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Harry Potter's last word: Write your own Book 7 ending

In an interview in 2005, J.K. Rowling confirmed that, as of that time, the last word in the final Harry Potter book was "scar". How do you imagine the final page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will look? Write your own ending for the book and share it with us! The only requirements: Please write one to three paragraphs max, and the last word of your entry must be "scar".

UPDATE: The Last Word is No Longer Scar!

Friday night (7/6/07) on the Jonathan Ross show on the BBC, J.K. was asked if "scar" still the last word in the book, as had been reported, and she said, "Scar? It was for ages, and now it's not. Scar is quite near the end, but it's not the last word." So, please continue with our three paragraph fantasy endings, but you no longer have to make "scar" the last word if you don't want...

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Reader Comments: (Page 10)

And there he laid, the greatest wizard of his time. Harry was looked upon by every witch and wizard who attended his . It was a sad day, a grey day. It was time his friends, who were the last to see him. Hermione and Ron held each other, sobbing uncontrollably. They looked at Harry's face so kind but they remembered the days when it was full of light and happiness. Hermione left Ron to say his own last good-byes. Thinking of the first time Ron had seen Harry, he remembered Platform 9 3/4. He remembered the train. He remembered the first thing he asked him, "Is it true you have the scar."

Posted by Snuffles&Moo; on July 5, 2007 12:39 PM

The wizarding duel was over, Harry Potter had defeated Lord Voldemort. Voldemort was on his knees, a broken old man. His horcruxes destroyed, leaving the small amount of soul in his body. His humiliation was made unbearable, not only by Harry Potter's defeat of him in front of the remaining eaters, but by the fact that Potter wouldn't him. Potter's words, "Voldemort, I not forget what you have done, but I won't be your executioner; I'll let the Ministry of Magic and Akzban punish you. I not allow hatred to poison my soul. I forgive you." With those words, Harry Potter walked away. Voldemort considered his options. He could try to provoke Potter but the boy and his friends would surely disarm him in his weakened state. He could allow the Ministry to arrest him and imprison him at Akzban where he would be caged and become a laughingstock. There was one last option. Drawing on his last remaining strength, he picked up another wizard's wand from the ground, pointed it at himself, and yelled Avada Kevada. With those words, Tom Riddle d.

Later at Hogwarts, Harry Potter was talking to Headmistress McGonagall. "Harry, there is no need to finish school. You certainly know more than we could teach you." "This may be true, Professor McGonagal, but we, Ron, Hermione, and I, would like to come back." McGonagal paused for a moment and replied "I'll make the arrangements, and you can return in the fall. Oh, by the way, Professor Snape would like to give you something." Snape walked in the room, holding a jar. Harry decided he liked this redeemed Snape; this Snape who finally outgrew his anger over James Potter and the others' tauntings; could it be that Snape was less greasy than usual... "Potter, I created the formula for this ointment for Professor Dumbledore. Please accept this ointment as a gift." "Thank you. What it do, Professor Snape?", Potter asked, remembering Dumbledore's insistence on manners and courtesy. "Dumbledore never used it since he felt scars could be useful. Rub it on your forehead every day for a month. The boy who lived, the chosen one who defeated the Dark Lord, the one who taught me the power of love and forgiveness, no longer have a scar."

Posted by Linda from Fort Wayne, IN on July 5, 2007 1:50 PM

Harry clutched madly at Riddle's wrist as the ashes of his wand fell away. "It's over, Tom!" Harry shouted, "You can't get away, not this time." Lightning-fast, something small and brown and glinting of silver scampered up Riddle's robes. He howled in pain, and Harry suddenly felt as though he was being pulled in three directions at once. The eerie light of the Hallows was replaced with a dingy incandescence, and Harry took in one of the most bizarre scenes of his life.

They had apparated into a dark, dusty room, lined with bookshelves. Tom Riddle was still howling, his free hand a mass of blood. A few feet away, on the frayed carpet, a rat was scampering frantically, trying to find a hidden corner of the room to escape to. And, sitting in an ancient, dusty chair, was a figure half-obscured by shadow.

"Wormtail," this figure said, "You re-directed their apparation. I'm impressed. It seems you can do something right after all." The rat vanished behind the bookcase, wimpering slightly.
Riddle lunged towards the man, twisted in Harry's grasp, and stumbled.
"This is the heir of Slytherin, then?" the man in the chair sneered, "The Great Dark Lord? A broken old man, beaten by a rodent and a seventeen year old boy."
"Severus," Riddle hissed, "Please..."
"Pathetic, Tom," the man said, �Just like Dumbledore. Pathetic.� There was a flash of green light, and Riddle went limp.

�Severus Snape?� Harry asked, numbly. This was too much.
�Yes, Potter, Professor Snape,� the man said, rising from his chair, �Now, get out of my house, Potter, unless you want me to prove that the Dark Arts can cause wounds much deeper, and more permanent, than that scar.�

Posted by andrew on July 5, 2007 8:15 PM

As the morning light seeped through the window Harry squinted and opened his eyes up quickly. His heart pacing he realized the battle was over and that he was with Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore. Yet two faces he had not recognized came behind the hospital door, it was his parents. They greeted him with open arms and hugs. On this glorious day Harry looked straight into the mirror and to his surprise there was no scar.

Posted by paul from westlake village, California on July 5, 2007 10:53 PM

The last light vanishes across the open land as the day becomes night. Hedwig flys farther into the horizon as the survivors of the Wizarding World stand patiently along the water's edge. Beautiful blue fireflies swarm around our friends as if they, themselves, were waiting. Faint whispers come from all directions to pay their final respects and gratitudes for those who fell along the way.

It is hard to describe what is to become of the magical world and every creature that belongs to it. A difficult road lies ahead as everything has changed and everything that we know must find a way to continue.

As the group turns slowly around, Neville begins to boast a smile. Out of the corner of his eye a familiar figure watches them from across the lake. At last he knew and joins the crowd walking up the hill. Neville realized that is only the beginning and when the time was right he would return.

Posted by Amanda from Columbus, NE on July 6, 2007 10:36 PM

Everyone looked around, waiting for the mist disappear. Someone was destroyed in front of them, and someone else was laying on the ground next to the destroyed body. Harry was laying there, and Voldemort was destroyed. Hermione and the Heirs of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor were around them, and Hermione was crying. She knew that Harry was... "...", she said. Although, Ron didn't want to believe that his best friend was no longer going to talk to him, not even going to breathe. Ginny was crying too, on Harry's chest.
"The Avada Kedavra hit him were the scar is...", said Zacharias Smith, Hufflepuff heir. Not even Fawkes could save him, when it received the Avada Kedavra in front of him. The bird d, but the curse hit Harry anyway.
"Maybe he's not , guys! mummy d trying to destroy Voldemort's horcrux, but... she wasn't Harry Potter!", said Luna dreamily. "Don't be such a jerk, Luna! Not even Harry could survive another ing Curse", said Ron, angrily.
"Don't do that, Ginny... otherwise, you make me drown!"
No one could believe when they heard Harry's voice. Ginny kissed him immediately, Hermione did the same with Ron. Luna and the others were shouting, happilly: "He's not ! HE'S NOT DEAD!"
"What happened, Harry?", Hermione could hardly ask, fighting against her tears.
"My blood was what made him come back to life, that night in the Triwizard Contest. When he ed me, he could no longer live because my blood was in his veins. Fortunately, he hit me in the scar, which was a horcrux accidentaly made the night he ed mom and daddy. Hitting me in the scar with the ing curse, he ed him anyway, and destroyed the last remaining horcrux... For some moments, Dumbledore visited me in a dream, when I was fainted. He explained me everything... Now, Fawkes and him may rest in piece!"
"And so may us all!" Said Luna, smiling. Some tears were falling from her eyes.
"And our family may keep living with dignity, honouring our ancestor blood. Godric Gryffindor." Ron said proudly.
they all smiled and hugged each other. Some minutes later, the Order of the Phoenix entered in the chamber of Gringotes, and the heros explained how they all hit Voldemort, weakening him and then, how he hit Harry with the ing Curse, destroying himself.
Harry noticed that he had no longer the scar, but he didn't care. As long as he could have his best friends and his girlfriend near him, he would be happy, and would live happily ever after.

Posted by Thiago Leite cruz from Bel�m, Par�, Brazil on July 7, 2007 11:38 AM

Only the crashing of breaking crests hitting the shore broke the silence, until she said finally, "And you're sure you don't want to come back? This is you final decision?"

"My dear Minerva," Dumbledore responded, "let us be honest. Do you think, after all that has happened, all that I have put them through, all the grief, even at times purposely allowing my students to stray into danger, that it would be wise for me to return to Hogwarts, or even the wizard community? How do you suppose my homecoming be received? I daresay it would be met with contempt and dismay. People might perceive that I had tricked them, or perhaps they would not, as they did with Voldemort..." he registered the lack of a gasp and grinned, "believe I am truly back, that perhaps it is a trick, or some form of Dark magic." She stared at him through her square spectacles, her brow furrowed in stern disbelief, but then her face fell slightly and she looked away, letting the sound of the waves wash over her. "I, of course, really do not mind, nor have I ever minded, what others think of my actions, but it would not be worth the bother. No, I think it would be best if I remained removed from any magical contact until I expire in a quiet, peaceful manner." Professor McGonagall continued to say nothing, still staring out at the endless sea. "That, of course," continued Dumbledore, "is not to say that I am not proud of all they have done, all Harry has done. I must admit that, while I believed he would succeed, I did not expect him to live through his ordeal, which only goes to show that I can indeed be wrong sometimes!"

Dumbledore stretched out on his beach blanket and rubbed some sun lotion onto his long, crooked nose, grinning serenely, as a silent tear fell out of Professor McGonagall's beady eye and down her cheek.

Posted by Monkeeshrines from orlando fl on July 7, 2007 1:54 PM

"What were his final words, Dad?" asked 6-year-old Lily Potter. "Ya, what did he say?" asked 8-year-old James Potter. His proud father, the boy who lived, Harry Potter, was telling them for the 25th time how he, 20 years ago, had defeated the greatest wizard of all time. Mesmerized, his two oldest children were listening, sitting in the Potter's beautiful Hogsmeade home. Harry's wife, Ginny, was sitting in a rocking chair nearby, holding baby Virginia.

"Well, about that time, he knew he was finished. He had never understood love. But then, in my time of greatest power, all those who I had loved, who he had finished off, came back. There was my mother and father, Dumbledore and Sirius. Voldemort was so frightened. And then, Dumbledore muttered a few words, and Voldemort was gone. Forever."

"Alright, kids, you heard the story, now go to bed," their mother said. Lily and James obediantly went to bed, and Ginny followed them.

This left Harry alone to think about what had happenned then. All of the brave lives sacrificed. In fact, it was soon to be the anniversary of the night of that final battle. Hermione and Ron, now married, with their two children, would be coming to Harry's home, along with many others. Harry couldn't help thinking that he would not be where he was now, if it wasn't for something he no longer had, his scar.

Posted by Emily from Hogwarts! on July 7, 2007 4:26 PM

Love the true word that saved harry and only left a mark so much as a lightning shaped scar that remian on harry forever, love so strongly filled with passion that has protected him all these years, a power stronger than any spell or possion can give you, the power that voldermort did not carry. Love the only thing that harry is left with as he rests peacefully with the scar on is forhead.

Hermine, Ron and Neville read aloud:

Harry Potter d a brave and courages heroe who sacrificed his life to save others. But he is not truely for his story still remians in our heart Harry Potter only be when no one speaks of a little boy named harry potter who survived the darkest wizard and lived to tell the tale.

Posted by Lightner from Vancouver, Washington on July 7, 2007 5:36 PM

Harry just could not believe it! How his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had outdone themselves this year for Harry's 18th birthday. It seemed a lifetime ago when Harry's parents were ed in that horrible car accident. How lucky Harry had been to escape with only the cut on his forehead. Oh well, Harry was permanently disfigured with the lightning shaped reminder of this parent's love, or more appropriately of his father's bad driving, but he had lived. No one walking past the Dursley residence on Privet Drive would have ever believed Harry was anything but a beloved son and brother. Yes, his guardians had given him everything, sometimes it seemed to the expense of their own son, and Harry's best friend, Dudley.

They stood by and supported him through the most challenging and difficult times, but that is what family, and a family's love is supposed to create, an unbreakable bond of support. It had not been easy. Uncle Vernon made a modest living in the drill business, but Harry had been expensive, and though they were blessed with the task of raising Harry, there was no insurance money, no inheritance, in fact nothings left by James and Lily to provide for Harry. How could there has been. They were dreamers, hippies, and as reckless in life as they were in . But fueled only by their love for Petunia's sister Lily, the Dursleys had given Harry wonders beyond his wildest dreams. The best schooling, the best clothing, the best of everything. Even the best medical care. Afterall, weekly meetings with psychiatrists and high doses of anti-psychotic medications were not cheap. But at least Harry had been release from Hogswarts Asylum after months and months of constant "treatment." Maybe this time his dilusions were gone for ever. He seemed to be getting back to normal. He even stopped talking about his belief of being a wizard, being the "boy who lived," being the "chosen one." He stopped trying to persuade the Dursleys that there had ever been a "Sorcerer's Stone," a "Chamber of Secrets," a "Prisoner of Azkaban" a "Goblet of Fire" an "Order of the Phoenix," or a "Half-Blood Prince." He had not even uttered the names "Ron Weasley," "Hermione Granger," "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" or "Lord Voldemort" in months. At last, it seemed, the doctors had made a breakthrough.

And now, Harry was enjoying his 18th birthday with his Aunt, his Uncle and his best pal Dudders. The tickets has been expensive, but how Harry enjoyed the theatre. Deciding that "Wicked" might remind Harry too much of his "dreams," Petunia chose a more conservative production. It had received rave reviews. And growing up, from time to time, Harry and Dudley seemed just like Pumba and Timone. Yes, "The Lion King" had become a family favorite. The production was inspiring. The music, the costumes, the souvenirs, everything. The Dursleys had even treated the boys to stuffed animals. Now after returing from the treatre late and exhausted, the family retired for the evening. Dudley drifted off to slept under the watchful guard of his stuffed Mufassa. Harry, however, saying to himself, "I am not a wizard. I am just a boy. A very lucky boy," fell asleep clutcing his new favorite stuffed toy, a soft, furry and cuddley little lion named "Scar."

Posted by Matt from Ohio on July 7, 2007 6:38 PM

...And Hermione was so sad about Harry's , she changed her name to oSCAR.

Posted by oSCAR from IL on July 8, 2007 08:35 AM

Harry looked up at the darkening sky. He was more alone then ever. First his parents, then Sirius, then Dumbledore, and now Ron and Neville. Harry forced a smile out of himself: he had just remembered something Dumbledore had told him ages ago. "When evil is fought, and fought, and fought again, only then can it be kept at bay." He had fought. He had kept evil at bay ever since that cold evening seventeen years ago when Voldemort had ed his parents. But Voldemort was gone. Sacrifices had been made, and Dumbledore's wish had been granted. Evil had been kept at bay. He thought about Ron's family, Hermione, and Ginny, and how they would be coping right now. He thought about his years to come when he would continue to fight and keep it at bay, for many Eaters had still survived. He thought of the Malfoys and the Lestranges. His grip on the locket tightened. That would all come in time. But for now, he wanted a break. A good, long break from everything. He set off into the mist, and it engulfed him until he was nothing but a speck on the neverending horizon, so distant that he could have been mistaken as the young, eleven-year-old Harry, a young, innocent boy with nothing but baggy clothes and a lightning-shaped scar.

Posted by abraham on July 8, 2007 2:29 PM

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