That seems like his type to me.

Posted by Holly from Germany on December 15, 2007 11:15 AM

Yeah, Holly, I totally see him having a shallow, dumb-blond wife who is like his slave. I can actually see it being sort of a marriage like Narcissa and Lucius's. The wife being weak and not knowing what she was getting into. You know, JKR would never do this, but it would be fun to imagine some of the adventures James, Rose, and Albus have at Hogwarts. I would love to find out more about them.

Posted by Camille from Manchester on December 21, 2007 06:35 AM

I think Millicent Bulstrode got expelled, she wasn't smart enough, or maybe she wanted to get home schooled because she was so ugly and she got teased a lot.

Posted by C.J. from Utah on December 28, 2007 10:36 PM

In the family tree shown by JKR, percy didn't marry penelop clearwater but Audrey, who is she? (maybe poor memory of mine i can't remember her). another thing, that almost everyone we saw in earlier books was present in DH. The only i could not see were penelop clearwater and Amos diggory. atleast Amos should have been in the final battle as voldemort personally ed his son. is he ?

Posted by swati from India on December 30, 2007 8:49 PM

I went a bit confused with it.

Like...Ted Tonks d, didn't he? How would teddy lupin have a grandfather?

...Who's AUDREY? I mean..I think I can't remember seeing her name in all the HP books.

Posted by dunah from calbayog on January 1, 2008 05:53 AM

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