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Harry Potter's last word: Write your own Book 7 ending

In an interview in 2005, J.K. Rowling confirmed that, as of that time, the last word in the final Harry Potter book was "scar". How do you imagine the final page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will look? Write your own ending for the book and share it with us! The only requirements: Please write one to three paragraphs max, and the last word of your entry must be "scar".

UPDATE: The Last Word is No Longer Scar!

Friday night (7/6/07) on the Jonathan Ross show on the BBC, J.K. was asked if "scar" still the last word in the book, as had been reported, and she said, "Scar? It was for ages, and now it's not. Scar is quite near the end, but it's not the last word." So, please continue with our three paragraph fantasy endings, but you no longer have to make "scar" the last word if you don't want...

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Reader Comments: (Page 16)

In the middle of the smoking rubble and crumbling debree that was once Little Whinging. In the centre of the destruction lay two bos. Both . The life absent from there faces.

A small movement from beneath a fallen sign post made some rubble fal down, hitting the road, and bouncing halfway down the street. The sign was moved away, and lying underneath was a baby. No older than a few months. And on his forehead, a mark burned blood red. The baby howled as the lightning mark glowed brighter. On the babies forehead, recently formed, was a scar.

Posted by Tom Woodhead from Stone, Staffordhire, England on July 18, 2007 10:41 AM

"AVADA KADEVERA!", and then he d.

Posted by Mic Shaffer from Wilmington DE on July 18, 2007 4:49 PM

its over, harry said with relief and sadness in his voice. ginny came over in tears. they still couldnt believe that mr and mrs weaslly were . ron and hermione came over leaning on each other. there laid the bos of mr and mrs weasly, voldemort and snape. next to them was a draco.
soon after the battle, harry proposed to ginny, ron did the same to hermione. they were married and each had seven kids.

Posted by lorraine from dayton ohio on July 19, 2007 12:23 PM

burning ashes and smoke were all that filled the land, piles of wood that had once been hogwarts school were now bits of ash.

a figure moved in the distance, a very old man with a crooked nose. albus dumbledore walked passed the rubble, until finally he reached a spot he was looking for. He moved a large pile of wood, and he looked at a scene of digust.

three bos, Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, and Sirius Black, all . suddenly harry opened his eyes and yelled "he is in my scar!"

Posted by Bilal Mukhlis from Grden Grove, CA on July 19, 2007 12:26 PM

"AVADA KADAVERA" Voldemort bellowed as he flicked his wand in Harry's direction.

There were pounding footsteps coming from Harry's left side and then a scream as the green flash of light hit a body in mid-air. Cursing, Voldemort turned once more to Harry and said the incantation, this time hitting his mark full on. There was a thump and everything in Harry's vision faded away. The last thing he saw was Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and the rest of his great friends and the Order screaming and/or crying.

Then all of a sudden the pain was fading away and Harry guessed that he was soon going to be seeing his mother, father, Sirius, and Dumbledore again. But instead, he saw the bright blue sky above him and the quittitch field's grass burshed against his face. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked around. On all sides people were rushing towards him, people who he knew for a fact were still alive.

Harry now knew that he truly had the power that the Dark Lord knew not. He had the power of love in him, and not only that of his mother and father, but that of his best friends. Then it suddenly it hit him. HE HAD THE POWER OF LOVE. "Oh no," he thought "No, no no no no!" He was scared to look down afraid that maybe what he thought would be true. As he did, his prediction was confirmed.

Ron had sacrifced himself for Harry. The love that he had (the love of friendship) had saved Harry from Voldemorts curse, just as his Mom's had saved Harry once before. Silent tears fell down Harry's cheeks as he felt warm hands slip into both of his. Hermione was on one side and Ginny on the other. Both of them had tears staining their cheeks too.

Harry knew that it was over, but at the loss of his best friend. He wiped the tears from his eyes and pulled his two remaining best friends into a tight hug; never wanting to let go. Hermione pulled away and Ginny kissed Harry sofly. He knew that she too felt the pain of his loss as well, but not even Ron's sister could feel the pain Harry had.

Harry reached up to rub his scar, only to realize that it was gone. In the hands of Voldemort he had lost his parents, his god-father, his mentor, his best friend, and finally, his scar.

Posted by Jeannette Age 13 from Dela-Where? USA on July 19, 2007 4:19 PM

and now that harry had made it away alive he and cho had gotten married and all of harry's children were parseltounges and had a lightning shaped scar...he heard a rapping on the window. It was a large snowy owl who was getting old now. "hey hedwig" harry said to it. she had a letter from hogwarts headmaster, ron weasley. it said,

dear harry i regret to inform you that young mr. potter has been suspended from quidditch for blowing up a toilet

harry laughed and touched his forhead he still had the lightning shaped scar.

Posted by keenan from oshawa ontario on July 19, 2007 11:12 PM

Harry spun around, and to his horror saw Voldemort standing there. Draco closed in behind him, and Harry realised, this was the moment. He knew the motives of each person.
Malfoy wanted revenge for his father, and wanted to terminate Harry, Voldemorts final Horcrux. Voldemort wanted to prtect Harry, and therefore Harry did not know who he wanted to be with...

He Jumped behind Malfoy and cried his eyes out. Malfoy turned around and slapped him, and Voldemort tried to seduce him back, with a teddy bear.

Harry did not know what to do do and ended up getting bummed by both of them

Posted by Akbar Khan from Birmingham, West Midlands on July 20, 2007 01:13 AM

Ron and Hermione looked out of the window as they made the long trip home. Neither felt the need to talk and although they cast worried glances at each other from time to time, they both felt a sense of hope, rather than sadness. Harry was gone, but not forgotten and they knew in their hearts that he was with his family now. Ron imagined Harry smiling and laughing with Sirius and James, whilst his mother shook her head at their antics.

Hermione wondered what she and Ron�s future held, would they settle now or was there further work to be done? Surely it was too much to hope that all of the Eaters would be found. Bellatrix Lestrange was still at large, but had appeared broken at the defeat of her beloved master. Lucius Malfoy was believed , but as morbid as it sounded, Hermione would never be convinced until she saw his body for herself.

She looked at Ron, who was now trailing his finger across the steamy window and drawing small pictures with his finger. How would Ron cope, now that his best friend was gone? Hermione knew that his friendship with Harry differed to their relationship. Would she be able to fill the void that would undoubtedly be left? Ron looked over at Hermione and gave her a small smirk, whilst nodding to the window. Hermione could see that Ron had attempted to draw the three of them together, but there hadn�t been enough steam on the window to draw anything other than stick people. Ron was obviously the tallest of the three and Hermione had the bushy hair as usual. Harry was in the middle and Ron had managed to scratch a pair of glasses on his face. There hadn�t been enough room for a scar, but then it wasn�t that important.

Posted by DAMIEN from PLYMOUTH, UK on July 20, 2007 05:36 AM

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