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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 and 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is dense with information that is crucial to the overall story. It's definitely too much to stuff into a two hour movie.

There are many challenges in adapting a novel or series of novels into scripts and movies. Plot lines are always reduced and/or eliminated. The work that has been done so far on the Harry Potter series has had reasonable success. The millions of dollars of revenue prove that the Harry Potter Fans will pay for anything HP, but will they pay for two movies made from one book? If the Studio thinks fans will not pay for and sit through one longer than average movie (3 hours plus, a rule broken successfully by the Lord of the Rings movies), will it be possible they'd think fans will happily pay for two films?

So, do you think it's possible that the final Harry Potter adventure, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be made into two movies? And if it is, where would you end movie number one and start movie two?

UPDATE! 3/12/08: Producer David Heyman said last night that It will be officially announced soon that book 7 WILL BE TWO FILMS! Click here for more info!

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Reader Comments: (Page 7)

Puyallup- Do you mean HBP is coming out in November of this year or next year? I am very excited at the thought of it!

Mia~ The first time I saw OOTP I was upset afterwards-and I thought it was awful. However after the third time I saw it I began to like it more. I don't believe it is nearly as good as any of the other HP movies though. If I had been the director I would have done everything differently! Now at least we can hope for a better movie for HBP and eventually for DH.

Posted by Anonymous on February 28, 2008 5:57 PM

What a great topic. I'm hoping for one long DH movie with an intermission half way. Let the theaters charge more for that one movie. I'd gladly pay more. But I would also want to come out feeling deeply moved. The last three movies have hardly been worth the money to see. I agree with bringing back Chris Columbus. He was on target but he also had the two shortest books. I believe he would have done a much better job staying true to the books. Can't wait to see how HBP turns out with the horrible director.

Posted by Stephanie from Maryland on February 28, 2008 6:55 PM

a lot of people, including myself, are thinking that if there are two films, they should split it after dobby s...but dobby even be in the movie? i suppose they kinda have to put him in it coz he gets them out of the manor n stuff...but he's only been in one movie...and had appearances in all the books (i think).

i wish that the script writers and directors would get on this site n read all the comments....they would really get some ideas for the movies, even if they're not the most fitting. it would mean that the fans have a little say in what they want and people wont be as disappointed with the films if there is stuff in there that they were hoping for.

but i hope that all the old characters are in there still...esp. the weasley twins

Posted by claire from australia on February 28, 2008 11:56 PM

i totally agree abt OOP being a huge setback. frankly speaking i cudn't have understood it had i not read the book (i was so confused after watching it, thankfully DH came out just after a few days) on top of that No quidditch at all. i just hope HBP n DH are more magical n make more sense onscreen.

Posted by swati from india on February 29, 2008 01:15 AM

Mia from Australia:

Your point about the epilouge being really horrible is totally true. I mean who would need to know if it was so smoky or not? She didn't elaborate at all. But I disagree for the POA. I think the movie was really bad, but the book was better. It was the only book in which Voldemort didn't show up and it was a bout Harry's life for once. Not about how the wizarding world is affected by the Dark Lord. That's actually a dumb name. The Dark Lord. Yeah. You're right. OotP was the worst. The most dumbest movie of all time. They didn't put any emphasis on the Order itself, they only talked about Voldemort. There wasn't even any plot.

Josh from Hogwarts:

I live in New Jersey. I don't think we have any IMAX theaters. The best is the Lowes theater.

Orlando from England:

They absolutely cannot take out the Weasley twins. They have to be there, even for some lame joke.

Posted by Dana from monkeyhead, california on February 29, 2008 2:47 PM

Harry Potter books have been very much cut short. They should not have done that. The real fans want to know the real facts.

Mia from Australia:

You're absolutely right. Sirius's was not as good and emotional as it was supposed to be. They sped through it like they had a time limit.

Dana from monkeyhead, california:

You're right. My parents would never let me see two different movies unless I paid for it myself.

Those who said to watch a full 5hr movie:

I wouldn't watch a five hour movie, sweating my seat to . I would if there wasn't an intermition and I don't think many would watch it. Unless they were crazy...

Ashley Ross from Missouri:

If Riddle's handwriting popped up in my Diary, I would freak like OMG. That would be nice if my own diary wrote back to me. then i would have a private someone to talk to.

China from Texas:

They should force the actors to read the books so they know they're characters. Like you said, they sure do pay them enough, especially to buy like ten coppies of each book.


They might do a recap like "When we last left our trio..."

Mike from Seatle:

You're right about the new Dunbledore being an idiot. He ties up his not-so-long beard with a little lace and he's not so jolly.

Overall, I think 2 movies would be great, as long as they get good actors and actresses and they don't cut out important details. I'd like to go into the Pensive, too. Have you ever wondered how it would be like to actually store your thoughts in a little mist and go back 100 years later and see them? That would be awsome!
But to those who said that they should get a better director, I agree.

Posted by Rani from new york on February 29, 2008 3:09 PM

Chris Columbus has to be the director because he made Hogwarts seem warm, and sort of home-ish, but now Hogwarts is cold and grim. I hate the new Dumbledore because he's mean, I don't like his beard. The old one, yes I know he d, was THE Dumbledore. and please, make it one loooong movie with ALL the details, cause for one I don't want to pay double money, though cause it's Harry Potter i wouldn't really mind. But a long movie would be great....with an intermission.

Posted by Sirius' #1 Fan from Somewhere in Hogwarts on March 1, 2008 11:47 AM

oh ya I forgot, the last three movies have all been suckish. Seriously, why can't "they" come to this website and look at what we, the hard, hardcore Harry Potter fans, have to say about their movies. The first and second were the best, and I really want a long movie because what if one comes out in July and the other part comes out in August. There is no way anyone in the U.S. could convince their parents to let them go to the midnight premeire during school season....and if it was one long movie, they could still charge for 2 mopvies. I really don't care if I get charged double as long as I can go to the midnight premiere and most of the details are preset. *cough cough*PoA, GoF, OOTP!

Posted by Sirius' Number 1 Fan from Hogwarts on March 1, 2008 12:16 PM

I dont care if I have to buy two movies to see the 7th book-so worth it and its wayy better than them not making a movie at all or making the fantastic 7th book a silly 2 hour movie. Isnt that movie FOREST GUMP like 4 or 5 hours long? It was most defiantly not a two hour movie- why cant Waner bros do the same?

Posted by Racquel Jones from North Carolina on March 1, 2008 6:29 PM

This website is fantastic. Thank you Dave. It feels just like home, where we can freely express anything to do with Harry Potter to anyone cause we're all the same: hard fanatics.

To Dana:
I love POA. Its my favorite HP book. Though yeah, the movie was not too good. I agree with you about Harry needing a break from Voldemort.

To Sirius' Number 1 fan:
I agree with you that no sensible parent would allow us to attend the premiere during school season. Though I think its holidays here in Aussie when the movie is released. Oh well.

I wouldn't mind being penniless for an year if I have to pay for DH myself.

Posted by Mia from Australia on March 2, 2008 02:02 AM

I agree with both the "epic" with intermissions and the two movies.. breaking with the confrontation with Voldermort in Godric's Hollow.... Beginning the second movie with The Silver Doe patronas.. Harry finds the sword and Ron Returns....
Continuing the discussion on the HP movies..
The UnCut movies.. that are shown in the Theaters and on TV should be made available for purchase....The DVDs available at retail are cut.. with the additional scenes on a second DVD... Also, 3D version of HP5 shown in IMax Theaters should be made available...
HP 3, 4, and 5 could have been made with attention to detail, like the Chris Columbus versions of HP 1 and 2..
I too am not comfortable with Helen B. Carter playing Bella... her performance is distracting rather than intense....Yes... Dame Judith would make an impressive Gran Longbottom...
Hi David..

Posted by Angie from Texas on March 2, 2008 05:40 AM

I think a five hour mmovie would be hhorrifying. I would . But about the pensieve thing, that would actually be amazing. I do agree that the old Dumbledore was "THE Dumbledore" He was amazing. He is what I personnally think everyone pictured when reading. He was old, soft voiced and portrayed the character of Dumbledore very cosily.

Sirius' #1 Fan from Somewhere in Hogwarts:
they did Chris Columbus did make hogwarts look and feel gloomy. it was more cold and dark than you could imagine hogwarts to every be. but i suppose they wanted you to get the feeling of how harry felt, being iscolated from his friends and especially dumbledore himself.

Rani from new york:
that's not a very engaging recap. they should make it action filled like they do on Endurance FIJI. "when we last left our trio" is really not good enough. I'd like to see Jo using that.

I can't believe she auctioned off beadle the bard though.

Posted by Tonks from Nymphadora, Tonks on March 2, 2008 3:21 PM

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