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Into the Deathly Hallows

by David Haber

J.K. Rowling finally announced on that the title of Book 7 will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The definition of "Hallow" is something that has been "made holy, sanctified, consecrated". What consecrated place in the Harry Potter stories could this refer to? Could it be the Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts? Or perhaps, does this refer to Godric's Hollow, the place where it all started?

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Reader Comments: (Page 18)

JKR also laments that the 17 years of effort has come to an end but she is filled with a sense of accomplishment that keeps her from slumping into a lump of misery. Harry and the Potterverse both be 17 this year.

We seem to be ignoring the full set of requirements for a hidden Horcrux. First was the that would split the soul of Tom Riddle. Second was the location of a victory of Tom/Voldemort. Third was a patsy either one tricked into taking blame like Hagrid or mentally warped into taking blame like Hepzibah Smith's House Elf or Tom's Uncle. Lastly, we have an item of usefulness that might be used on a daily basis like the Diary or a ring or other jewelry.

I hear lots of potential items being mentioned here. I do not hear more victims who are blamed for asct that the dark lord committed although Sirius does seem to qualify as a patsy over the Potter s. I don't hear any new places except Godric's Hollow but not speciific one's like under the cracked sewer that Wormtail disappeared into.

RAB might have been the underage sorcerer Voldemort used to place the locket into the Inferi cave. It might have been Regulus, who turned from the Dark Arts like both Snape and eventually Draco Malfoy! Draco has proven that he as least balks at the idea of commiting an act that might split his soul forever.

Posted by ken from la ca usa ea(rth) on February 6, 2007 11:11 AM

...I had another look at some of those words Jo wrote this morning: Here they are:

"Some of you have expressed a (much more muted!) mixture of happiness and sadness at the prospect of the last book being published, and that has meant more than I can tell you. If it comes as any consolation, I think that there be plenty to continue arguing and speculating about, even after 'ly Hallows' comes out. So if you're not yet ready to quit the message boards, do not despair..."

I guess I speak for most of us who come to Dave's "Beyond Hogwart's Website, when I say that we get "Number Seven" with mixed feelings. Once we turn to the LAST page of HPDH, we fully understand how Jo must have felt when she put her pen down and knew this is THE END of Harry Potter and his wizarding world!

This is the moment when we ALL remember "Beyond Hogwart's and appreciate the worth of this site!

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on February 6, 2007 11:12 AM

i think i know what the hallows are...according to ancient irish mythology...the irish had 4 hallows to protect their kingdom...they were

1. The Pole of Combat
2. The Sword of Light
3. The Cauldron of Cure
4. The Stone of Destiny

Now see the link.

1. The Sword of Light - Gryffindor Sword
2. The Cauldron of Cure - Hufflepuff cup
3. The Stone of Destiny - Slytherin ring/locket
4. Pole of Combat - Ravenclaw wand?

thtas why its "harry potter and the ly hallows"

so harry is gonna have support of all the 4 ly hallows to destroy voldemort... and yes voldy doesnt get his hands on any of the founders possesions to make his horcrux

Posted by carlton from india on February 8, 2007 03:00 AM

The idea of the four Irish hallows is awesome! I think that JKR has put a lot of thought behind the title and uses it for multiple meanings. I think one of those meanings is a place. I think the ly Hallows is the name of a chamber below Hogwarts and the Chamber of secrets. It is where the Hogwarts founder's tombs reside. I think this is where Harry's quest lead him. He find Voldemort there waiting for him. Voldemort have wanted to Harry in his attempt to make his last horcrux and would know this is where Harry would come. During this final confrontation, I feel a very important line from HBP come into play and be the key to Harry�s victory.

�My mother can�t have been magic, or she wouldn�t have d,� said Riddle, more to himself than Dumbledore. (HBP 275)

The fact that DD ignores Riddle�s comments or perhaps doesn�t fully hear it makes me think JKR purposely had Dumbledore not react to this important line so the reader would not completely catch it as that important.
I think Harry shock Voldemort and explain how much he truly knows about Voldemort�s past; including that the dark lord�s mom chose to abandon her son where as Harry�s mom chose to protect her son (meaning she sacrificed her life for his, not that she literally chose to �although maybe that is what she had to do to get her spell to work). I love how many ways JKR could take this.
The final blow from Harry to Voldemort be when Harry tells him that his mother's name was Merope, that she was the last relative of Salazar Slytherin, and that she was very magical. Remember Marvolo only called her a squib, which doesn't mean it was true. Plus, Dumbledore suspects she was much better with her powers when her brother and father weren�t around. And Dumbledore is usually right. This information distract Voldemort enough for Harry to cast the final blow. I think he may have to defeat Voldemort with magic rather than pushing him into the veil. Remember, Dumbledore had to defeat a wizard when he was young, so why not have Harry parallel the greatest wizard that ever lived, Dumbledore of course, by defeating the most evil wizard that ever lived. After all, Harry is "the boy who lived."

Posted by Tbizzle FoShizzle from Lewisville, TX on February 8, 2007 12:58 PM

Hello Harry Potter fans!
I think Dumbledore knew Snape was going to him. Remember the argument Hagrid overheard in the 6th Book HBP? Hagrid says to Harry and Hermione 'They were having a heated discussion... wasn't easy to block out... Dumbledore told Snape to do it and that's all there is to it...'Therefore, Dumbledore was telling Snape to do it after Snape told him he'd made the unbreakable vow with Bellatrix Lestrange. Also, in the chapter 'the Lightning-Struck tower' in the 6th when Dumbledore is ed, he says: 'Severus...' and 'Severus...please...' I think he was asking Snape to end his suffering after Dumbledore had drunk that terrible potion. Did you notice, however, that Dumbledore doesn't plead when 'Snape pointed his wand directly at Dumbledore.' Surely he would of done if he didn't want Snape ing him?

Another theory, I belive Harry is one of Voldemort's Horcruxes accidentally. When Voldemort was 'barely alive...' when he fled, this is because he was extending his evil even more and splitting his soul again. He is the mystery Horcrux that Dumbledore mentions in the 6th book.

The Veil in the 5th book struck me as very significant. Mainly because Harry and Luna can both hear voices inside it. This is because they've both witnessed . They are hearing the voices of the people they've witnessed , perhaps conversing with each other?

I think JK Rowling made the title of the 7th Book very difficult to translate. It could relate to time, or a place; JK Rowling, in my opinion, is very historic.

I believe that most of us think R.A.B. is Regalus Black (Sirius' Brother)? However, it could be more than one person, because Dumbledore said 'One alone could not have done it...'

Yes, some of you may think my ideas are ludicrous, but I've given my say anyway. Mind you, I'm only a 14-year-old, and am not very historic.

I just can't wait for her book!

Posted by Joanna Crabtree from St Albans, S/E England on February 8, 2007 2:34 PM

ly Hallows..
I don't think we have ever been to this place before in any of the other books. It probably be a place of great significance to Voldemort and maybe Harry as well.

If I'm not mistaken we have only visited "Grave Places" one time each book.

Book 1- Chambers below Hogwarts
Book 2- Chamber of Secrets
Book 3- Shrieking Shack
Book 4- Graveyard
Book 5- Ministry of Magic
Book 6- Hogwarts Grounds/Cave/Other Horcrux locations

None of the previous places have been visited more than once. I think that like with all the other books we see the final battle take place in a new location. Possibly Godric's Hollow. Significance to both Voldemort and Harry.

Posted by Nick from Illinois on February 8, 2007 3:34 PM

Some of you have already pointed out that 'H' has been used a lot in the book. That's why I think Godric's HOLLOW is the last location or a main part of the book, along with HOGWARTS (chamber of secrets and other chambers), HOSPITAL (st Mungo's) HOGSMEADE (shrieking shack perhaps?) and these are all to do with the ly HALLOWS. I think HUFFLEPUFF, HARRY and HERMIONE also have a lot to do with this story.
I think Harry and Voldemort both , or just Voldemort - but certainly not Harry on his own without taking any eaters. My personal opinion is that Ron or a teacher , along with Voldemort. Dumbledore may give Harry help from his portrait at Hogwarts.

Posted by Joanna Crabtree from St Albans, S/E England on February 9, 2007 3:31 PM

I don't really think the letter H plays a fundamental part in the plots.

But I do know that the letter H represents Mercury
Mercury as well as a planet is also a god in mythology
In the occult Mercury is linked with 'all things magical'
Mercury has a partner called Rosmerta - which just happens to be a certain barmaids name.

If there is a link then Rosmerta may have a bigger part to this story than we think.

Posted by Orlando from England on February 10, 2007 2:36 PM

There have been a lot of comments on how the Harry Potter series has a lot in common with other stories and legends. It may be a mere coincidence, but July 21 does have a odd connection. July 21, 1954 was the day that the 1st installment of "The Lord Of The Rings" was published. It is also "Bloody Friday" for the Irish bombings of 1972.

The 7th book is also called the 7th year at Hogwarts, so I do think events end up at the school. One curious thing mentioned over & over in the last couple books is the room of requirement. In HBP Harry uses it as a hiding place for the potions book, but are there other items of importance there as well? Maybe a first/final horcrux of Voldemort? Did the Basilisk Moaning Murtle before or after Slughorn had told him about Horcruxes, and does commanding the Basilisk to count toward making a Horcrux to start with? Voldy wanted the diary brought back to Hogwarts to open the chamber of secrets, but was this a play on words? Isn't the room of requirement also a chamber of secrets in its own way? Is there a horcrux in the castle, and was that another reason Voldy wanted the DADA job? Look carefully at the items described when Harry hides the book.

Posted by Dave Porter from New Mexico, USA on February 10, 2007 8:22 PM

i guess in DH harry is going to go to godric's hallow... find a horcrux... goto the weasleys' place for the wedding... and then maybe go to hogwarts... he may find and destroy another horcrux... i guess the last horcrux is harry... and the prophecy meant neville... so maybe voldemort would harry and his horcrux too and then maybe neville would come forward and him...

hope harry doesn't ..

Posted by sumeetha from dubai on February 11, 2007 07:30 AM

Continuing the facination with names and letters!

HOGWARTS read down as first letters or an acrostic.

Order of the Phoenix
A -- best guess is acromantula so far but book 7 looms
T -- Tonks or Trelawney

If each founder had his own personal office space then the Chamber of Secrets is Slytherins, the Room of Requirement is Hufflepuffs, and the Gryphin-bestatued Headmaster's Office is clearly Gryffindors. So is the Mews or the Library Stacks the personal office of Ravenclaw?

Posted by ken from la ca usa ea(rth) on February 11, 2007 11:32 AM

In regards to the acrostic poem (no offence) but Hogwarts was founded thousands of years ago, and the Order of the Phoenix belongs to more modern times! As do Trelawney and Tonks!

Posted by smarty pants from smarty city on February 11, 2007 11:33 PM

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