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J.K. Rowling goes Beyond the Epilogue

J.K. Rowling has announced in a new interview with that the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was vague on purpose. She admitted her original epilogue was "a lot more detailed," but now that Book 7 is in our hands, J.K. no longer has to hold back any information about Harry Potter, and has now given us a lot of new details about the story and the characters.

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Reader Comments: (Page 24)

I love this! Totally wicked! I was always on the ship for Neville and Luna, but who Luna now married is fine, too.

Posted by Racquel Jones from Highpoint, North Carolina on September 21, 2007 04:59 AM

How and When did Hermione get her parents back from Austrailia, and what are they doing now?

Posted by Tara O'neal from Rome, GA on September 24, 2007 06:16 AM

Tara O'neal:

I always imagined that Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to Australia, reversed the spell, and brought Hermione's parents back. Some years after the double wedding, it became tradition for the Weasley clan to go camping with Hermione's parents. (This is also how Albus Severus found out he was a Parselmouth.)

Posted by C.J. from Utah on September 24, 2007 9:47 PM

I would like to know two things. First, I would like to know who George married, and second, I would like to know if Harry retained his Parselmouth abilities, and if any of his children inherited it. Other than that, thanks a bundle for the info. Can't wait for the encyclopedia.

Posted by Laura from Center Harbor, NH on September 26, 2007 1:49 PM

I am 47 and have been a huge fan for a long time now. I think JK Rowling is to the literary generation what the Beatles were to the 60's music generation. I am just glad I was able to experience it in person.

As for Harry and his education, I figured there is no way Professor McGonagall would have let Harry graduate without doing his 7th year. Just because he saved the wizarding world doesn't mean he can skip out on his education. Same for Ron and Hermonie. I think Harry would have enjoyed spending his final year at Hogwarts just being a teenager stealing private time with Ginny under his invisibility cloak and not worried about someone trying to 'do him in'.

Posted by Betty from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on September 27, 2007 6:48 PM

i cannot escape the impression that j.k. isn't done writing about harry. i have a feeling that she's going to write another book, maybe as a surprise (unexpected, obviously). for a person who cared so much about details throughout these books, she left many things unexplained...

Posted by Lastkiss on September 28, 2007 06:16 AM

Well, I just read all 24 pages of comments and I'd like to add some more of my own.

All you Fred fans: fear not. As he was ed, I figure he would not want to pass on but would end up joining Peeves in making lots of high jinx at Hogwarts. Doesn't that sound like him?

As for Dudley: Here's my imagination. They had to come out of hiding so Harry and Ginny would retrieve them to take them back home. Ginny would be furious if Vernon and Petunia were not appreciative of what Harry went through to rid the world of Voldemort and would have retrieved the Pensive and shoved all three in after retriving Harry's thoughts to show them exactly what their nephew and cousin went through. Of course Dudley was already coming around so I think he and Harry sort of made up and Ginny even invited Dudley to spend a bit of the holidays at the Burrow before she and Harry returned to Hogwarts. Harry even invited Dudley to his and Ginny's wedding that took place at Hogwarts after they finished their 7th year. Dudley marries a witch he meets at the wedding and becomes a muggle liason with the Ministry.

Arabella Figg: I believe she and Mundungus get married or at least live together, after all everybody needs someone!

Kreacher: I think he would have come to live with Harry and Ginny and I agree with the person who wrote that they would live either in Godric's Hollow or near the Burrow. Winky would marry Kreacher and I think Harry and Ginny would have a little suite off their house for them to live during their down time from serving the Potters. With the money Ginny made during her time with the Holy Head Harpies combined with Harry's money that his parents and Sirius left him, Harry would have been able to complete his stus to be an Auror while starting a life with Ginny.

Those are my thoughts for now.

Posted by Betty from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on September 29, 2007 12:55 PM

If you think about it chronologically, one might guess that Harry and Ginny didn't get married until a few years after he defeated Voldemort. That's appropriate, Harry would finish his N.E.W.T.s at Hogwarts and then marry Ginny after his Auror training. If the epilogue takes place 19 years after DH, then James was born 6 years after Voldemort's , Albus 8 years, and Lily 10. Which means Harry and Ginny were married for a couple years, then got pregnant. Of course, they could have been married earlier and waited longer to have kids. Just thinking about it chronologically, it could have been different.

Posted by C.J. from Utah on September 30, 2007 2:33 PM


On October 1, JK named Harry Potter as Wizard of the Month on her official site with this description:

"Harry Potter (1980 - ) The Boy Who Lived, only known survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse and conqueror of Lord Voldemort, also known as Tom Riddle. Harry Potter joined the reshuffled Auror Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt at age 17, rising to become Head of said department in 2007."

From this we can tell some very interesting things. As Harry would have been 17 at the time he defeated Voldemort, this means, contrary to what some fans have guessed, that he did NOT return to Hogwarts again the following year to complete his education, making up for the year he, Hermione and Ron missed.

In addition, since we know that Harry's 7th year in Hogwarts was in 1997, and JK says he became Head of the Auror Dept. in 2007, we can extrapolate that it took him 10 years to ascend to head of the dept. and he was 27 when he did so, making it sound like he was possibly the youngest Wizard ever to reach that post.

Also, since we also know that the epilogue took place 19 years after the end of the main story, Harry had already been head of the Auror dept. for 9 years by the time we see him in the epilogue.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on October 1, 2007 11:16 AM

Wow! I'm glad JKR cleared up what happened to Harry's seventh year. It's so consistent with his attitude about school but more than that, what could Harry have learned in school that he hadn't already put into practice hunting Horcruxes and vanquishing Voldemort. And, what picky wizard would insist that Harry take certain courses he had missed and keep the great Harry Potter himself from becoming an Auror? Harry had spectacular credentials for becoming an Auror.

Maybe Hermione went back and maybe not. After what they had been through, and considering what Hermione already knew in Book 7, going back certainly would have been anitclimactic! No doubt Ron wouldn't return either. He could just ask Hermione if he needed to know something.

Getting on with life is what the trio should have done and I'm glad at least Harry, for sure, did just that.

Posted by Hannah from Los Angeles on October 1, 2007 2:30 PM

I know that JK is not going to write any more Harry Potter books but i hope that she make another series and hopefuly it me as sucessful as Harry Potter. But i must admit there never be another series or book that be the same as Harry Potter. I loved the 7th book but i have one question. What happened to Weasley Wizard Wheezes after the huge fight? i think Ron joined George in Fred place but i am not sure.

Posted by Amy D from California on October 1, 2007 4:21 PM

I agree with you, Amy. I think JK is trying to block off any hope of a sequel. One thing I was really hoping for was that somehow Harry keeps his Parseltongue abilities, and that he passes it on to his son, Albus Severus, and there is a whole new thing going on at Hogwarts with the Chamber of Secrets and old Eaters. But since he loses the ability, as JK says in an interview, there goes a whole new story...

Posted by C.J. from Utah on October 1, 2007 9:17 PM

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