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Into the Deathly Hallows

by David Haber

J.K. Rowling finally announced on that the title of Book 7 will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The definition of "Hallow" is something that has been "made holy, sanctified, consecrated". What consecrated place in the Harry Potter stories could this refer to? Could it be the Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts? Or perhaps, does this refer to Godric's Hollow, the place where it all started?

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Reader Comments: (Page 2)

i think it all about HALLOween now something ly about it!

Posted by Steffy M from Pattaya, Thailand on December 21, 2006 11:35 AM

HURRAY for Dave Haber, just the words i was hoping you would say! Beyond Hogwarts forever!

Posted by Clair from North West on December 21, 2006 11:54 AM

i think harry tries to destroy the last horcrux and s doing and then snape s LV:) malfoy s snape and malfoy is supremo dark wizard cancel malfoy-wizard and thats my theory

i think thats how hallow = horcrux and ly = er-ing
i.e ly horcrux

Posted by joe from my house on December 21, 2006 12:16 PM

i also read somewhere that a anagram of 1 of the titles or chapters read along the lines of harry potter and a dream ends it all...:S so hallow... a dream possibly and ly end of the dream? lol its a bit far fetched but i read it on a website or somethin

Posted by joe from my computer chair :) on December 21, 2006 12:19 PM

Wow�I am as exited as everyone else! Today I was so busy with Christmas-cookie baking, that I almost FORGOT to check JO�s Website. What an amazing Christmas present, Jo gave us, her fans.

Now the fun begins to guess what the title could mean. I am speculating that it could have something to do with that closed door at the Ministry of Magic. The one Harry was not able to enter and Dumbledore said:

�There is a room in the Department of Mysteries that is kept locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than , than human intelligence, than the forces of nature.�

Or it has something to do with the Veil, were Sirius fell through. I am so thrilled that I can�t thing of anything more sensible at the moment;-)

I like to wish Dave and all of you Harry Potter sleuths a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Apart from Jo�s website, this is the most fabulous HARRY POTTER website I know of! And believe me, I know them almost all��..Whenever I find the time, I dash to my PC and read what you �-hard fans� have written. It is something I am so used to now, that I would hate to miss it.

Thank you again Dave for that amazing idea you had, with creating this WEBSITE.
My Christmas present for you, if it were possible, would be the �Merlin Order first Class�, for bringing fans from all over the world together.

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 21, 2006 12:21 PM

I think the title is awesome. I am so excited to read it. I think that Harry have to relive his past. But I don�t think that he in the book I think that ly Hallows is like many have said before the place where it all began. Oh I don�t want it to end; I want this story to go on forever. But I know that it have to end somewhere right. I tell you this that it live forever in all of us.:)

Posted by Bridget from Utah on December 21, 2006 1:07 PM

My felling is the hallows be taken place in he who must not be named place of upbring in the orphanage is the last peice of the puzzle.

Posted by Arlo Leo VandenBerge from Burbank, ca on December 21, 2006 1:45 PM

arlo, i dont think its the orphanage because dumbledore states hes been there since. i think it could be a holy place and where's the holyiest place for volders or harry? godrics hollow or chamber or something on thise lines or volders rebirth site.

and if snape isnt a good guy ill eat my hat because, i dont know, i just have a feeling that dumbledore cant be betrayed by snape and he help harry

Posted by joe from my house on December 21, 2006 2:13 PM

I LOVE this site, I have read everything on it but this is the first time I have ever commented. I think that the Hallows are something (or someplace) new, but JKR is going to bring in all the little things that she hinted at together in the final book. This is SO exciting.
I definitely believe Snape is good, I've never doubted him. He's my favorite character. So I am sure he is going to be involved somehow at the end....

Posted by Lauren from New York on December 21, 2006 2:49 PM

could the ly Hallows mean Voldomort himself and possibly his Eaters. Something to do with having a hollow heart. I don't know it just struck me.

Posted by mrcrister from Lakeport, CA on December 21, 2006 3:42 PM

So the final title appears to be a place. Or is it? "Order of the Phoenix" sounded like a medal (like "Order of the British Empire"),but turned out to be an organisation.

Janis' comment "I think many of us are thinking of ly Hallows as a physical location. Perhaps it refers to time rather than place. The Hallows may well refer to a period of time when the difference between the living and the is confused." seems particularly perceptive - I think that JKR wants everyone to think it is a place, so any thoughts _not_ about a place could be on the right lines.

As far as the book titles go, we have:
Object, Place, Person, Object, Organisation (group of people), Person, Place? Time?
Alternatively, since the Order of the Phoenix is based at 12 Grimmauld Place, then number 5 could refer to a Place, (giving "Object, Place, Person, Object, Place, Person"), so maybe number 7 is also an Object, rather than a place or a time.

Posted by Al from Glasgow, UK on December 21, 2006 3:49 PM

I just typed in Hallows on wikipedia and it came up with a church called "All Hallows by the Tower" in London. Now two people were beheaded there. Think it could be anything? The church was also hit by The Blitz in World War II. Hmmmm...

Posted by Mark H from MI on December 21, 2006 5:17 PM

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