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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 and 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is dense with information that is crucial to the overall story. It's definitely too much to stuff into a two hour movie.

There are many challenges in adapting a novel or series of novels into scripts and movies. Plot lines are always reduced and/or eliminated. The work that has been done so far on the Harry Potter series has had reasonable success. The millions of dollars of revenue prove that the Harry Potter Fans will pay for anything HP, but will they pay for two movies made from one book? If the Studio thinks fans will not pay for and sit through one longer than average movie (3 hours plus, a rule broken successfully by the Lord of the Rings movies), will it be possible they'd think fans will happily pay for two films?

So, do you think it's possible that the final Harry Potter adventure, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be made into two movies? And if it is, where would you end movie number one and start movie two?

UPDATE! 3/12/08: Producer David Heyman said last night that It will be officially announced soon that book 7 WILL BE TWO FILMS! Click here for more info!

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Reader Comments: (Page 6)

Oh and I for got to say, I think the first movie should end at Godric's Hollow when Voldemort JUST misses Harry and he and Hermione apparate in mid-air. I dont know maybe its because i need to re-read the book but i think it would be ok to end it there because it has just the right amount of sadness and hope to re-collect your thoughts before the next movie.

Posted by Beth from Brampton,Ontario on February 23, 2008 10:05 AM

I agree whoever said it (a couple of pages ago): They should make a 2-3 hour film for the cinemas, then release a special edition DVD with the 4-6 hour version. This way, they get just as many bums on seats, because fans come and see a "preveiw" of the long version and film fans/muggles come anyway; also, it doesn't matter if they charge a bit more for the special edition DVD, because we'd pay for it!
Maybe we should have a petition?
I love Evanna Lynch too; if she doesn't at least have a line in HBP I'll be traumatised.

Posted by Hazel from Hitchin, England on February 23, 2008 2:34 PM

Patty from Quincy, MA--

I would love to have my diary write back to me! How awesome would that be? You're writing stuff down in your diary and suddenly Tom Riddle's handwriting pops up and starts talking to you..... lol =D
Some of my Muggle-esque friends asked me if Harry s Voldemort and I told them, "Harry doesn't Voldemort." Which he didn't! Voldemort fired the spell and it kinda richocheted (sp?)... lol

And to Beth from Ontario--
During a Harry Potter movie, especially the first time I saw it, I would much rather pee my pants then miss the movie. I have never left the theater during a HP movie just to go to the bathroom. But! To each his own.

Mia from Australia--
Sirius's made me cry. I was in hysterics. I actually stood up and pointed my wand at the screen... because this was at the premiere so we were all in costume.
I agree with you about the epilouge. I think the end of DH was sickening. I HAAAATED the last two lines. I'll remember them forever as the two worst lines of the series. "The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well." Horrid. Horrid horrid horrid. I've always been anti- happy ending. I seriously wanted Harry to . I didn't expect him to, because that's not what fans want to read. They want Voldemort to . Good triumphs over evil and all that. Psht. I think it would be the greatest ending ever to have Voldemort Harry.

There are people in this world who only watch the Harry Potter movies. Those people are going to be seriously confused while they watch ly Hallows if there is a suckish director. The rest of us be ok due to the fact that we've read DH probably more than once (or twice or twenty or fifty times... in this last week =). But yeah. I dunno. I just hope ly Hallows is a good movie.

We're getting ahead of ourselves, talking about ly Hallows. Half Blood Prince hasn't come out yet! Who else is going to be in total hysterics when Dumbledore is ed? Besides me?
And does anyone know if they have a release date for Half Blood Prince yet? Ooooooooh I'm excited! =D

Posted by Ashley Ross from Missouri on February 23, 2008 2:59 PM

Personally, I could go either way with the movie as long as its good and sticks to the book.

As many of you said, -hard Harry Potter fans wouldn't care for the price or the length. It would be about how much the movie relates to the book and as long as no necessary scenes are cut out to for room for scenes that don't take place in the book. As it happened much in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire were the whole house elf thing was cut out.

The fall back to two movies is that if the first one isn't all that good people wouldn't necessarily pay for two movies, unless their hard fans and have read the books.

Posted by Anonymous on February 23, 2008 4:53 PM

I even would like 3 movies. 3x3=9 hours to watch. They should come out with 1 month breaks, so theaters would have no problem showing all of them. If they divide the movie by 3, the first movie should end when Harry Ron and Hermione were caught by the eaters to be taken to the Malfoy Manor, and 2nd movie should end when they were flying with the dragon.

They should make HBP 2 movies too. I also agree that 5th movie's name should have been HP and Dumbledore's Army then Order of the Phoenix, because there were little signs of the Order.

Posted by İzzet from Istanbul, Turkey on February 24, 2008 03:17 AM

well. don't get me wrong but a really big part is about harry, ron and hermione just searching. in the book that part is perfectly done and doesn't get bored. but I don't think people can watch a half hour or so. just watching them going place to place and putting up their tent. so in a movie I think they can do less of that part wich means it could be placed all in one movie

Posted by Carni from netherlands on February 24, 2008 2:50 PM

i really think that the movie should be split into two... a good breaking point i guess would be Dobby's . i always wondered how they were going to do the movie, because most of it is in harry's head, and he cant be like "oh i feel this and this" cause thats too forward....

Posted by Mel on February 25, 2008 7:10 PM

In my opinion it would be great for it to be in towo parts because it would be so much complete and I would defenatly see both moovies, but I am a big fan lots of people that see the moovies didnt even read teh books or something like that, those peolple wouldnt sit through a 3h+ moovie and that is why i think that warner brothers not do it. If they did they should stop the first when Ron goes away because it is a good place to stop in a film and plot view and it is in the midle of the book.

Posted by Rui from Athens on February 26, 2008 1:35 PM

This really is a great topic, and it touches on so many other subtopics in the process. Most of those who have voiced their opinion here just want to see the books faithfully recreated without leaving anything important out. Whatever that takes, that's what Harry's fans want to see.

Now, regarding the idea of JKR doing the screenplay for DH: Peter Shaffer successfully translating Equus from a play to a film is one thing, but this is quite another. Does Joanie have any experience writing screenplays? It's not at all like the novel craft. She'd better start learning it right now if there's any hope of pulling that off.

As for Muggles inquiring their nosy little nasties into what happens at the close of the series, I say to them "I'm not going to tell you" point blank. They don't much like that, I assure you. But it would only confuse them to say, "Well, Harry s but he doesn't - and he doesn't Voldemort but he does." I kinda like that - real life isn't so black and white either.

Posted by hollyanna from new jersey on February 27, 2008 1:55 PM

I agree with most everybody when it comes to the last three movies already done. They were too short and the story flip flopped so much that for us readers it was hard to tell when something important was put in. I think Gambon was a bad choice on Dumbledore, but we are just going to have to deal with it, because there is no way they are going to be able to get a another cast to redo the movies for just one actor.
And thank you whoever it was that said they were annoyed with Dan not wearing contacts. I understand that they aren't suitable for kids but I have a friend who is a hard HP fan, who won't even watch the movies because he's got blue eyes. Jo makes so many references to it, its rediculous. I don't mind either way about cutting up the movies, as long as all the material is there. If they want to show a 3h for the theatre's and when the dvd comes out they give us a special 6h+ I'll be happy. As long as the special features are worth it. I hate it when you can find out more about making the movie online that you can on the dvd its stupid.

I believe they did a horrible job casting tonks. she has bright pink hair in the book but they give her purple for the movie, and its about 6 inches longer. But I think that helena carter was perfect for bellatrix. she plays sick and twisted so well, that i couldn't have imagined a better actor. I don't remember if it was mentioned but JK herself edits all the screenplays before the are filmed. i don't know how well they stick to them though. because of her, kreacher was in the OotP. he wasn't going to be. Altogether I'm excited about the movies coming out.
PS HBP is scheduled to be in theatre's Nov 21 or 28 for the US. That should give you plenty of time to polish your wands and dry clean your cloaks.

Posted by Beccisue from Puyallup, WA on February 27, 2008 5:27 PM

Many of us seem to agree with the final movie being split into 2. Gosh, aren't the movies becoming less and less family friendly?
Anyway, to Ashley Ross-
Thaks for agreeing with me about the horrible epilogue. No one I knew agreed with me about it. And yes, it would be so cool if a diary replied back. My diary is my life and soul, naturally I would be estatic it replied back. And yea, its sickening to watch the whomping ow every few seconds in POA. the best movies are undeniably the 1st and 2nd.
Well I think that there are so many hard fans in the world that we could overthrow a bad actor. Though probably none of us would want to do that. OOTP was dumbest movie I saw. No offence to anyone who likes it. Usually my face shines after watching a HP movie but everyone noticed that I was down in total dumps for a few wekks. Someone metioned about too many special effects and I absolutely agree. And yea, we are a bit forward aren't we? HBP hasen't come out yet and we are full about DH. Oh well after all most of us are Die hard wizards and witches!

Posted by Mia from australia on February 28, 2008 02:35 AM

If you asked me I would sit and watch a Harry Potter movie that was 5 or 6 hours long. I don't think it would be a good idea to split the parts up so you would have to watch the second half months later. I hope there would be at least a 30 minute break during the movie. A true Harry Potter fan would sit thru the movie all day if they had to. I wish they would have made the last three movies at least three or four hours long. Make the next movie better then the book. I know a good bit of people that would sit and watch it no matter how long the movie was, myself included. I say one thing; the lines for the bathroom are going to be extra long after the show. Can't wait to see it!

Posted by Twila from Oakland, MD on February 28, 2008 11:05 AM

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