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Is Harry the last horcrux?

by David Haber

In Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, we learned that, to make himself immortal, Lord Voldemort ripped his soul into seven pieces, and created six horcruxes (the seventh piece of his soul still residing in his body). We know or suspect about five of the horcruxes. Is it possible that Harry is the sixth horcrux? There are clues to suggest that he is.

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Reader Comments: (Page 40)

A thought just occurred to me. Several people have suggested that maybe Harry himself is a horcrux, but that can not possibly be right. For one, we know that Voldemort likes to use objects of great value to him. He only "marked Harry as his equal". He never considered Harry of any importance. Another reason is because Voldemort tries to Harry every chance he gets. Why in the world would he want to destroy his own Horcrux, even if Harry is considered a threat to him. Somthing made me think, what if instead of Nagini being a Horcrux, maybe the Basilisk was. He was well hidden, lived a very long life (and probably would have lived another couple hundred years if it wasnt slain), and was a pet to Salazar Slytherin. That would obviously give it great value in Voldemort's eyes. I dont think he would keep Nagini so close to himself if she was a horcrux. He always wore the Gaunt ring on his finger until he made it a horcrux. He then hid it away for safe keeping.

Posted by Marc Silverman from Arizona on April 2, 2007 11:35 AM

Marc Silverman from Arizona,
i like that theory and it makes sense. voldy knew the basilisk wouldn't move around unless a direct descendant of Slytherin who could speak parseltongue ordered it to. this means that unless someone found out about it, like harry, ron and hermione did, the basilisk was safe to live for hundreds of years.

remember, voldy only heard the first part of the prophecy. he would have heard the part saying "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who thrice defied him, born as the seventh month s..." thats all he would have heard. nothing about marking him as his equal or having the power he knows not or either must at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. so why would voldemort want to harry? because he heard that he could vanquish the Dark Lord. maybe harry is a horcrux. it would be sensible in the sense that harry wouldnt't be able to voldy unless he ed himself.

i suppose no one know what's going to happen. JK Rowling is so unpredictable its impossible to know. i wonder sometimes if she is surprised by what she writes. i can't wait for july 21. bring on ly hallows

Posted by claire from QLD, australia on April 3, 2007 01:16 AM

Annemarie, Marc: how can you be sure that Voldemort tried to Harry in GoF and OotP? Because he pretended to do so in front of the Eaters?

When Voldemort asks Dumbledore to Harry, he knows for sure that he won't. If Voldemort wanted someone to Harry, he would have asked for long his Eaters to do so. Malfoy's task would have been to Harry, not Dumbledore.

In the Ministry, Voldemort sends a green light curse towards Harry (as Bellatrix did minutes before), then "another green light curse" towards Dumbledore, then "another ing curse" towards Dumbledore. This one is mortal, Fawkes swallows it and is transformed into ashes. The previous one is mortal, because Jo says so. The one directed towards Harry is only quoted as a green light curse, not a mortal curse. To me, that makes a big difference, even if it can be just a matter of not using always the same wording.

I have abandoned the idea of Harry being a Horcrux, because it would be kind of awkward. But I still believe that Voldemort marked him intentionaly as his equal, not to make him a Horcrux, but with another plan in mind. This plan failed because Harry has a power that the Dark Lord knows not.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on April 3, 2007 02:27 AM

Reading all these comments, i started to belive that harry potter was a horcrux. In Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, voldemort gets back to life by using harry's blood, maybe because that was voldemorts soul inside harry's body, and then the soul of voldemort residing inside harry was destroyed and gone back to voldemort. then voldemort could harry, thats why the members of the order say that voldemort had intended to harry that night and his plans failed miserably.
That is why maybe there was a look of triumph on dumbledores face when he learned that voldemort had returned using harry's blood which reduces the number of voldemorts horcruxes and makes him easier to .

Posted by Arjun Srivastava from Mumbai, Maharashtra on April 3, 2007 10:13 AM

I have a theory (probably not a good one, but hey ho).

When Voldemort went to Harry on that fateful night he had decided he would make a Horcrux after ing Harry, so he took with him the object he wished to encase the Horcrux in. He s James Potter and tells Lily to stand aside, she refuses and as he is left with no alternative he s her too.
What if he then thinks - I have ed Lily Potter she was a powerful and important witch, I use her for a Horcrux too - he makes his Horcrux and places it into a wand ( a founders wand). He walks up to Harry, his brain works in the twisted way only Voldemorts mind can and he decides that, seeing as Harry is only a baby and can offer no resistance he use the 'Horcrux wand' to Harry with - using something that is a Horcrux to enable him to create another one. He points the wand and says avada kedavra, the curse rebounds and hits Voldemort. But what if at the same time the HOrcrux is ejected? Say the wand not hold evil? The Horcrux cannot enter Harry due to the protection left by his mother - but it hits and seals itself onto Harry's forehead. The Horcrux is the scar, and the scar CAN be removed without the of Harry.

A long shot maybe, but - and if anyone has info for me on this I would be truly grateful, through priori incantatem there is no echo of the adava kedavra curse, no scar shadow - or if that is just it bouncing off there is no shadow of the curse hitting Voldemort either. I mean it DID hit - just not on its intended victim. No echo suggests no curse, suggests another wand.
IF my theory were to be correct I would suspect that Voldemort does not know that the Horcrux was ejected, he does not know that Harry is so precious to him - hence the repeated attempts. It may also explain the disappearance of one Ollivander.

Posted by Orlando from England on April 4, 2007 12:57 PM

hiya i think that harry find out that Neville is really the one meant to voldemort so harry destroy all the horcruxes apart from him self and then himself and come back as a ghost to help Neville, its very unlikely but might happen.

Posted by amy-louise from england on April 5, 2007 03:41 AM

Some thoughts about the scar:
(1) The scar is a mark, and appeared the night Harry was attacked by Voldemort. It is mentioned in the prophecy ("the Dark Lord mark him as his equal"). The scar is the visible mark of what Voldemort did to Harry, and as a result, Harry became Voldemort's equal.
(2) Voldemort's curse shot back because "Harry has a power that the Dark Lord knows not". When the curse shot back, the scar was already made ("he mark him... but he has a power..."). The word "but" is of great importance. Voldemort's failure is the consequence of Harry's power, while the scar isn't.
(3) Voldemort has to at Harry's hand, so that Harry can live, and Harry is the only one who can vainquish Voldemort. It probably has much to do with the scar.

Now, here is my theory:
(1) Harry's scar is the object that enables the transfer of Voldemort's soul, power and memories from his body to Harry's body. We see in OotP that memories flying from Voldemort's brain to the scar can overflow and get inside Harry's brain. Harry gets high power at dark arts, and Slytherin's powers like parseltongue.
(2) In giving Harry his scar, Voldemort intended to create a new young Voldemort, who would integrate everything that makes Voldemort. By sending his memories, he ensures the continuity from Riddle's body to Harry's body.
(3) In doing this, Voldemort intends to acquire immortality, not only for his soul (the Horcruxes), but also for his terrestrial experience as a living person with a good shaped body and power. Voldemort said that without a body, he was the weakest creature.
(4) This idea was already used, at least, in "The world of non-A (AE Van Vogt)" and in the 1999 movie "being John Malkovich". Funnily, John Malkovich's middle name in the movie is Horatio. Maybe, Slughorn's first name is a reverence to Malkovich.

If you apply this theory, Harry isn't a Horcrux. He hasn't got to , and he needs to empty his scar from Voldemort's soul at the same time that Voldemort's soul gets away from Riddle's body.

Most probably, Voldemort thought than, in order to do all that, he needed his six Horcruxes. The six Horcruxes would have been performed before Godric Hollows's night, or the last Horcrux would have been performed that night after James's .

That theory could also explain why Voldemort was so eager to have Lily on his side. He thought Lily would raise young Harry/Voldemort as her son. That's the kind of thing that Dumbledore considers (as I do) worse than , something Voldemort doesn't understand. Lily couldn't accept, and as Jo said, no normal mother would accept.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on April 5, 2007 09:21 AM

Voldemort purposefully made the horcruxes, and he obviously did not purposefully transfer any pasrt of his soul to the boy he set out to . Voldemort wouldn't want a horcrux destroyed, so why would he make harry one and then perform a ing curse?

Posted by Erin from New York on April 5, 2007 10:16 AM

obviously harry is not the last horcrux. We know after ing harry's parents voldemort tried to harry. why would he do that if harry was the last horcrux? we also know slughorn said it needed a spell to make a horcrux so harry couldnt have become the horcrux accidentally.

Posted by psychedelic from my house on April 5, 2007 11:20 AM

The first part of Voldemorts unheard portion of the prophecy:

"and the Dark Lord mark him as his equal, but he have power the Dark Lord knows not"

"Mark him as his equal"...

If you take Trelawny's prediction at face value, by casting AvadaKedavra, Voldemort would NOT be marking Harry as his equal.

By ing the defenseless Lily Potter, Voldemort would have performed an act of great evil...

Voldemort's goal at the Hollows was not to Harry, but rather to make him a Horcrux. By imparting an "Equal", 1/7th, portion of his soul in Harry, he hits the prophecy with exact accuracy.

Harry is the ultimate piece of his collection, the "one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord". Voldemort is also power hungry, and he might have the belief that by creating a Horcrux in Harry, he could learn of that power. Why collect the relics of wizards when you could collect the one thing that could you?

Not to mention that this fully explains why Harry becomes a Parselmouth, the dreams, etc. etc. etc.

If we assume that Voldemort wanted to make a Horcrux out of Harry, we ask these questions:

1. Despite Lily's protection, is the scar the mark of the Horcrux, or did the spell fail?
2. If the spell failed, did the protection of Lilly destroy the Horcrux? 4 down, 2 to go?
3. What happens when a Horcrux spell backfires?
4. How could Voldemort continually try to Harry if he is a Horcrux?
5. Does Harry being a Horcrux explain why Evil-Snape is protective at times? Or does it explain why Good-Snape hates him so much?

Posted by Ben Price from Colorado Springs, CO on April 5, 2007 11:46 AM

It has been made very clear that neville isn't the chosen one to voldy....the prophecy could have been indicated to anyone of was up to voldemort to decide, voldemort chose harry potter not neville longbottom... he isn't the chosen one...

Posted by Arjun Srivastava from Mumbai, Maharashtra on April 5, 2007 12:17 PM

What if the night that Voldemort attacked Harry as a baby, and the curse rebounded and "KILLED" Voldemort, a powerful wizard like Dumbledore realised that Harry had the power to Voldemort later on in life.

Perhaps he then created a horcrux for Harry to help protect him in his battles to come with Voldemort.

It is a crazy theory but I believe this may have happened.

Posted by Will from London on April 7, 2007 05:40 AM

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