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Harry Potter's last word: Write your own Book 7 ending

In an interview in 2005, J.K. Rowling confirmed that, as of that time, the last word in the final Harry Potter book was "scar". How do you imagine the final page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will look? Write your own ending for the book and share it with us! The only requirements: Please write one to three paragraphs max, and the last word of your entry must be "scar".

UPDATE: The Last Word is No Longer Scar!

Friday night (7/6/07) on the Jonathan Ross show on the BBC, J.K. was asked if "scar" still the last word in the book, as had been reported, and she said, "Scar? It was for ages, and now it's not. Scar is quite near the end, but it's not the last word." So, please continue with our three paragraph fantasy endings, but you no longer have to make "scar" the last word if you don't want...

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Reader Comments: (Page 5)

Harry stared, transfixed. "Sirius?"
"Miss me Harry?" Said Sirius grinning.
Harry felt a sudden need to look down. His jaw dropped.
" Voldemort, is ? but how-" Asked Harry.
" You did it Harry."
Harry looked around startled." Lupin?!"
Sirius similed "You didn't think you could him on your own? Did you Harry?"
Harry ran to Sirius and threw his arms around him, slightly surprised that tears were running down his cheeks.
" Now, where is Dumbledore? I need to speake to him." Said Sirius.
"He's ." Said Lupin heavily.
" What? Who ed him?" Said Sirius his eyes widening.
Harry's voice broke. " I did. But I was being controlled by Voldemort. T- thats what gave me the strangth to him."
"It would seem that you Mr. Potter are a vary stupid boy that does not follow rules. I tell you to stay at Hogwarts with Aberforth and what do you do?"
Said Snape, now striding toward them.
"I the most darkest wizard of all time" Said Harry grinning. Whatever Harry did, he knew Snape would still hate him just as much.
Snape grimaced."Don't you have cheek with me boy, after bringing back your godfather."
" Hello to you to Severus." Said Sirius frowning.
Harry similed and closed his eyes. What woulden't he give for a good nap...

"Hey potter! Is it true you ed You Know Who?"
" How did you do it?"
"What did it feel like?"
The students at platform 9 and 3/4 were in a uproar to get
to Harry.
" Hang on Harry I can repel them" Said Ron concentrating.
The nearest people went crashing to the ground. Hermione beamed at him.
" OW!" Harry yelled.
"What?" Hermione and Ron said together.
"My scar!"
"Is it ok?", "Is you know who back?" They yelped into segestions at once.
"Kidding guys." Said Harry laughing
Hermione rooled her eyes."You and your scar."

Posted by ConcernedForSirius from Denver, Co on June 25, 2007 10:51 AM

"Harry! Harry! Your scar!" Neville said panting.
"what about it?"
" It's- it's- well it's gone." Neville said blankly.
"What? Its gone?!"
Harry sat down. "Its gone!" He said gleefully!" My last memories of Umbridge!"
Neville stared. " What-"
" My scar on my hand! My Umbridge scar!"

Posted by Aberforth from Denver,CO on June 25, 2007 11:16 AM

Harry sighed as he sat on the Hogwarts Express, deep in thought as he remembered the events from the previous night. He thought about how Snape d. After Harry ed Nagini, who was the final Horcrux, Voldemort threw a ing curse straight at him out of anger. Neither Harry nor Voldemort knew that Snape had been following Harry since he had arrived with Ron and Hermione. Neither knew that before Dumbledore had d, he had told Snape to watch out for Harry. Not until the green light subsided did either of them know that Snape had thrown himself in front of the oncoming curse, ing him instead of the intended target: Harry.

"Are you alright Harry?" Hermione asked him, throwing a worried look his way. Harry had been unaware that she and Ron had been staring at him all this time.

Harry said nothing. He just nodded as he wiped away the tears that had been streaming down his face, and turned his head towards the window, staring at his changed reflection: After the final battle, Harry, Ron and Hermione had apparated into Hogsmeade, and made their way to the school., finally making it to the castle a little while later. The trio then went to see the headmistress to deliver the good news. As the three spoke to McGonagall, Harry had caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror over her shoulder and gasped at himself. The of Voldemort had made a dramatic change in Harry, for as he looked into the mirror, he saw that he, Harry, was finally free of his scar.

Posted by Tay-Bear from Wisconsin on June 25, 2007 1:50 PM

Alone in the large room, Harry stared at the dais which was as mesmerizing as it had been two years before. As he moved toward it, Harry could hear Hermione's voice echoing in his head, "Let's go! That's dangerous!" Forgetting everything that had just happened in the Dept. of Mysteries and that Voldemort would soon find him, Harry's mind was blurred by other remembrances as well: Luna's belief that the were just beyond the veil; Sirius' final battle with Bellatrix; Dumbledore's bright blue eyes and piercing gaze; his parents. Moving closer, Harry again heard the whispers. Suddenly, they were punctuated by a cold, mirthless laugh. "Soon, you be joining them, Harry," said Voldemort. "But, first, you have something that belongs to me." Facing Voldemort, Harry backed toward the dais. "Stop!" commanded Voldemort as he sent a leg-locker curse at Harry. But, although exhausted, Harry was too fast. He jumped onto the dais. Harry knew that no part of Voldemort's soul could be left on this side of the veil. He had to entice Voldemort to the dais.

Harry's mind suddenly cleared and he realized that this was the final battle, a battle of s with a powerful wizard who had always underestimated that which was truly important. The love in Harry's heart exploded throughout his body. He was finally going home. Strengthened by Phoenix song, Harry, wandless and alone, moved closer to the fluttering veil, slowly extending his hand to touch it. It was at that moment, that he felt Voldemort's feeble attempt to grab his arm and stop him and with a powerful thrust of his hand, Harry grabbed Voldemort's wrist and thrust him first into the abyss.

Everything went dark. When Harry came to, he was lying on a soft bed looking into so many faces he had never believed he would see again. His mum's hand was on his shoulder as she sat next to him; his dad was smiling proudly. And, Sirius handed him a mirror which looked vaguely familiar. Staring into it, Harry thought he looked older but most of all, Harry knew he was, at last, just Harry, for his victory against Voldemort meant he no longer had a scar.

Posted by Hannah from Los Angeles on June 25, 2007 2:13 PM

The Great Hall at Hogwarts was buzzing with noise as the first years prepared themselves for the sorting ceremony. The environment was as magical as it always had been. All the teachers were seated at their usual places and there sat Harry at the position where his teacher, friend, guide Dumbledore once sat. All that remained of his old self was the SCAR.

Posted by Manish from India on June 26, 2007 01:09 AM

"alright dearie, i'll just go get those release signatures all set. you're family is waiting outside," said the bustling healer.
Harry adjusted his glasses and sat up in his crisp, white St. Mungo's bed as the Weasley clan, including Hermione, Seamus and Tonks filed into the room.
"'lo mate," Ron said, clapping him on the back, his other hand scurely in Hermione's.
Harry grinned. He was finally going home and it was all over. The battle had taken a grand toll on him, but he had done it. With the help of his friends, mentors and an unlikely ally in Draco Malfoy, he had defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time.
And now he was going home. The Weasleys beamed at him from all around the bed. Charlie's head was bandaged excessively, George's arm was in a sling, and several sported cuts and bruises from the chaos that had ensued when the Order and the Eaters had faced off in the ministry.
Harry twinged as he recalled the unreal sensation he felt in his stomach as he had descended into the department of mysteries to face his foe, to meet his fate.
He shook his head and made to get out of bed. He winced as he stepped onto the tile floor and was quickly embraced and hoisted up by Ginny.
The healers had wanted him to stay a week longer, but Mrs. Weasley insisted she could see out the remainder of his healing regiment at home.
He reflected on life without the war...without Lupin, without Snape, without Dumbledore, without Luna and without many other close friends. They had d for him, for the wizarding world, and Harry felt a great pang of loss, but one of honor that they were there with him when he needed them, when the time came.
He thought of life without Voldemort and wincred preemptively...then stopped. Everyone stopped behind him, bumping into one another.
"what is it, Harry?" Arther asked.
He lifted a hand to his forehead. He felt no pain. He had ed Voldemort and with it, the connection they shared.
"It doesn't hurt," he said in awe. He smiled and continued out the front doors of St. Mungo's into a crisp Autumn day in London.
"My scar...its finally...just a scar."

Posted by Chelsey from Logan, UT on June 26, 2007 09:01 AM

...And then, as every year after the sorting hat finished his job, the Hogwart�s headmistress raised her goblet of pumpkin juice and shout:
"Let the feast begin!"
As the food started to appear on the large tables of the great hall, McGonagall sat on the chair with a gesture of pain, an injury wich remembers her the final battles a bit more than a year, in the Ministery of Magic and the Room of Miysteries.
She didn�t start eating, though almost all professors were. She was looking the tables, full of young and joyful students who were eating, laughing and speaking, but still couldn�t believe that, for the first time in Hogwarts history, they weren�t sepparated by houses.
Suddenly, someone laughed behind her, and she turned her head to see Grubbly-Plank talking to another professor, in the place where Hagrid used to be. McGonagall felt a knot in her throat and quickly changed her look. If only Dumbledore could be there...
At that point, recalling that name made her drop a tear, and as the knot in her throat get worse, she started to cry, and covered her face with her hands, in order to not be seing by anyone.
"Professor, are you all right?"
She noticed a hand in her shoulder, wipped away her tears and watched the DADA professor right aside her.
"That�s all right, Harry, don�t worry..."
He smiled sweetly to her, and returned to his seat and to his pudding, just beside the new arithmancy professor, Miss Granger. Ha was anxious to start his first class, like the so-far away times of the Dumbledore army, and hopping no student would ask about his dissapeared scar...

Posted by Go Snape Go from Buenos Aires on June 26, 2007 3:11 PM

Harry felt a strange gurgling of love and . It has been a long 17 years since he felt like this. "Harry, it's over, come over here." a voice that he had spent his whole life yearning for rang in his ears. He looked up, there they are, Lily and James Potter smiling at him. As he walked towards them, Fawke's beatiful voice filled the air. A ticklish sensation took over him as he touched his forehead, "my scar..."

Posted by abcd on June 26, 2007 6:23 PM

Harry wound his way through the narrative with each first year completely absorbed in the tale. Their eyes were wide and their mouths open as they hung on every word, every nuance. When Harry got to that fateful moment when he leaned over the doomed Voldemort, he took a long and dramatic pause. One brave first year thrust his hand into the air and stammered, to know but completely intimidated, "B-but P-Professor P-Potter, what d-did Lord Voldemort say?" The words shot out of his mouth before his fear took over and choked him into silence.

Harry took a moment and reflected. As he looked around at all of his students, he could not help but make eye contact with the twins. Young Lily, with red hair and green eyes, and her brother James with black hair and intense blue eyes, both returned his stare with a love that Harry simply could not describe. No parent really needed to.

Harry was home, and he knew it. As he looked around at his impressionable charges just a bit more, a small smile broke across his face. In a quiet even voice that totally belied the moment, Harry said, "Tom Riddle's last words were, "Was it the scar?"

Posted by AlexisAnRon4ever from rochester ny on June 26, 2007 7:29 PM

As Harry fell into the abyss of , a smile lit upon his face, knowing that Voldemort was at last gone as was his lighting-shaped scar.

Posted by brian from alberta on June 26, 2007 7:32 PM

as harry looked around the table, he saw Bill's scar from the werewolf bites. Ginny was frequently twitching her sleeves so that her scar showed better on her wrists. Ron and Hermione had thin culing scars on their necks. The battle was over...Voldemort and Snape were ....and he was not the only one having a scar...

Posted by Mukti from mumbai,india on June 27, 2007 05:44 AM

Harry had prevailed. But so did Voldemort. Both had wanted the of the other, and so it happened. The wizarding world didn't have to worry about the Dark Lord anymore, but neither could they talk to, see or hear the boy who lived.

Not only him, but two others. His best freinds. Lovers, but never had a chance to be together. Now the famous trio were no more. The Weasley family now had only six children. Now the smartest muggle-born wasn't there anymore. But their s didn't go in vain. Statues of Harry Potter were displayed, and his freinds. Along with that, books upon books of their lives and how they defeated Voldemort were written.
Their graves were visited every day. And every person who went there, didn't have a dry face when they left. Luna and Neville had told their children about them and Ginny, who had tried so hard to move on, told her grand children, about the great encounters which took place. Aunt Petunia had finally showed some emotion towards Harry, by crying at the news of his . The ministry had goven them honours, and regretted the days they didn't believe him. Hogwarts, became sort of a museum to new students, to show where the famous Harry Potter had spent his days.

The war was over. Living had become easier, but at the cost of others. Especially the boy who everyone knew, was destined for great things. He did it. Him and his freinds. The boy who lived, who had the most unique scar.

Posted by Tasmeeah from London, England on June 27, 2007 07:16 AM

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