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Is Harry the last horcrux?

by David Haber

In Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, we learned that, to make himself immortal, Lord Voldemort ripped his soul into seven pieces, and created six horcruxes (the seventh piece of his soul still residing in his body). We know or suspect about five of the horcruxes. Is it possible that Harry is the sixth horcrux? There are clues to suggest that he is.

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Reader Comments: (Page 56)

I think it is possible that Harry is the last horcrux. In various books, Rowling makes clear that a part of Voldemart was transferred to Harry. Moreover, that is why Voldemart insisted on taking Harry's blood (rather than some other wizard's blood) to grow stronger in the Goblet of Fire. Essentially, to regain strength, Voldemart needed to reintegrate the last part of his soul, which he had accidentally given to Harry. So now, when Harry ultimately s Voldemart, he have destroyed, in effect, 2 horcruxes. Alternatively, something about that transfer of blood make it easier to destroy Voldemart - perhaps because Lily's love which lives in Harry's blood, was transferred to Voldemart. Remember, the blood connection is very important, and it sealed the magical protection when Harry lived with Petunia - his only living blood relative. Finally, I do think that Snape is good. I think Petunia also play a strong role in the end. The overreaching theme of all the books has been the enormous power of love - somehow all this be tied together at the end, with the power of love that exists in Harry through his mother. I also think that Peter Pettigrew play a role in saving Harry at the last moment, because Harry saved him. Dumbledore told Harry that it is noteworthy to have a wizard out there who owes his life to Harry.

Posted by Ann from Billings, Montana on June 29, 2007 8:56 PM

Could Harry be a Horcrux:

I believe he could be, JKR said that he isn�t the �Last� horcrux but that doesn�t mean he isn�t one he could be the fifth or sixth instead of using a House artifact (such as Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff) he may have chosen Harry. My reason for believing this is:

Harry may be a horcrux hence the mark (scar), and the fact that he can see into Voldy�s mind, and sharing wands from the same pheonixs feathers, therefore having the came core (it�s like he�s one/a part of Voldy), having the same powers (like parseltounge), sensing Voldy�s emotions, he�s vengeful like Voldy (when someone makes him upset he acts on his impulses without a second thought, like what he did to Draco in HBP), and almost being sent to the same houses. They share similarities between each other that Voldemort himself prizes: resourcefulness, determination, a thirst to prove himself, ambition, disregard for the rules, and so on.

But if you still aren�t convinced, here�s a good question you should think about: Ok, we know that Tom Riddle�s diary was a horcrux right? Well, how is it that when Dumbledore attempted to destroy the Gaunt�s/Slytherin ring (one of the horcrux�s) that he his hand got all shriveled and he had to go to Snape for help, and he said that it could have ed him if he didn�t get aid from Snape (meaning that the horcrux�s are cursed)? Well, if that is true, ask yourselves why Harry was unharmed when he destroyed the horcrux (Tom�s Diary)? Shouldn�t it have affected him as it did Dumbledore? That is, unless Harry is a part of Voldemort, it being a horcrux would recognize a part of it�s owners� own soul.

Certain things did stand out to me in the first movie, when I first saw the movie I assumed that when Voldy offered Harry to be at his side and rule together I thought he was trying to trick Harry so he could him. But maybe it was an offer to actually get Harry close to him, horcrux or the one to fulfill the prophecy Voldemort could take him with him and either him, use him to get stronger, and or raise him to be like him so he could follow him as a Eater (seeing as Voldy doesn�t like to share power with anyone). In doing that, he wins in every way.

Posted by Heather from Charlevoix, MI on June 30, 2007 02:30 AM

It is impossible that Harry is a horcrux!

Count how many times voldemort has tried to him. Countless attempts. Even in the first book, it was well established when Voldemort tried to make Quirrel strangle Harry. Second book, he sets a giant snake on him.

This is not something you inflict on a host to a sliver of your own soul.

However. In the theory's defense, perhaps Voldemort wouldn't mind ing harry. As he gave away one part of his soul to undermine his old school, it is possible that he just wants his arch enemy .

When people say a part of Voldemort is harry, isn't it obvious that that is related to the backfiring curse?

Personally, I believe that Harry still has a few tricks left, though ing himself is not one of them.

Posted by Lexa Moore. from Yackandandah, Australia on June 30, 2007 8:05 PM

well heather, one of your last words rang a bell on me. I remember that Dumbledore said the only thing that kept Harry from being a dark wizard and being fascinated with Voldemort's power was love. Like I've always said in this website, Love must be the key to this history, and it obviously means a lot.

Moreover, and as Ive already said, the truth is very very cruel. Harry is actually the chosen, but not because he was the one who could Voldemort. He is the chosen because he was meant to be a part of Voldemort. Who doesn't give up agaisnt that power and becomes a dark wizard himself? Dumbledore says only the people who is protected by the capacity of loving can do that.

This is so complex that I havent even been able to completely understand this... Harry carries a huge burden with him for the rest of his love. Harry carries Voldemort inside him. Maybe love destroy that horcrux and keep Harry alive, maybe not. Only the last book can tell us that.

Posted by Rafael Garcia from Oporto, Portugal on June 30, 2007 8:06 PM

If Harry is a horcrux (which i highly doubt) it would make sense that Snape has not ed him yet. By protecting Harry he was protecting Voldemort until Voldemort had enough strength to fight off Harry and become mortal again.

Posted by Rach on July 1, 2007 12:43 AM


I think that it could be Draco that the Prophecy was refering to, these are my reasons for believing it is Draco, and that Harry, although is equally important isn�t actually the one that is meant to Voldemort.

One reason is that the Prophecy said that �The Dark Lord mark the oppenent his equal, would leave a mark on the boy. Draco, as we suspect, has the Dark Mark on his arm, which is a sign of the Dark Lord. Although Voldemort sees no one as his equal, he marks Draco and all of his Eaters with the Dark Mark as his contemporaries, those with the same goals and ambitions as himself. Draco is the youngest known Eater (except for maybe Regulus Black, who was ed, maybe anyway) with the Dark Mark, what makes me wonder if Draco is being marked as Voldemorts equal is that all of the other Eaters had to earn Voldemorts trust/prove their loyalty before they got their mark, whereas Voldemort gave Draco his before he even started his first mission. Voldemort may have unwittingly marked Draco as his equal thinking that he just needed the Dark Mark to get through the barrier that the Eaters set up, but actually helping to fulfill the Prophecy. It never said how old the boy would be when he would be given the mark.

Another reason would be that the book never said how old Draco was, but it did say that he, Neville, and Harry were all left behind in the Potions class because all THREE were too YOUNG to take the Appartion Test with everyone else, placing Draco�s Birthday near Harry�s and Neville�s which is towards the end of July. (Which is what the Prophecy said would be the time the boy would be born). So I think it is Draco that the Prophecy really meant.

And finally for my best proof, coming from the prophecy on page 841 of OoTP it said that the boy would be �Born to those who have Thrice Defied Him� with that in mind, I started to think about the information given in the first six books on both Harry and Draco�s families. When searching for info on Harry�s family I could only find one thing that would have defied Lord Voldemort and that was that both of Harry�s parents were in the Order. And that, as far as we know is only defying him once.

Lucius Malfoy however, lied and denied that he would never work under Voldemort and said that he was under the Imperious Curse the whole time he was doing Voldemort�s biddings. That would be fact number one.
We also know from the fourth book that Lucius did not look for or attempt to bring back Voldemort for thirteen years. Fact number two.
Lucius was entrusted with the horcrux (the diary) in safe keeping and not to use it until instructed to by Voldemort himself, but Lucius didn�t listen he used it for his own gain and to get rid of a incriminating dark artifact at the same time. Which would be number three.

And there may be a fourth, but this is just my theory here but:
I think that Lucius and Narcissa may have lied about when Draco was born (even if it would be just by a matter of a couple weeks) to deceive the dark lord and lure him away form the possibility that it could be their son that the Prophecy meant. Which would be the smart thing to do, because Voldemort wouldn�t take any chances. So, I think that they may have gone somewhere while Narcissa was pregnant or while Draco was really young and lied about the week in which he was born, after all what would Voldemort know about children, and other than Narcissa and Lucius only Bellitrix would know Draco�s real birthday unless she was already in Azkaban when the Prophecy was made or if Draco was born abroad.

But if she does know or has any suspicion that it could be Draco that the Prophecy meant; then Draco�s in a lot of trouble, she said that she would be more than ing to give up her sons for the Dark Lord if she had any. She could point this out to Voldemort. And we already know that she�s a loose cannon anyway, she ed her own cousin, and if she would condemn her brother-in-law for her own mistake then I don�t see her feeling too bad if Draco gets ed.

Posted by Heather from Charlevoix, MI on July 1, 2007 02:01 AM

Reading the beginning of this article, when the word trophies was used, it got me thinking. Perhaps the 6th horcrux is Riddle's trophy is for service to the school when Ron when pucking slugs all over it in CoS(Unrelated to the Harry being horcux topic) But still, maybe he thought it special to commerate his slaying of a "mudblood"

Posted by Nick from Rochester, NY on July 1, 2007 12:07 PM

I think that Harry find out he's the last horcrux and the whole book be him trying to destroy the Horcrux's without ing himself.

Posted by Otto "UnL337" Peyer from Corpus Christi, Texas, USA on July 1, 2007 3:15 PM

Nice theory. However, it's wrong. Think about it; it has been established that it is probable that the final Horcrux is an item owned by Griffindor or Ravenclaw. No items owned by Ravenclaw have been mentioned, and as the house takes a minor role in the series it wouldn't make any sense to have the final Horcrux owned by her. There are two items in the story that were owned by Griffindor. The sword has been eliminated from our enquiries, so there is only one suspect; Godric's Hollow. That's right, the house. The house where his parents were ed. Interestingly, no real motive has ever been given for the attempted triple-ing. And guess where Harry is going at the beginning of the final book?

Posted by Anonymous from Here on July 1, 2007 5:47 PM

The prophecy said and I quote 'One whose parents had faced the Dark Lord twice.' Harry's parents had to be in hiding and Neville's had benn tortured with the Cruciatis Curse until they lost their minds. That makes you think doesn't it?

Lily could have let Voldemort take Harry and maybe Voldemort would've found neville and ed him too (then that would've been a waste and a poor loss for James to ).

And Voldemort wants to Harry so he can prove that He is stronger and better than a mere boy.

Posted by Dahnye from Detroit on July 1, 2007 9:43 PM

I think the real clue is the scar's shape, if Voldemort really did split his soul into seven pieces then each Horcrux should be one seventh of his soul... try to draw a one over seven without going over any lines twice or picking up your pencil, don't draw it with a - but with a /... if you do it just right it's a lightning bolt!

Posted by anonymous on July 2, 2007 04:26 AM

Oh, and before I forget, I 100% believe Harry is a Horcrux, I have found a way to counteract EVERY DOUBTFUL THING (tell me if you have anotherone that I missed and I'll start working on it).

1.Harry wound have to first, which would make a dubious moral message: Facing your fears is a very good moral message and Harry's worst fear is dementors, which suck out your soul.

2.JKR says that Dumbledore was right about there being four horcruxes left: Still very possible when you put into consideration that Dumbledore says that he thinks that "Voldemort was still AT LEAST one Horcrux short of his goal of six when he entered your parents' house with the intention of ing you." [HBP usa pg.506] which would mean that he never got a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw artifact. (I missed those two words the first three times I read the book).

3.It was agony for both Harry and Voldemort when Voldemort possessed him at the ministry, he would be in constant agony if a piece of Voldemort's soul was in him all the time: This one took me a while to figure out, but, what if everyone's soul has a good part and an evil part (even if it's just in the world of JKR)? Voldemort then would have at one, time had a good side. Since ing rips your soul, then, if my theory is true, it is logical that ing (unless it's for a reason that, in the er's mind, is justified for a reason that is not normally evil e.g. revenge, in which case it would rip off part of the evil portion) would rip off a piece of the good part. We know that Voldemort wasn't absolutely, completely evil when he entered the house in Godric's Hollow (which on it's own is a clue that he could be a Horcrux, GODRIC's Hollow, GODRIC Gryffindor, the four House symbolism) because he was ing to let Lily live, when he ed her it may have ripped most or all of the small amount of remaining good part off and if the piece of your soul that goes into a horcrux is the piece that was most recently ripped off, the piece that is in Harry is not a piece of evil soul, but of good soul (I know this is way over analizing things, but that's what I do, I have actually turned Harry's fate into an equation "(-18+D)+(-1xR)+(H/2)+M" and don't ask how I got that)

4.Voldemort didn't mean to turn Harry into a Horcrux:Lily was an "Unspeakable", she worked in the love room in the Dep. of Myst., she knew that sacraficing herself for Harry would save Harry's life, most people aren't that selfless and even if they were, I would guess most people would not know that doing that would save the person's life since most people don't know why Harry survived, so most people wouldn't see a point to it; I doubt that any previous cases of that happening would have been reported if it had ever happened in the first place. We have no way of knowing that a curse being blocked like that wouldn't cause the person that was suposed to be ed to encase a piece of the attempted er's soul.

5.Voldemort tried to Harry in GoF and OotP:Since there are no previous cases to compare it to, Voldemort also had no way of knowing (that we know of) that Harry is a Horcrux, until he possesed him at the ministry, at which time he realized a piece of his soul there. He asked Dumbledore to both of them because he knew that that would NEVER happen. Voldemort's not stupid, he may be ignorant about some things, but he's not stupid. Why would he think that Dumbledore would him while he was inside of Harry if he wouldn't him while he was in his own body? HE WOULDN'T! Voldemort was (I believe) just possesing Harry to see if he could find out what the connection between the two of them was, and he succeeded in doing that, he asked Dumbledore to them because he needed a cover story for why he was possesing him in the first place. This theory is supported by the fact that after possessing him, Voldemort suddenly switched targets from Harry to Dumbledore, he went for Dumbledore because (I believe) he knew that Dumbledore knew about the Horcruxes and didn't want him to tell Harry, a goal that he miserably failed to achieve.

Posted by anonymous on July 2, 2007 05:36 AM

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