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Is Harry the last horcrux?

by David Haber

In Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, we learned that, to make himself immortal, Lord Voldemort ripped his soul into seven pieces, and created six horcruxes (the seventh piece of his soul still residing in his body). We know or suspect about five of the horcruxes. Is it possible that Harry is the sixth horcrux? There are clues to suggest that he is.

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Reader Comments: (Page 35)

I do NOT think that Voldemort had things from each founder. Rather, I think he had these-
The cup- Hufflepuff
The locket- Slytherin
The snake- His pet
A wand- presumably Ravenclaws
The diary- proving he was Heir of Slytherin
The ring- Marvolo Gaunts, when Voldy ed father & grandparents

Posted by Ashley from Missouri on March 17, 2007 07:39 AM

I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but I think it might explain the connection between Harry and Voldemort through the scar. When a wizard uses a wand to cast a spell, a remnant of the spell resides within the wand that cast the spell. When Voldemort's curse rebounded, Harry basically cast the AK curse on Voldemort through his skin which was magically protected by Lily's sacrifice. At the end of GOF, when the wands connect, echos or shadows of those people ed by Voldemort's wand reappeared. Could Harry's skin contain an echo of Voldemort? This is not a horcrux, but it would be a connection. The echo would retain some of the qualities of Voldemort, such as being a parselmouth. But since Voldemort is not , it is not a complete echo, but maybe a connection to that piece of soul remaining in the body it could not destroy.

Posted by Lisa from NC, USA on March 18, 2007 12:48 AM

Here is a thought that just occured to me, and please excuse me if its already been mentioned.

Maybe Harry WAS a Horcrux....until he met Voldemort in the Graveyard....Voldy had Peter Pettigrew use Harry's blood in the potion, maybe by doing that, the power of the Horcrux transferred BACK to Voldy leaving Harry unharmed apart from the cut and no longer a Horcrux, meaning Voldy has already used up that option.....didn't the book state afterwards that Dumbledore had a gleam in his eye when he found out?

Posted by John Hancock from London on March 18, 2007 06:50 AM

I love how everyone keeps quoting the prophecy and saying "one cannot live while the other survives." I though Dumbledore made it comepletly clear in book 5 that the prophecy means nothing at all unless Harry acts on it. He can choose to make that prophecy a reality or not.

P.S. I am sooooo sick of sad endings: Book 5 - Surius s, Book 6 - Dumbledore kicks it. How about we let Harry live...I think I might cry if she s him....seriously:)

Posted by Bailey from Jersey on March 18, 2007 12:42 PM

ok here's my take on the last horcrux....i personally think it could be Harry's wand because Ollivander was so mysterious about the relationship between Voldemort and Harry's wands. Also the two wands reacted very strangely at the graveyard in the GoF, do you think there might be more to it than the fact that the feathers were of the same pheonix? Also what are the possibilities of Ollivander being a past Eater? However there was no signs of forced entry into his shop or struggle.

Posted by Brock Joyner from Hoboken, Georgia on March 18, 2007 4:52 PM

I think that if a wand should be any sort of Horcrux it needs to be Ravenclaw's wand, because it is a relic of a founder of Hogwarts and Voldemort was trying to collect as many relics as he could.
As for Ollivander being a Eater, I don't think so, but then if he were he could easily refuse to sell the wand on the pillow, on Voldemort's orders of course.

Posted by Ashley from Missouri on March 18, 2007 5:39 PM

I've been wondering if Dumbledore arranged for Ollivander to be hidden. Maybe he didn't want Voldemort to get Ollivander on his side (strengthening wands for the DE's). I think that maybe he has hidden him somewhere, like what he suggested with Draco.

Posted by Kim from Manchester on March 18, 2007 5:47 PM

I think Ollivander took off on his own because he seriously didn't want to answer Voldemort's questions about what happened with the wands in that graveyard. Both for his own safety and Harry's. We know Ollivander informed Dumbledore the moment Harry bought the wand. To me that would suggest that Ollivander is aligned with Dumbledore.

Since there was no sign of any struggle it makes sense that Ollivander, perhaps with Dumbledore's help, simply went into hiding.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on March 18, 2007 6:02 PM

If the Horcrux is inside Harry, that could be the reason why Voldemort wanted Dumbledore . He would have better access to Harry; to capture him. Voldemort would surely want to extract the bit of his soul from Harry before ing him.

I think it would be awesome if Harry was captured, the bit of soul extracted, and THEN Snape steps up and betrays Voldemort setting Harry free so that Harry could fufill the prophecy. Unfortunately, Snape would probably be ed in the process to distract Voldemort long enough for Harry.

But that would be a er ending! (No pun intended)

Posted by illyria from mississippi on March 18, 2007 6:03 PM

Ashley: I totally agree on each of your six Horcruxes. I'm just suggesting that Nagini wasn't born as a snake, but she is in fact a Gryffindor relic transfigured to be a snake. That way, Voldemort has total control on her, she can't , she can't think by herself, all things that make a Horcrux acceptable for Voldemort. And Voldemort wouldn't have to cast special charms to protect his Horcrux: she is able to protect herself against anyone.

Now, which object? I trust Dumbledore when he says that the sword is the only relic left from Gryffindor. My theory is based on the idea that the sword we see in Dumbledore's office is not the original one. The original was stolen centuries ago and replaced by a copy.

Besides that, there are strong connections between Gryffindor's sword and the sword of Nuada (as described in some role games), between sword of Nuada and the hallows of Ireland, between king Nuada "of the silver hand" and Peter Pettigrew, and even between Pettigrew and the word "nitwit", for this is really how he behaved at school.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on March 19, 2007 01:30 AM

no i DEFINITELY think harry is NOT a horcrux because why would voldemort always want to harry if he WAS? he's not THAT dumb (voldemort)! although i must say the theories were pretty good!

Posted by arshia from bangalore on March 19, 2007 04:03 AM

I think John is on to something and Voldemort made some major mistake by using Harry's blood to regenerate. Yes, Dumbledore did look triumphant when Harry told him about it. At the time I thought that Voldemort had miscalculated and wondered how, but of course we didn't know about the horcruxes then.

In CoS when Dumbledore explains why Harry is a parselmouth, Harry says something like, "Voldemort put a bit of himself in me?"
"It certainly seems so."
A bit of himself. Dumbledore does not correct Harry's phrase, but agrees with it which suggests that it was probably an accurate way to describe the situation.
Perhaps Dumbledore was worried that because of that it might have meant that Voldemort could not be ed while Harry lived, which would totally stuff things up because Harry was the only one with a chance of ing Voldemort. Only by using Harry's blood to regenerate, Voldemort negated that. He's had his pound of flesh so to speak.
This would be yet another piece of elemental magic beyond the control of wands and incantations that Voldemort has failed to recognise and understand.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on March 19, 2007 04:09 AM

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