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Is Harry the last horcrux?

by David Haber

In Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, we learned that, to make himself immortal, Lord Voldemort ripped his soul into seven pieces, and created six horcruxes (the seventh piece of his soul still residing in his body). We know or suspect about five of the horcruxes. Is it possible that Harry is the sixth horcrux? There are clues to suggest that he is.

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Reader Comments: (Page 54)

I think the dementors would work "for the highest bidder". They've already switched sides at least once that we know of, from the Ministry to Voldemort. If Harry "ups the ante", and lets them know they would have a crack at sucking Voldemort's actual soul out of the horcruxes they find, don't you think they'd change sides again and help Harry?

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on June 21, 2007 2:08 PM

Well i have one thought...If Voldemort used the horcrux spell on Harry, would it be possible that it bounced back onto Voldemort, so now Voldemort would have two pieces of his own soul, making himself his own horcrux?

Posted by Mika Jokinen from Kokkola,Finland on June 21, 2007 3:06 PM

could Harry be a horcrux for his parents? is that possible? does Voldemort confess to the s or just allude to Lily Potter's sacrifice? could a double sacrifice give Harry a double portion of power? does Lupin tip us to that in PoA..."they are closer than you think"? What if all of that took place before Voldemort arrived, he found them (dual sacrifice), Harry alive (with the power of two wizards inside of him), tried the ing curse and only left a mark...or scar?

Posted by kls from st charles, mo on June 21, 2007 7:25 PM

Just one thing:

In HBP Albus NEVER said Harry is a Horcrux

What he said is that he planned to create a Horcrux -his seventh by the way- ON Harry's because it was a really special (due to the prophecy which made Harry his strengest enemy able to him etc).

And that means that he would use the spell to create a Horcrux AFTER having alredy ed Harry!

On the other hand thought he never made it!
Harry' mother d, but it was Voldemort's fault her was a sacrifice because he offered her two options: to leave and live or to there protecting her son.

But no, Lily loved her son.

So the reason Harry survived is because Riddle did him a favor and provoked his mother to prove how much she loves her son.

Due to her love and her sacrifice Harry lived, it was something else, a 'problem' that occured preventing Riddle to little-but protected-Harry.

Voldemort never intended to make Harry his Horcrux and i don't believe he is one.

Posted by nikki from greece on June 22, 2007 1:28 PM

In the beginning Harry didnt know where did the green light of his dreams come from... and now he does.

The book isnt an encyclopedia, there are a lot of things hidden. As far as I see, there is a possibility that Harry could be a Horcrux, but he could not be a Horcrux as well...
You can't judge all the story by following what is written there (at least of you have read all the books of course)

Posted by Rafael Garcia from Oporto, Portugal on June 22, 2007 7:20 PM

i dont think that harry is a horcrux because of the following reasons:

dumbledore tells harry at the end of book 5 that he(harry) contains a force that is more powerful than everything at times. he also adds that voldemort does not possess that force at all. dumbledore says "it was this power that took you to save sirius, it is because of this power that voldemort can't possess you without bearing mortal agony". in the 6th book, we learn that this power is love. voldemort cannot reside in a body that is full of love.

so, it is almost impossible that a part of voldemort's soul is residing in harry. also dumbledore should have recognised something if it was so. moreover, the enchantment put by dumbledore ensures that harry is perfectly safe from voldemort as long as he is with dursleys (till 17 yrs of age, of course). also, voldemort would not have tried to harry if it was so.

Posted by kkm from delhi on June 22, 2007 11:43 PM

Well, hmmmm... I have a thought to share with the class...

I think, that Voldemort went to Godrics Hallow on Halloween night, all those years ago now, definitely intending to make a Horcrux... But... Voldemort was intending to make a Horcrux out of Harry after all, and after he did so, he was intending to take harry, and raise him as his own... BUT, Lily and James weren't going to let that happen, so James stepped up to Voldemort, to try and stop him, and was ed! Voldemort then stepped over the body of James Potter, and tried once again to get to Harry to perform the (UNKNOWN) Horcrux Spell...

But this time, Lily got in the way, she told Voldemort, or something to this affect im almost positive, "No, stop, me, but dont take Harry", Voldemort then said, there is no need for you to , Lily, Just STAND ASIDE!", and when she wouldnt move, when she stood there, Guarding Harry from Voldemort. He ed her by means of the Avada Kedavera Curse.

Now, as we know, Lily sacrificed her life, for her son's. And by doing so, she gave Harry a shield. Now, it is my belief, and i do not believe that many disagree, that when Voldemort attempted to create the Horcrux in Harry from the s of Lily and James Potter, the Curse rebounded upon Voldemort "BECAUSE", there is absolutely no means of blocking the avada kedavera, but the Horcrux curse can be blocked, and i believe that voldemort did not intend upon ing Harry that night at all... But, when he Attempted the Horcrux Curse, it rebounded upon him due to Lilys shield of love, it accidentally activated the process of the Horcrux, and that might just be what resides within that nice Little scar on Harrys forehead...

And now, that he is older and knows what Horcruxes do, he figures out that he may be a horcrux, he goes and hunts down Snape, s him, and creates a Horcrux of himself, then, during the final battle, he figures out he has to , to the horcrux in him, right before Voldemort performs the one Avada Kedavera that doesnt miss harry, and harry is ed...

But he's not truly , just his body is, and the rest of his soul, and ability to recover, sits safely hidden in his Horcrux... But no one else knows about Harrys Horcrux, so someone, probably Aberforth, Albus Dumbledore's "mysterious brother", attempt to Voldemort with the same curse... And then, Voldemort is illuminated in a eerie deep green glow, and as he is lifted off his feet, and is launched through the air, his body then hits the ground, and moves no more...

Posted by Daniel J from Dragoon, Arizona on June 23, 2007 06:35 AM

Just one question...Does't Voldemort have to Harry to make a horcrux of him?...And by the way...this is mabye not a childs book, but Harry is the hero. The one who survives and Voldemort. Why have 7 books about him if he d in the end? there are many kids who read it, could J.K really their biggest hero? I don't think so...many but not harry. And if Harry is the last horcrux then he find a way to destroy it...mabye with help of snape or Dumbledores brother? I just don't think Harry Potter because it would be too cruel!

Posted by Hanna from Sweden on June 24, 2007 1:02 PM

Amen, daniel.

kkm, Dumbledore must have set the spell to Harry's body. Voldemort was there already, so Dumbledore protected Voldemort too. If Voldemort has a horcrux inside Harry's body, then Voldemort is protected by love too. It's ironic, isn't it?

Posted by Rafael Garcia from Oporto, Portugal on June 24, 2007 2:28 PM

What if Harry made a Horcrux? Voldemort would "" Harry, and Voldemort would , but Harry wouldn't.

Posted by Poe on June 24, 2007 6:42 PM

Here is my theory:

Harry is the last Horcrux, but he survives and here is how -- Voldemort split up his soul and part of that soul is in Harry. There is something that keeps coming up regarding the soul - Dementors. And what does a demontor do to a soul? It sucks souls out the mouth. My theory is that Harry get Voldomort's soul sucked out of his mouth by a dementor intentionally. Voldomort believe Harry to be worse than and turn his back on the corpse, following which Harry voldomort. In addition to Harry's difficult life, I believe the dementors effect him doubly because of Voldomort's horrible life which they have access to through Harry the Horcecrux and that is the real reason they are so drawn to him.

Posted by Tim from Flagstaff, AZ on June 24, 2007 8:01 PM

ok,..I agree with tim, mostly..Correct Poe, because harry wouldnt , thanks to his hidden Horcrux. But, it is my theory, that when voldemort finally delivers the fatal blow, which could very well happen, Harry's body be destroyed, and by destroying Harry's body, Voldemort destroys the Horcrux that resides within the scar... Thank you Poe...

Not exactly hanna, for the Horcrux spell to come into effect, a has to be committed by the wizard intending to create the Horcrux. And when the occurs, the er then takes that torn piece of soul, and encases it inside of an object, or a being, namely a Human, being Harry. But when he attempted once again to create the horcrux, the final time that is, the spell rebounded upon voldemort, maybe causing the same affect as the avada kedavera, but because Voldemort had his Horcruxes, he did not . But right at the point when the curse retouched Voldemort, it activated the process of the creation of the Horcrux, because there had already been two s in the house at that point, and since the curse rebounded, and did not dissapate, it must have rebounded once more off of Voldemort, and settled in Harry's Forehead, inside of the Lightening Bolt Scar!

Posted by Daniel J from Dragoon, Arizona on June 25, 2007 10:17 PM

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